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Monday, 4 May 2015

Candle Creations from Clementoni #Review

Candle Creations from Clementoni

Are you artistic? Do you love creating things? Like Candles? If you answered Yes, then these new Candle Creations from Clementoni could be perfect for you!

We've been busy bees trying out the new Candles Creations set. It's aimed at children aged 7 years and over and does require constant adult supervision as they are candles. Inside the box you will find 2 sheets of natural wax, 1 sheet of coloured wax, 3 waxed wicks, 1 plastic mould, a pair of scissors and a rich illustrated manual like shown below:

My eldest (aged 12) and I had a go at seeing what we could create from our kit. Even though there is enough to make 3 smaller candles, we decided to make just 1 bigger one.

We followed the instructions which were laid out very simple making them easy to follow and went for a large roman candle style one which we then decorated as we saw fit.

Our candle may not be very pretty to you but we love it and are very proud of ourselves.

We used a plastic lid (off an old cotton buds packet) to make our candles base. It was the perfect size to stand our candle into to make sure the wax didn't drip everywhere. 

We did have fun creating and making our candle but would have liked to have made some more. Each kit can only really be used once as there isn't enough contents to make lots of candles. We're happy with our finished product which is currently burning away on our dining room table. Before I lit it I had imagined how it would smell, badly if I'm honest but I was completely wrong as the candle when burning, hardly smells at all which was great.

It's a lovely little set but only really suitable for older children. You can make pretty candles for yourself or maybe even for others as little handmade gifts. What kind of candle would you make? Would you make a big one like we did or would you be more creative?

Disclosure: We were sent a sample in return for an honest review.

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