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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

It's a Toy and a Neck Pillow - Necknapperz #Review

It's a Toy and a Neck Pillow - Necknapperz

Meet Dotty the Ladybird. She's a toy that changes into a neck pillow and right back again. Dotty is just one of the Necknapperz in their collection and she's come to stay with us.

Necknapperz are the brand new huggable friends that can be changed from cuddly characters into comfy neck pillows and right back again. They're simply perfect for travelling or long car journeys. Dotty the Ladybird is just one of the four Necknapperz that are available, there's also a Twinkle the Unicorn and Waddle the Penguin. 

My little man who's 4 is always falling asleep when we're out and about in the car and I do often find myself worrying about his neck as he sleeps in some funny positions. I'd previously thought about buying him a neck pillow but I wasn't sure if he would use it. Necknapperz are bright and cute and great fun to play with. They make a cute and cuddly friend for bedtime or anytime and also make a really comfy neck pillow too.

It literally takes a few seconds to transform them from the toy into the pillow. You simply open the zip and push everything inside out. It's really easy to do, even my boy can do it all by himself which he loves as now he's constantly changing it back and forth.

Ryan's been trying it out around the house for now but he's very excited to try it out on our next car journey. Whilst he's been sleeping and forgotten to take it to bed with him, even I had a quick try of it around my neck whilst I was resting and have to say it's lovely and soft to touch. It's really comfortable to rest your neck on, I think I might have to get one of these for myself seeing as they're just so cute. Ryan and Dotty have become real good friends over the past week or so though so there's no chance of me sharing this one.

Necknapperz are cute, cuddly and great for resting your tired head on. They make great toys for playing with, cute companions for sleeping with and a comfy pillow for resting on.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.