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Saturday, 30 May 2015

One Monchhichi in Dorset - See what She got Up to... #Monchhichi #MonchhichiFun

One Monchhichi in Dorset - See what She got Up to...

Monchhichi are back and hopefully here to stay. Monchhichi are huge in Japan but with the help of Bandai they're set to take the UK by storm. Our Monchhichi "Molly" (named by my 8 year old daughter) joined us last week just in time for out Half Term Holiday to Dorset.

Day 1: She hung out with the Seagulls on the balcony. I think she made a new friend.
I didn't let her stay out there too long in case the Seagulls tried to take her away.

Day 2: She had fun building sandcastles on the beach in West Bay, Dorset.
The sand was a little stoney but with a little sea water, she managed to build a beauty.

Day 3: She played out in the fields picking daisies and gazing up at the clouds.
The sun was shining so she stopped for a spot of sunbathing whilst she was there too.

Day 4: It rained so she had to stay indoors but all wasn't lost as it was games day.
She played Snakes and Ladders and won after a few rides down the snakes.

Day 5: She made some more new friends, Sid the Seagull and Lizzie the Lizard.
Sid and Lizzie lived in Park Dean which is where we were staying.

Our Monchhichi Molly had a fantastic week out in the sunshine. She made lots of new friends and got to play lots of games with the family. She learnt how to build sandcastles and paddle in the sea. She also learnt how to sunbath and pick daisies.

We've all had a wonderful Half Term and are so glad Molly our Monchhichi got to join us.

Monchhichi are now available in the UK from Argos and the Entertainer.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Drayton Manor Hotel’s got a Brand New Child Concierge!

Drayton Manor Hotel’s got a Brand 
New Child Concierge! 

I'm very excited to tell you that we are now Official Drayton Manor Ambassadors which means we'll be bringing you all the latest news and updates from the park. Our first post of news is a fun one and we're happy to be telling you all about what's going on.

As Drayton Manor Hotel gears up ready for next week’s half term holidays, it's very excited about welcoming it's latest addition to the team – the UK’s first child hotel concierge! 

9 year old Noah Reeves-Walters, from Kidderminster, will don his mini concierge uniform and take up residence in the four-star hotel’s reception on selected dates throughout the Whit week half-term (25th – 29th May). He'll be on hand to answer questions and assist any younger guests with their visit and day out at the theme park to make it the best experience ever. Any fun facts or unusual questions your children may have, Noah will help give them the answers. Whether it's 'where to get the best ice cream in the park' or 'what to eat to stop feeling sick on rides' or even 'where to sit on Stormforce 10 for the best soaking' – Noah will be the boy with all the answers to set them straight! 

Noah said: “I love Drayton Manor Theme Park, but it’s always the adults who give out the advice, so I thought it should be the kids who get to ask their questions for a change."

"I’m prepared and ready to give my expert kid opinion!”

So how did this all come about? - Well Martin Wright, the General Manager of the Drayton Manor Hotel, said: “When Noah and his family contacted us with the idea of him being our child hotel concierge, we jumped at the chance! The Drayton Manor Theme Park brand is synonymous with family fun and trips out for the young and young at heart, so it makes perfect sense for us to have someone like Noah offering his help and advice to our younger guests and listening to the issues that are important to them.” 

It looks like Noah’s going to be rushed off his feet this half-term. 

For further information about Drayton Manor Theme Park or to pre-book discounted entry tickets visit or call 0844 472 1960. For regular updates and news about Drayton Manor Theme Park you can Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information about the hotel or to book your stay, you can visit or call 01827 285551.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

It's a Toy and a Neck Pillow - Necknapperz #Review

It's a Toy and a Neck Pillow - Necknapperz

Meet Dotty the Ladybird. She's a toy that changes into a neck pillow and right back again. Dotty is just one of the Necknapperz in their collection and she's come to stay with us.

Necknapperz are the brand new huggable friends that can be changed from cuddly characters into comfy neck pillows and right back again. They're simply perfect for travelling or long car journeys. Dotty the Ladybird is just one of the four Necknapperz that are available, there's also a Twinkle the Unicorn and Waddle the Penguin. 

My little man who's 4 is always falling asleep when we're out and about in the car and I do often find myself worrying about his neck as he sleeps in some funny positions. I'd previously thought about buying him a neck pillow but I wasn't sure if he would use it. Necknapperz are bright and cute and great fun to play with. They make a cute and cuddly friend for bedtime or anytime and also make a really comfy neck pillow too.

It literally takes a few seconds to transform them from the toy into the pillow. You simply open the zip and push everything inside out. It's really easy to do, even my boy can do it all by himself which he loves as now he's constantly changing it back and forth.

Ryan's been trying it out around the house for now but he's very excited to try it out on our next car journey. Whilst he's been sleeping and forgotten to take it to bed with him, even I had a quick try of it around my neck whilst I was resting and have to say it's lovely and soft to touch. It's really comfortable to rest your neck on, I think I might have to get one of these for myself seeing as they're just so cute. Ryan and Dotty have become real good friends over the past week or so though so there's no chance of me sharing this one.

Necknapperz are cute, cuddly and great for resting your tired head on. They make great toys for playing with, cute companions for sleeping with and a comfy pillow for resting on.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.

Monday, 18 May 2015

#WIN The full selection of 7 Cadbury Dairy Milk bars from the New TV advert

WIN The full selection of 7 Cadbury Dairy 
Milk bars from the New TV advert

Would YOU like to WIN The full selection of 7 Cadbury Dairy 
Milk bars from the New TV advert? Well, today I'm feeling very generous and am offering one of you my lovely readers the chance to win them all. Yes me, no sponsors, no help, just me - I'm paying for it. I'm going to make it really simple to enter through the RaffleCopter Form and although there are lots of entry options, it's really up to you how many of them that you want to do. The only entry that I ask you all to do is leave me a nice comment.

T&C's - This giveaway is only open to the UK. 1 winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries and contacted by email. Good Luck x

Sunday, 17 May 2015

My day out at the Birmingham Baby Show.

My day out at the Birmingham Baby Show.

Although I don't have a baby anymore ( my youngest is now 4 ) I spent most of today at the Baby Show at the NEC Birmingham with some close friends of mine. It's been a few years since I've been and have to say things had changed quite a bit. There was the usual freebies and quirky competitions but the products on the stands had changed a lot. There seemed to be a theme of 'Saving Time' on lots of the products but to me most of them although cool were unnecessary and a waste of money. I mean, a machine to warm up your baby's bottles - what ever happened to boiling the kettle and filling a pan? I must be getting old as all the younger Mums to Be were buying these items, in fact they were very popular but just not for me. I guess I like to do things the old fashioned 'slow' way.

The usual BIG brands were there with all their beautiful pushchairs, cots and accessories but today I was interested in finding out about the little ones. The simple products that were simply trying to make us Mums lives easier. One of my fave products today was the Snugglebundl baby lifting wrap which swaddled your baby in a brightly coloured blanket that had handles so that you could lift your sleeping baby out of a car seat or a trolley seat with ease and comfort without having to disturb them. It was a simple idea but I liked it.

The changing area this year was sponsored by a well know brand - Aldi who were supplying free nappies and wipes to Mums who needed to change their babies during their day at the show in a comfortable and clean changing area. They also had a fab Twitter competition running where Mums and Dads got the chance to win a fabulous Nappy Hamper. (Yes I did enter) Aldi were showing off the Award Winning (Mother & Baby) Mamia baby range which I have to say I was very impressed with and I actually learnt something new today as I didn't know that they did a pull up range for toddlers as well as nappies. 

Overall it was a lovely day spent with friends, checking out all the wonderful baby products on show. I'd kinda forget how much stuff one little baby needs, the products on display were endless. So even though I'm not planning on having anymore children myself any time soon it was lots of fun to see all the lovely products for future friends children or family.

If you're expecting or know someone who is then the Baby Show is a must visit. There are discounts a plenty as most of the stands were offering special Baby Show Prices of 10%, 20% and even 30% off on some. My friends got some great bargains today, a reduced changing bag from £49 to just £5 and at least 20% off her many other purchases.

So, that's it, The Baby Show in Birmingham is over for another year but it was fun whilst it lasted. My friends and I had a blast even if we did go home with very tired feet and our hands full. The only thing now that could make my day even better would be to win one of the wonderful competitions at the show that I entered today - I can dream.

#SilentSunday 17/05/2015

Silent Sunday ~ 17/05/2015

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Just Like Mummy! Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner #Review

Just Like Mummy! Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner

We've had a little visitor this week, Henry the Toy Vacuum Cleaner came to play. My youngest two were so excited when Henry arrived as I have a real grown up Hetty Vacuum Cleaner which they're always trying to get their mucky little hands on. Now they can have their very own mini version and clean along side me which is very cool.

Little ones love role play and pretending that they're doing jobs around the house – just like the grown-ups. It's one of the most popular games of all (well in my house anyway). Henry Vacuum Cleaner has been specially designed to be just like the real Henry, right down to the very last detail so your little helpers will get to feel just like a grown up as they help out.

Henry is adorable, he's so cute. He may be small but he's an identical copy of his big brother. There's a 3 part hose with clear tubing and real life like switches on the base. There's pretend On/Off switches in red and green just like a real Vacuum but they don't actually work, they're just for show as the real on/off switch is on the back. Henry is on wheels so he can move around just a real Vacuum Cleaner and he even has the inside compartments too. When you unclip the sides, the top comes off allowing you to store all his parts inside along with a rather cute dustpan and brush which comes included.

Henry makes real noises as if he was really sucking up the dirt but sadly (for me) he doesn't actually clean my carpets. I guess that would be a step too far, wouldn't it? Mums would never have to clean the house again, haha (Just Kidding, I'd NEVER make my children clean the house) That's Mummys job. So for now, they're just going to have to pretend to help. Ryan loves it, he's been pretending to clean my living room all week.

The kids have their own little rug in their play are so they're been giving that a good clean this week. Ryan's had to share with his big sister Lily (8) who'd been dying to get her hands on it. I can happily say, you're never to old to playing with Henry the Vacuum Cleaner.

Not only does Henry look great but he moves and sounds so real taking role play to a whole new level. My two have had so much fun playing with him this week, it's been a joy to watch.

If you're little ones love helping you when you Vacuum the house then Henry could be just what you need to get some peace and quiet or that extra bit of help. There's lots of other great toys in the Casdon Little Helper range, why not pop over and check them out.

Disclosure: We received our Henry sample in return for an honest review.

Pirate Mateys Ahoy! The New Cbeebies Swashbuckle Magazine is Out Today! #Review

Pirate Mateys Ahoy! The New Cbeebies 
Swashbuckle Magazine is Out Today!

" A band of naughty pirates, took some jewels from me. I hid onboard their pirate ship and sailed off out to sea. But they weren't watching where they went and shipwrecked on the sand. I want to win my treasure back, Will you give me a hand? " 

These are the opening lines of a song that I hear sung aloud every week in my house as we settle down to watch one of our favourite Cbeebies shows. Swashbuckle is like a modern day pirate version of our 80's Fun House which I absolutely loved as a child. It's a fast moving, fun show where 4 child contestants play a series of mini games to try and help Gem win back her jewels which were stolen by the naughty pirates; Cook, Line and Sinker.

As huge fans of the show we're very excited about this next Swashbuckle step. They've only gone and made a new Swashbuckle Magazine and it's out today! Hip Hip Hooray!

With a whopping 35 pages of fun, puzzles, games and stickers, there's so much to see and do. It's the perfect childrens  magazine for all the little pirate mateys and Swashbuckle fans out there, including mine. My little man Ryan loves watching Swashbuckle, it's one of his favourite shows that he loves to get up and sing along to. He loves the games and the silliness and of course seeing who has to 'Walk the Plank' into the slime at the end.

In the very exciting first edition of the new Swashbuckle magazine, you're introduced to the Crew and get to meet the Pirates. There's a whopping 77 stickers which always means fun, I mean what child doesn't love stickers? Mine love them and stick them everywhere. There's lots of free gifts also included; a Pirate Hat, Wheel Spinner, Treasure Chest and 5 Jewels.

Ryan was overjoyed with his free gifts, just look at how happy my little pirate is.

We've been so lucky to get an exclusive early look at the new Swashbuckle magazine. Ryan has loved doing all the activities and colouring in. He's become a little addicted to spinning his Wheel Spinner to decide who gets which Jewel from his little Pirate Chest. 

So from one family of Swashbuckle fans to another (hopefully you if you're reading this) we're saying 'Go get it'. If your little ones love Swashbuckle then they will love the Magazine. For £2.75 - It really is worth every penny, both Ryan and I agree.

Issue 1 of the Swashbuckle Magazine is out today! 

Disclosure: We received a sample in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll #Review

Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll

Meet our newest Barbie friend, Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll from Mattel - Isn't she beautiful. You can add a rainbow of color to her hair with one simple swipe of her tool. It's really easy to use and lots of fun to play with. You simply place a section of Barbies lovely long blond hair into the hair tool and swipe downwards to instantly change the color. There's five vibrant colours to choose from; pink, yellow,green, blue and purple. You can take a small section of hair and just add one colour or use a bigger section of hair to add them all, It's completely up to you. My Lily who's 8 has been having a go doing both.

The Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll has lovely long hair just waiting to be styled. NOt only do you get the colouring tool but you also get two elastic bands, 3 coloured clips and a nice sized hairbrush to help you style her hair. Luckily for Lily, she loves hair styling.

Lily loves Barbies outfit as it's bright and beautiful. I mean, who doesn't love neon pink! The Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll is aimed at children aged 5 and over making Lily around the perfect age to enjoy this doll. Lily's got lots of Barbies but it's the ones like this that let you add colour and style the hair that she loves the best. This doll has been on her list of 'wants' for a while so she was more than delighted when she saw it.

My only moan is that now that the hair has been coloured, Lily wants to wash it out to start all over again. For her it's all part of the fun but for me it's annoying as this Mummy hates her kids messing with water but we have found a compromise. Barbie is just going to have to wait until it's bath time to wash her hair so that they can both do it together. So really, my moan is not really a moan - it's just me being fussy about letting my kids play with water.

In all honesty though, Lily loves her new Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll and is having lots of fun playing with her. I'm just waiting for the moans when the colours wear out eventually, which by the way she is going won't be too long. I'm not sure what Barbie thinks about having her hair coloured in but I know my Lily sure is happy.

Barbie now has bright multicoloured hair, what do you think? Don't worry, Barbie hasn't been harmed in the taking of this picture, I've just cut her body out of the shot so you can see her hair. This is how it looks once it's been coloured. It's kind of cute really.

Overall Lily and I are both pleased with Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll. She comes at a retail price of around £22.99 which is a fair enough price for a Barbie doll with these accessories. When it comes to doing hair, the fun really is never ending.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed in this review are 100% honest and all my own.

Wanna See My Snacks? Featuring Ten Acre and Popchips #Review

Wanna See My Snacks? Featuring 10Acre and Popchips

This week I've been getting Snack Happy on a mission to help the lovely people over at The Food Sauce who sent me a selection of snacks from two lovely companies that I already love; Ten Acre and Popchips. It's times like these when I love being a Blogger.

I've tried all of the above snacks before (Yes I've actually bought them) and have to say that they are yummy! I'm not really a chocolate or sweet person but I do love a good snack. Whether it be a packet of crisps or a selections of assorted nuts. I love my snacks.

Ten Acre do a wonderful range of crisps with quirky flavour names. They're 'How Chicken Soup Saved The Day' is one of my all time favourites of theirs. The flavours are delicious and the crisps themselves are thin and light yet crispy and crunchy. They're everything a good crisp should be and more. I love Ten Acre crisp, Mmm Yum.

Ten Acre also do Popcorn as well as crisps. Again there's nothing ordinary about their flavours or flavour names. With names like 'Cousin Maisie’s Fennel and Lemon' and 'Cornelius Popperley’s Sour Cream and Chive' there's plenty to smile about.

The popcorn is light and fluffy and packed full of flavour. I'm a huge Sweet and Salty fan so their Aunty Winifred’s Sweet and Salty Popcorn was my number 1 favourite. 

Popchips are popped potato chips which contain all of the flavour but only half the fat. They come in a range of delicious flavours from Barbecue to Sour cream & Onion to Thai Sweet Chilli. There really is a nice range of flavour to choose from. I was sent their Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion and Sea Salt and Black Pepper flavours to try. The chips themselves are really nice, they're light and thin and really tasty. Out of the three flavours I got, the Sour Cream & Onion was my favourite with the other two coming in joint second.

If you're like me and love your snacks then maybe you'd like to give them a try?

Disclosure: I was sent my samples in return for an honest review.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Candle Creations from Clementoni #Review

Candle Creations from Clementoni

Are you artistic? Do you love creating things? Like Candles? If you answered Yes, then these new Candle Creations from Clementoni could be perfect for you!

We've been busy bees trying out the new Candles Creations set. It's aimed at children aged 7 years and over and does require constant adult supervision as they are candles. Inside the box you will find 2 sheets of natural wax, 1 sheet of coloured wax, 3 waxed wicks, 1 plastic mould, a pair of scissors and a rich illustrated manual like shown below:

My eldest (aged 12) and I had a go at seeing what we could create from our kit. Even though there is enough to make 3 smaller candles, we decided to make just 1 bigger one.

We followed the instructions which were laid out very simple making them easy to follow and went for a large roman candle style one which we then decorated as we saw fit.

Our candle may not be very pretty to you but we love it and are very proud of ourselves.

We used a plastic lid (off an old cotton buds packet) to make our candles base. It was the perfect size to stand our candle into to make sure the wax didn't drip everywhere. 

We did have fun creating and making our candle but would have liked to have made some more. Each kit can only really be used once as there isn't enough contents to make lots of candles. We're happy with our finished product which is currently burning away on our dining room table. Before I lit it I had imagined how it would smell, badly if I'm honest but I was completely wrong as the candle when burning, hardly smells at all which was great.

It's a lovely little set but only really suitable for older children. You can make pretty candles for yourself or maybe even for others as little handmade gifts. What kind of candle would you make? Would you make a big one like we did or would you be more creative?

Disclosure: We were sent a sample in return for an honest review.

Keep the Kids safe this Summer with Mustela Very High Sun Protection #Review

Keep the Kids safe this Summer with Mustela 
Very High Sun Protection

Mustela Sun Care products have been specifically designed for the delicate skin of babies and children. It's 50+ protection comes in a spray and a sun lotion. We've been trying them out over the past few weeks whilst the sun has been out, although not for long here in Brum.

The Mustela Very High Protection Sun Spray is for the face and bodies of both babies and children. It's suitable for all skin types including atopic skin and sun intolerant skin. It has a Very high protection of SPF 50 + UVB – UVA 22 PPD. with reinforced cellular protection. You'll be happy to know that it's water-resistant and contains 0% nanoparticles.

It goes on as a spray but is still nice and creamy. It's not too thick so that it rubs in easily and doesn't smell which I like. When you spray it on, it shows up as a white coloured cream so you can see where it has been sprayed making it easy to see and rub in. 

It was quick and easy to use and lasted all day although we did top it up after a few hours in the sun just incase. It is better to be safer than sorry. You can see how it looks below:

If you don't like using a spray to put on the sun cream then there's also a sun lotion for you too. It comes in a smaller sized bottle but applies much the same. It's a thin cream which rubs in nice and easy and doesn't really smell of anything so no bad smells.

Again it's suitable for all skin types including atopic skins and sun intolerant skin. It has the exact same very high protection of SPF 50 + UVB – UVA 25 PPD as the spray and is also water resistant. The lotion is made up of the same formula as the spray, only it's in a lotion not a bottle. Both are easy to use and do what they are supposed to do as there was no sunburn here which I am happy to say as we do spend a lot of time down our local park.

Out of the two I would have to say that I prefer the spray as it's quicker to apply when you're in a rush as us busy mums sometimes are. Another good thing about the spray is that it's fun. making the kids want to have a go and apply it themselves which is great.

We're new to Mustela sun protection but have been pleased with it's results.

Disclosure: We were sent a sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and completely my own.