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My Family

Friday, 21 August 2015

Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny #Review

Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny

The Clangers are back! You may have seen my post back in June letting you all know the Clangers were back in stores from July 1st. If not you can check it out here. They've been back for several weeks now and I'm excited to now show you another one of them.

I'm pleased to introduce you to the Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny. This musical Starlight Tiny Clanger will help your children relax and send them to sleep. It's simple to use, you simply press Tiny's tummy and she will play you a lullaby. She will also create a gentle starlight effect in her tummy that will reflect on the ceiling and gently fade away.

She's a really sweet toy that doubles as a nightlight. She is brought to you by Character Options and will costs you around £24.99. I loved the Clangers when I was little and am happy to now introduce them to my children, hoping that they will love them too.

Our Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny is currently lying in my bed having a snooze. Yes, you heard me right, she's in my bed, well at least for tonight anyway. My girls and I have come to an agreement that we'd share her and have her for one night each so that we could all have a cuddle and enjoy her company at night time, she's just so squishy.

We love our Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny. She's soft, cuddly and really cute. Her lullaby is  soothing and not too loud and her little light up tummy is bright and pretty. We love her and hope all the other Changers fans out there will love her just as much as we do.

Disclosure: We received our Clangers Lullaby Starlight Tiny in return for an honest review.

There's No better Picnic than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Picnic ..

There's No better Picnic than a 
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Picnic .. 

So, yesterday my kids and I met up with some friends in our local park. The weather wasn't great but it was dry so we were happy. With 2 Mums and 5 kids between us, it was really nice to get out into the open and let them run free for a while giving us a break. It's been a long Summer so far but not a bad one in any way. I love the Summer Holidays but just wish we could do more at times. Our typical rainy British weather often keeps us in.

I'm a HUGE lover of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, I buy them ALL the time! So, when I heard they were doing an online only Doughnut Picnic box, I just had to try one naturally.
The Doughnut Picnic includes;  2 pairs of Krispy Kreme sunglasses, a Krispy Kreme frisbee and 2 boxes of Assorted Dozens. What more could your picnic need, right.

Loaded with our picnic box and a blanket we headed off to the park to play. The kids ran around the park, playing nicely together whilst us Mummys got to relax and chat for a while. We had a wonderful afternoon, two hours of pure bliss. The kids got on really well and there was no accidents - life was good. Together we managed to eat around 13 of our 24 doughnuts, the kids were loving them and it's not often they get to eat so many.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are our favourite. They're always so fresh and tasty, we just can't get enough. With 24 delicious doughnuts in this hamper, there's more than enough to go around. We shared ours with everyone who wanted to join us and still had some left over.

You can purchase your very own doughnut picnic for a limited time only for just £24.95 which is a great price for what you get inside. This picnic box wasn't just about doughnuts to us, it was about bringing people together and sharing a little of what we love.

My friend and her children were Krispy Kreme virgins who'd never tried them before so I was well happy to share my Krispy Kreme knowledge and love with them. I'm happy to say that they are all now happy Krispy Kreme lovers too, yippee.

Our Picnic was lovely and everyone involved had a great time. With smiley faces and full tummies, we headed home very happy. I'm glad our picnic went so well yesterday and hope to do it all again soon. Parks and picnics with friends are always good fun but with doughnuts included, the fun just gets even better (Yes that is possible).

Disclosure: We received our doughnut picnic in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Flair's New Cool Create Frozen Range .. #Review

Flair's New Cool Create Frozen Range

My little Frozen fans have been having great fun this week with some new Cool Create products from Flair. Anna and Else took over our home last year and have been here ever since. We have the toys, the bedding, the dinner plates and bottles and so much more. 

If it has Anna, Elsa or Olaf on the front - My kids want it!

This week we've been trying out two new products from Flair's Cool Create range. First up we had the Frozen Fairy Lights set which allows your children to create their very own fairy lights to light up their rooms with Elsa's magical, glam style. They can choose the themed shapes and designs that they like and use the pen and stickers to decorate them. They then fit each light into a hand made shade and switch them on to see their paper sculptures magically light up their nights. Every girl loves magical fairy lights and my Frozen fans really loved these Frozen themed ones. You get everything you need inside the box to make one set of fairy lights perfect for hanging around a mirror or across the side of the top bunk like mine have. Where ever they decide to hang them, they will be loved and enjoyed by all.

The fairy lights are really easy to decorate and put together, Lily (aged 8) did most of ours all by herself. The recommended age is 6 years and over which I think is about right. Pushing out the paper cutouts got a little fiddly but with a little help from Mum we managed.

There's lots of different sheets with different designs to choose from, there's also some blank ones incase they want to decorate their own from scratch. There's lots of little gemstones to stick on and a whole sheet of pretty Frozen stickers they can add on too.

Lily enjoyed making her fairy lights, I'm glad they were easy to do as it's much more rewarding for her when she can complete a project like this on her own. Our Frozen fairy lights now hang wrapped around the wood on their top bunk and do look rather pretty.

It's a nice simple set that will please any Frozen fan. It doesn't take long to complete and can only really be used once but you do get a lovely set of fairy lights to keep and use forever. Lily and I had fun making them and Lily loves them now that they twinkle over her.

The second set we've been trying is the Frozen Shaker Maker (Elsa & Anna). 

We'd seen these on the TV before, the Shaker Maker sets but not this one in particular and they have looked like good fun. Shake it, make it, paint it - they say. So today, that's what we did. The Frozen Shaker Maker is a creative sculpture kit to make and paint amazing detailed statuettes of Elsa and Anna. Again, a big hit with my little Frozen fans here.

The first thing I have to say about this set is how amazed I was at the ease of use and total lack of mess that I had been expecting. In fact, this set produced two amazing sculptures in very little time with very little effort and practically no mess at all - I was well happy.

You simply pour some warm water into one half and then tip the power into it. Pop the ball together and shake for 30 seconds and leave for 90 minutes. That was it - wow.

Once the 90 minutes wait was up, you simply squeezed the mould and out popped the sculpture all pretty and detailed and ready to paint. Having two sculptures was great as I have two girls who were both very eager to paint one - so one each was perfect.

The paints were of a good quality and the brush was perfect for the job at hand. Paining them was much harder than making them. My girls did their best which was good enough for me. They may not quite look like the ones shown on the box but we were happy.

Out of the two sets I think the Frozen Shaker Maker one was our favourite the experience lasted a little longer than with the first one. The only downside is, you only get enough stuff inside the box to make two and we now want to make lots, lots more. I think we're going to have to buy ourselves a few more of these sets as they really were very good.

Both sets were fun to make and we did enjoy doing them all. The Cool Create range is great for the crafters and the makers of the family. Whilst keeping them entertained and busy for a while, they also made some nice little keepsakes for them to hold onto afterwards.

The Cool Create range includes so many more characters other than Frozen within the range but as Frozen fans both the sets we tried got a firm thumbs up from all of us here.

Disclosure: We received our samples in return for an honest review.

Arrgghhh! It's Pirate Festival Time at Hatton Adventure World - 10th August - 6th September 2015

Arrgghhh! It's Pirate Festival Time at Hatton Adventure World - 10th August - 6th September 2015

From Monday 10th August 2015 until Sunday 6th September 2015 Hatton Adventure World are hosting their very own Pirate Festival so we popped along this weekend to check it out. Brand NEW for 2015, Hatton are hosting a Pirate Festival. They're inviting children to dress up in their best pirate outfits and come on down for lots of swashbuckling fun for the whole family. There's Treasure Hunts and sword fighting. Water fights and Raft making, there's lots of Pirate themed activities going on in their very own 'Pirate Cove' but be warned - anyone not on their best behavior may find themselves 'walking the plank'!! 

We joined in one of the Treasure Hunts and have to say that the Pirates were fantastic. They really engaged with the children and made the Treasure Hunt as fun as could be. The Treasure Hunt involved lots of walking ( so be warned) as we walked the grounds in search for clues to find the lost treasure chests code. Once we'd cracked the code we popped it down onto our sheets and saved them for the big show later on in the day where the children were invited along to come and claim their share of the Pirates Treasure which of course was some lovely sweeties. There was lots going on throughout the day in the Pirate Cove, there was lots of staff all dressed up as Pirates helping children make crafts and play games and generally having fun. If you're children like Pirates then they'll love this.

As well as all the new Pirate festival fun happening, there's still all the usual fun of the outdoor and indoor activity play areas that will also be operating along with 3 different bouncy castles, funfair rides, tractor rides and masses of animals to feed and handle.

My three love the animal handling at Hatton, the guinea pigs are always our first stop whenever we visit. Holding the guinea pigs and feeding the goats is always a must.

We've been to Hatton many times but with the ever changing routines and events there's always lots to do. We never get bored at Hatton, there's just so much to see and do.

We really enjoyed all the Pirate Festival fun as well as doing our old favourites too. 
You can check out one of my older 'Days Out at Hatton' posts for more information of what's available in general. Each visit for us has had something special about it so it's always great to know that you can visit one place time and time again and still experience new things each time. We had a fantastic time this weekend at their Pirate Festival and do recommend if you're in the area to stop by and pay them a visit. 

Disclosure: We were given free access to the event in return for an honest review.

#Win a Sweet Selection Box packed Full of British sweets!

Win a Sweet Selection Box 
packed Full of British sweets!

It may always rain and the weather may be unpredictable but there are some good things about Britain, like it's creamy chocolate and sugary sweets. Britain is home to so many top brands that we all know and love like Cadburys, Maynards and Trebor. 

It's been raining a lot here over the past few weeks so I've decided to run this little giveaway to cheer you up. I mean what's more cheery than a box of chocolates and sweets - right!

This giveaway is not sponsored in any way - I am paying for this prize.

This awesome box of treats includes: 2 Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, 1 Dairy Milk Bar, 1 Cadbury Freddo Bar, 1 Cadbury Freddo Caramel Bar, 1 White Chocolate Buttons, 1 Cadbury Chocolate Buttons, 1 Cadbury Fudge, 1 Cadbury Chomp, 1 Maynards wine gums Roll, 1 Maynards Sours Roll, 1 Maynards Wine Pastilles Roll, 1 Bassett's Mint Imperials 1 Trebor Extra Strong Mints, 1 Trebor Peppermint Softmints and 1 Trebor Soft Fruits.

If you would like the chance to win it all - Simply enter using the RaffleCopter Form below. It may take a few seconds to load but please be patient, it will load. 

Terms & Conditions - This giveaway is open to the UK only due to delivery costs. One winner will be picked at random on Sunday August 13th using the RaffleCopter App.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Have a Blast with the New Zombie Blast from Character #Review

Have a Blast with the New Zombie Blast from Character

Like most little boys, my little man (5) was intrigued when we heard about this new Zombie Blast toy from Character. We wasn't quite sure what to expect at first but I'm happy to say that we had great fun playing with him. He's more funny than scary.

With Zombie Blast you can be apart of your very own Zombie apocalypse! You have to shoot the Zombie Blast down before your time is up which is around 30 seconds. Using the pistol provided you can shoot the walking Zombie from up to 2.5m away. There's 3 stages to get through and each one becomes more difficult. Shoot him 3 times and one arm will blast off, shoot another 3 times and his other arm will detach, shoot him a further 3 times and he will die and fall over. It's actually really funny to watch and not gruesome in any way.

The whole game is controlled by the pistol which has a 'Start' button on the side to start each game. There's also an On/Off switch located on the top to switch off between games. The trigger is easy to use which is great for even the littlest of fingers. If you're not a fan of games that include guns in them then this toy maybe not be one for you but if you're like me and don't mind the odd game with one in, then you'll be okay. We were.

My little man thinks the Zombie Blast is so funny, he's been playing him over and over again for hours. He loves the part when his arms fall off and when he dies and falls backwards when you win. This toy requires 6 AAA batteries which are not included so be sure to stock up on them before hand. He's suitable for children over 3 years of age, my little man is 5 and loves him. He's really simple to use and easy to play with, he got a thumbs up from us.

A video posted by christine taylor (@v82chris) on

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review. 

He'll have You Laughing Out Loud - Scooby Doo Crazy Legs #Review

He'll have You Laughing Out Loud - 
Scooby Doo Crazy Legs

Scooby Doo Crazy Legs from Character is one toy that will have you laughing out loud every time. Scooby's legs have gone crazy! His paws spin independently to move him here there and everywhere. He moves forwards, backwards and spins 360 degrees! 

When you tap him on the head he goes crazy, moving forwards and backwards, going left and right. He spins completely out of control whilst shouting lots of random phrases like 'boing, boing, boing' and 'scooby doo he he he'. He's quite the loveable character.

My little man (5) loves him and the laughter that can be heard when he's playing with him is just too cute. Scooby Doo Crazy Legs is really fun as he moves in different ways every time you play with him. One time he might go off in one direction and then another time he may stay in one place trying to bump into you. His crazy legs really can take him anywhere.

A video posted by christine taylor (@v82chris) on

Scooby Doo Crazy Legs is around 30cm high in size and requires 6 x AA and is aimed at children aged 3 and over. We've loved playing with him, he's a real party animal.

Ryan has made a new friend and now loves tapping his head and running around laughing after him. Scooby Doo used to be on our TV but now he's right here in our living room and Ryan loves him, well we all do. What's not to love? He's completely adorable.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Cooking from Scratch & Getting the Children Involved..

Cooking from Scratch & Getting the Children Involved.. 

Many of the little jobs you do when cooking from scratch can really appeal to your children, and it can help instil a lifelong interest in cooking and eating good food. However, the handing down of cooking skills seems to be declining in our current day which is very sad.

Riverford Organic Farms are trying to celebrate the fun that can be had when cooking with children and want you to share images and videos of you cooking with your kids (or nephews, nieces, grandchildren!) over the summer holidays, along with any tips you might have to really get them stuck in. You can send them via their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube), using the hashtag #cooktogether and they will appear in their feed at Cook Together – there’s more details on how to do this on their competition page. There are lots of lovely prizes up for grabs too for everyone who gets involved!

We were very excited about the competition and decided to get involved. Riverford kindly sent us one of their Quick Recipe Boxes so that we could join in the family cooking fun.

Ryan (5) my youngest loves to help in the kitchen although sometimes he can be more of a  hinder than help. He was very excited when our Recipe Box arrived and he couldn't wait to get stuck in. We had everything we needed to make three meals from scratch inside our box and it did look amazing, full of fresh organic produce just waiting to be cooked.

Ryan loves chicken so we went for the Yakitori chicken skewers with black rice, ginger & sesame salad. We've never tried black rice before so we were very excited. Together we followed the easy to read step by step instruction card and got to work. We chopped, (I chopped) mixed, stirred (he stirred) and laughed a lot as we went along.

Ryan's favourite part was being on sesame seed duty. He'd never seen raw sesame seeds like these before so thought they were very funny. He got to pour them into the pan, which I then roasted and watched over for him as he's a bit little to be near the oven but he did get to sprinkle them all into the salad bowl once they were cooked which he loved doing.

Ryan wasn't too keen on touching the raw chicken pieces so I had to do the skewer part but he did enjoy watching. Ryan was in charge of the mixing bowl, stirring it like crazy.

Ryan and I had a great time in the kitchen yesterday, it went much better than I'd thought it would. In fact, it went so well that we might be making these cooking sessions a regular thing. I think I'd got so caught up in our busy lives that I'd forgotten how much fun cooking with the children could be. Ryan really enjoyed spending some quality time with me and doing something different together. I have have two other children waiting for their turn.

Want to see our finished meal? Well, here it is -

It's not what we would normally eat but it was delicious. That may be because we cooked it or just that trying something new was so much more exciting. Either way, Ryan and I had a blast and will be doing it again real soon. Yummy food made our way and enjoyed together!

Disclosure: We received our Recipe Box to help us join in the Riverford campaign but all the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and 100% honest.

Cream Tea by Post can Brighten even the Rainiest of Days.. #Review

Cream Tea by Post can Brighten even the 
Rainiest of Days..

When it's raining and you can't go outside, you can often feel a little down and living here in the UK, it does rain a lot meaning we have to look for alternative ways to brighten up our days. I'm a huge foodie and love my sweet treats. One of my favourite afternoon treats has got to be a good scone smothered in fresh cream and strawberry jam. Having 3 children means I don't go out for Afternoon Tea as much as I would like to so lately I've been ordering it in instead. Cream scones are my biggest guilty pleasure, so much so that I hide them away and devour them once the kids are all tucked up in bed like I did last night.

Yesterday I received a lovely little Cream Tea Hamper in the post from Devon Heaven Hampers who are a lovely company based in Devon themselves. All their ingredients are sourced locally to give their customers that proper Devon Cream Tea experience. 

Their Scones are made by an expert local chef Richard Hunt and his partner Claire of the Devon Scone Company and their Jam is also produced by the Devon Scone Company using local grade 1 strawberries which received a Taste of the West Gold Award in 2014. Last but not least their thick Devonshire clotted cream is provided by Langage Farm and traditionally made from a herd of Jersey and Guernsey cows. 

  • 4 Devon scones.
  • 2 x 113g Langage Farm clotted cream.
  • 220g strawberry jam.
  • 2 Devonshire Tea tea bags.
  • Personalised gift card - enter personal message in the box at the bottom of the checkout page.
  • Gift wrapped wicker basket.
The hamper comes well wrapped inside a lovely little wicker basket and presented really well. It would make a really nice gift for anyone who loves their Cream Teas as much as I do. I had planned on sharing with my Mum who also loves Cream Tea but I got a little distracted last night and couldn't resist opening it to give it a taste. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all bad. I will be taking the rest of the hamper round to my Mums later today to share the rest, I only tucked into one of the scones and a little bit of jam and cream, promise.

The scones are a good size, they are large just like the label says they are so there's no need to worry about not getting what you're promised and with 4 of them to enjoy, there's plenty to go round. You also get a beautiful jar of strawberry preserve and two generously sized pots of clotted cream. Served with a nice cup of Devonshire Tea, what's not to enjoy.

I really enjoyed my fruit scone last night, the scones were very fresh and soft. Topped with a layer of jam and then cream (as I'm a Jam first kinda girl) they tasted deliciously good.

I was very happy with the taste. Everything was fresh and tasty and very moreish.

I've tried a lot of scones and have to say that the Devonshire Heaven Hampers scones are very good. The clotted cream was so rich and creamy, it was so good and their jam was super sweet with chunks of fresh strawberries inside. The whole Cream Tea experience was one of pure joy. I've never felt so naughty eating a scone all to myself but it was fab.

The Devonshire Heaven Hampers company have lots of Cream Tea hampers to choose from so if this one doesn't tickle your fancy like it did mine. You can pop on over to their website and find another one that does, there's lots to choose from over there.

I loved my Cream Tea hamper and have to say, it was delicious.

It gets a  firm thumbs up from me here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries.

Disclosure: I received my hamper in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own and 100% honest. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Number 102 on the Top 250 List of Most Influential People on Twitter in the West Midlands! #MidlandsT250UK

Number 102 on the Top 250 Most Influential People 
on Twitter in the West Midlands!

Ok, so OMG am I chuffed right now. I was just going about my usual evening business when up pops a tweet on Twitter, tagging me in it - I had to glance twice to see what it actually was but then I saw it. A list of the Most Influential people on Twitter in the whole of the West Midlands number 150 to 100 and in there somewhere was little old me. 

I had seen the list on Facebook a few days ago when it was started on the Birmingham Mail's Facebook page but when I wasn't in the first list published of numbers 250 to 200 I had accepted the fact quite humbly that I hadn't made it so to see my name and Twitter handle right there at spot 102. I am OVER THE MOON to say the least!

I am feeling so proud of myself right now. It's not often that I 'blow my own trumpet' but tonight I'm going to make an exception so please excuse me. I love Blogging and enjoy everything about it. The opportunities it gives my family, the people I've met and the friends I've made. It's been an amazing journey and one hell of a rollercoaster at times but one that I never want to get off. My little blog started as a simple diary of our everyday lives but has now grown into so much more. It's my voice, my journey and sometimes my escape.

Sitting there just 2 places above Drayton Manor Theme Park which is one of our favourite places ever, I am completely amazed. To think that I am 'almost' as influential as them - Wow that's just crazy! Right now, for just one night. I'm kinda thinking that MY blog is a little better than I had thought it was after all and I am one very proud Mummy.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a major Twitter addict. It's no secret.

If you don't follow me (which is okay) as my Twitter gets a little crazy at times just like me so if you like a nice calm, empty screen then I'm not one to follow anyway but if you like lots of general chat, competitions and blogging stuff in general then give me a follow - I'm @V82CHRIS and more than happy to welcome you aboard my crazy Twitter Train.

I was just on my way to bed before all this happened but there's no way I can go now, I'm just so hyper. I don't think I could get to sleep now even if I tried. Eeek, I hope this happiness wears off soon, as I'd really like to get my head down, I'm knackered.

Okay, I'm going to stop banging on and get back what I was doing. That might involve me running around the living room like a lunatic but It's just for tonight, I promise. As of tomorrow morning, I will be back to my normal, composed, non horn blowing happy self. 

For anyone who'd like to see the list. Numbers 150 to 100 can be found Here. I'm rather excited to see who made the top 100 - I'm sure I'm bound to recognise a few names.

Until next time, Sweet Dreams and Good Night.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll #Review

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll 

Meet Barbie Glitter Hair Doll from Mattel - She's glam, trendy and lots of fun. 
Your young stylists can create lots of different glittery looks for their Barbie doll using this glamorous glitter hairstyling set. It's unique adhesive design sheets and glitter sheets allow your creative expression to sparkle. We've been playing with our very own Barbie Glitter Hair Doll this week and have to say she's pretty cool. If your little ones love glitter, getting messy and doing dolls hair then this one is a must for them.

The doll itself is very pretty, she comes wearing a pink fitted top with sparkly blue skirt. She comes with lots of accessories, there's 7 glitter sheets, several sheets of adhesive designs, a comb, 2 x hair clips and lots of elastic to tie her hair up with. She also comes with a large hair clip for using when styling her hair so you do get lots in the box for your money.

To put a design onto her hair you use the large clip I mentioned above to separate the section of hair you wish to do and hold it in place so that it's nice and straight. We found that the straighter her hair was in the clip, the better the design came out afterwards.

Once you have the hair ready you then select an adhesive design and press it on to the hair. Press it down onto the hair quite firmly to make sure it all transfers over and then remove the paper backing leaving just the glue on her hair. Next you choose a glitter sheet which you then press down on to the adhesive design to transfer the sparkle onto your Barbie doll's hair! The one shown above I did which is why it's quite neat, Lily did have several goes too but hers weren't so clear as she found it quite difficult to do at times. That didn't stop her having fun with her doll though as she liked adding more glitter free hand. 

It can get a bit messy at times as there is glitter involved but it's normal and it's easy enough to wipe away afterwards. Lily loves her Barbie dolls so this one is no different and has now been happily added to her Barbie doll collection. If your little girl loves barbie dolls, I'm sure she'll love this one just as much. The hair is nice and long and easy to do. Adding glitter to doll's hair is what most little girls dreams are made of, or at least Lily's are.

Lily and I really liked the Barbie Glitter Hair Doll. She comes nicely dressed, ready to party and loves having her hair styled over and over again. The designs are easily removed by washing the hair with warm soapy water which makes her very reusable.

Disclosure: We received a sample in return for an honest review.

What we thought of Bandai's New Power Rangers Dino-Charge Toys #Review

What we thought of Bandai's New Power Rangers 
Dino-Charge Toys

We had a very exciting delivery from Bandai last week, a surprise box for Ryan, my youngest. Inside our box we found lots of awesome Power Rangers Dino-Charge toys which are brand new to Bandai. We were very excited to try them out, I say we but really I meant Ryan as he was the most excited of all. Power Rangers are one of his faves.

Inside our box we found a cool new Power Ranger action figure, 2 trendy magazines which are going to be great for the rainy days when we're stuck indoors and some fab books too.

Last but certainly not least as this was Ryan's favourite toy ever, there was a Power Rangers Dino Charge Morpher. Your children can be just like the Dino Charge Power Rangers with the all new Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher! Simple press the trigger to unleash cool LED light effects and over 25 battle sounds. They can unlock even more unique sounds by inserting a Dino Charger, then spinning the barrel to charge it up. The Morpher can identify over 40 Dino Chargers and when inserted will announce the name of the Dinosaur and the Ranger it belongs to, just like in the show. It's pretty awesome, isn't it!

To me it kinda looked like 'just another noisy gun toy' but to Ryan I could see that it was so much more than that. To Ryan it was a recharging, light showing, noise making, mega toy. He was so excited by it, he actually ran around the house in his PJ's.

The Power Rangers Dino Charge Morpher is a Morpher and Battle Gear in One and includes 2 x Dino Chargers. You insert the Dino Chargers to unlock the lights and Sounds from the TV Series. It may be shaped like a gun toy but it doesn't actually fire anything.

It's aimed at children aged 4 and over and does require 3 LR44 batteries which are included. Box Contains: 1 x Morpher and 2 x Dino Chargers.

It's very easy to load, I showed Ryan just once and then he could happily do it himself. There's a handle to pull down which then opens the front where you insert the Dino Chargers before closing it again. Again to release them there's two little buttons, one on either side which lets it out. You'll be glad to know that even if your child puts the Dino Chargers in, in the wrong way. They will still pop back out just as easily so theres' no need to worry about letting them do it themselves. Putting them in the wrong way will not break it. 

The lights and sounds are pretty impressive and only go off when the trigger is pressed so you can keep it quiet if you wish too which is always good for us mums to know. There's nothing worse than a toy that goes off continuously even when not being played with.

And so, my little man Ryan is happy which means that I am happy meaning that everyone here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries is happy. The new Power Rangers Dino-Charge toys have been great fun to play with and Ryan just loves his new Dino Charge Morpher. I have a feeling that this one is going to remain his favourite for a long while to come. He really loves the fact that he can change the Dino Chargers all by himself, it's a real 'big boy' toy.

Disclosure: We were sent our box as a surprise so were in no way obliged to write about the items, we have because we liked them and wanted to share them with you.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

#SilentSunday 02/08/2015

Silent Sunday 02/08/2015

Get a Free Gift Bag with Every bottle of Shloer Red or White Grape.

Get a Free Gift Bag with Every bottle of 
Shloer Red or White Grape.

This Summer, shoppers can get a colourful free gift bag with their Shloer purchase every time they buy a bottle of Red or White Grape. They come in a range of vibrant colours. The gift bags are the perfect accessory to carry with you to your gatherings with friends or family, and each comes with a choice of four snappy slogans. So whether you're sharing a sunny picnic in the park, or toasting the ‘hostess with the mostess’ at a family barbecue, you can make your occasion sparkle. And when the weather is warm like it has been this week, nothing quite beats a glass of this delicious and refreshing sparkling grape-based drink.

It's a great sparkling alcohol alternative. Shloer uses only the finest ingredients to create a delicious range of non-alcoholic sparkling juice drinks. All varieties make a tasty grape-based alternative to alcohol, suitable for all the family. Shloer contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings.

There's a A flavour for everyone: Shloer is available in 11 flavours including White Grape, Red Grape, Rosé; Apple & White Grape, White Grape Raspberry & Cranberry, White Grape & Elderflower, Celebration Pink Fizz, Celebration White Bubbly, Shloer Light White Grape, Shloer Red White Grape and new Limited Edition Strawberry Punch.

The bags are very cute, I got my very own 'Good Times' bag with a bottle of White Grape. White Grape is my favourite apart from the Celebration one which beats them all hands down. I like a freebie as much as the next person and a free bag is a nice one. The bags made of material not paper so it's well able to hold the weight of your bottle and even last for a few uses. When your bottle of Shloer is all gone, you can re-use it with any bottle.

There's a little competition running over on Twitter too. Shloer want to hear from you! For the chance to win a party pack of Strawberry Punch, simply tell them who you would like share the sparkle with this summer using the hashtag #SayItWithShloer .

Say it with Shloer promotional bottles are available from selected Tesco stores from June, and from Sainsbury’s stores from the end of July. RRP £2.00 / 75cl bottles.

Disclosure: I received a sample in return for spreading the word bout their promotion.

Playing Outside this Summer with Thanks to Home Bargains #Review

Playing Outside this Summer with 
Thanks to Home Bargains

The Summer holidays can be very long when your children are 'bored' with nothing to play with so when the lovely people of Home Bargains offered to send us some fun summer toys we jumped at the chance. I mean, who doesn't love fun, summer toys? I know we do.

Our parcel contained lots of wonderful things, from swimming aids to bat and ball games. Sunglasses to Bug catchers. There was a little something for everyone to have fun with. 

I took our box of garden goodies along to a family party we attended last weekend so we could share out the fun. They came in very handy keeping the children entertained leaving the adults to have a chat and long needed catch up. The Bug Catching toys were very popular, all the children wanted a go using them. They caught a lady bird which was great fun and went hunting for worms to catch too but luckily (for me) they didn't find any.

The bat and ball game was fun but the Sticky catch game was better. Being sticky makes it easier to catch and having a larger surface to catch with made it great for the smaller ones.

We didn't have enough wind to get our Foil Kite up off the ground but it did look like it would have been lots of fun if we had. The design itself looks very clever and looked great.

The flashing Yoyo was a bit up and down. With the younger children it was mainly down but again they had great fun trying it out. Last but not least there was some swimming goggles and inflatable arm bands which were great for looking under the water in the paddling pool. 

It's a good job I managed to take a picture of our toys when they arrived as I totally forgot to take pictures of them being played with. They did such a great job of entertaining the children at the party that Mummy ( I ) got to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or two with the family. We had a wonderful time at the party and the Home Bargains toys really made the kids day special. Everyone of them had something to play with and hardly moaned at all.

The range of toys was really good, there was lots for both boys and girls. The Bug Catching ones were the most popular I think as all the children had a great time with them.

I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of them in use but I can tell you that they served their purpose well and kept all the children at the party entertained, all day long.

Disclosure: We received our samples in return for an honest review.