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My Family

Sunday, 7 June 2015

And So our Adventures as Drayton Manor Ambassadors begins... #DaysOut #FamilyFun #DraytonManor

And So our Adventures as Drayton Manor 
Ambassadors begins...

A few weeks ago I was so excited to announce that we had been chosen as Drayton Manor Ambassadors and this weekend, we made it all official. A trip to Drayton Manor Park is always something that we look forward too but this time was very different  for us as we got to pick up a Season Pass Plus for each. Our passes not only give us unlimited access to the park for the rest of the year but it also gets us 20% off all our food, drinks and merchandise.

Up until now every trip for us has been pretty much the same. All great days out (don't get me wrong) but all very similar in terms of what we would do and what rides we would go on. My children are aged 4, 8 and 12 but none of them would go on any of the 'bigger' rides as they were too scared but this weekend all of that changed and I'm proud to say I now have 3 fully fledged Adrenaline Junkies for children. My youngest, Ryan rode the Ben 10 Roller Coaster for the very first time and loved it! Lily (my 8 year old) rode the Apocalypse with her Daddy - YES the Apocalypse and Chloe my eldest rode the G-Force Roller Coaster with myself without freaking out. I'm happy to say that I am one proud Mummy right now.

This visit was truly surreal for me as I watched my once terrified of big rides children now enjoying themselves on some of the biggest, most scariest in the park and loving them.

Another huge first for all of us this time, well except Ryan who wasn't tall enough to ride,  went on the Air Race ride for the very first time. Before now the idea of this one had scared me a little but when my 8 year old insisted on having a go, I really couldn't let the team down. My girls loved it so much that they rode it three time in a row as the queues were so small towards the end of the day. Once was enough for me, I'm still not quite as brave as them just yet but we all loved it. The girls would have gone on more times but sadly we ran out of time. Whilst the girls and Daddy rode their favourite ride, Ryan and I headed back into Thomas Land for Ryan's final ride. He chose Winston's Whistle-Stop which he adores.

More firsts for our family included a whirl on The Big Wheel and a turn on The Buffalo. Both of which we've never been on before. Most of our time is usual spent within Thomas Land and then divided between the Zoo and the Thomas Playground but not this time. This time felt so different for us as we got to enjoy lots of the bigger rides and enjoy so many new things. I never know where all the time goes when we visit Drayton Manor but it sure does fly by. Arriving at 10:30am and leaving just after the last rides had closed at 6pm we really did get a whole days worth of fun for all but then again we always do.

I wasn't planning on blogging about this trip but after the day it turned out to be, I just had to. The trip I had planned out in my mind had turned out to be so much better than I could ever have hoped for. I no longer have 3 nervous children scared to try new things.

Like I said, I couldn't be prouder of them right now. They're much braver at their ages than I was, that's for sure but after seeing how much fun they were having. I wouldn't change them for the world. They're growing up so quickly and evolving into wonderful young adults.

After this wonderful trip we're now already looking forward to our next.

I wonder what rides we will enjoy next time...

Until then Ryan and Gordon wave goodbye to Drayton Manor  ... See you soon.

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