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My Family

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicles from Character Options #Review

Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicles 
from Character Options

This week we've been playing with some brand new Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicles 
from Character Options. The set contains 3 vehicles from the show: Venus, Neptune & Jupiter and are aimed at children aged 3+. My little man Ryan and I love watching Fireman Sam although I'm not a huge fan of that Naughty Norman, he can be a little monster at times. I'm so glad he's just a character and not a real child living anywhere near me.

We have lots of Fireman Sam toys here already but Ryan does love his cars/vehicles and these are no exception. They're all very cute and full of detail, Ryan loves them.

Ryan who's 5 has happily added the Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicles to his box of cars. Whenever there's a fire (a pretend one of course) I'm sure they will be out on patrol to save the day just like the real Fireman Sam would be. They're great little toys that all boys will love. They're quite heavy as their diecast vehicles but they're tough and hard wearing.

Ryan loves them so I'm happy with them too. They're great little toys to add to any vehicle collection, whether your little one is a Fireman Sam fan or not. Our thumbs are up.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.

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