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Monday, 15 June 2015

I Heart Wines - I Heart Pinot Grigio #Review

I Heart Wines - I Heart Pinot Grigio 

I heart is an exciting new range of great quality, fruit-driven wines in stand-out, innovative and iconic packaging. The wines are ‘true to varietal’ in style so if you love a Pinot Grigio then you will love I heart Pinot Grigio. A fresh, crisp, dry white with delicate citrus aromas and lemon and lime flavours, with great balance and freshness on the palate.

It's always best serve chilled.  It's a great match for grilled white fish, seafood salads, chicken dishes or simply on its own. I heart Pinot Grigio is light & crisp:

Vintage: 2013
Wine of Hungary
Alcohol: 11.5%

I'm usually a Rose drinker but I do like the occasional glass of white. The I Heart Pinot Grigio is light and refreshing to drink. It's quite a dry wine which I wouldn't normally go for but I quite enjoyed a nice cold glass of it at the end of a long, hot summers day.

I Heart also do miniature bottles which are ideal for when you don't want to open a whole bottle. I often go for the smaller bottles as I just like one glass and hate wasting a big bottle.
If you don't fancy a Pinot Grigio, there's lots of other wines in their range too.

I enjoyed my glass of I Heart Pinot Grigio but next time I think I'll go for a Rose.

Disclosure: I received a sample in return for an honest review.

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