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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What's NEW this Easter at Hatton Adventure World #Review #DaysOut #FamilyFun #LaserCombat

What's NEW this Easter at Hatton Adventure World 

Hatton Country World's Easter Eggstravaganza is back and this year it's bigger and better than ever. It's running from March 28th - April 12th 2015 and there's of new attractions and games to check out. There's Laser Combat (for the 8 and overs) and a brand new Code Cracker game where you find codes and crack them for the chance to win prizes.
There's a new  Spring Arrivals Tent where you can see all their new newborns and a New  Tractor Safari ride too. There's always so much to see at do at Hatton Country World.

The New Laser Combat was amazing, so much thought and effort has gone into it. From the layout to the people running it, everything was fantastic. On family days out I often worry that my oldest children will get bored and have nothing to do as most places like to focus on entertaining the little ones but not Hatton, with their new Laser Combat game for the over 8's. Now there really is something for everyone and in this case, it's something great.

You get to dress up in Army Combat gear and take part in two fun team games. Each one lasted around 10 minutes so you do get to have a proper play. I had to sit this one out as someone had to take the pictures but my two daughters Lily (aged 8) and Chloe (aged 12) had a go with their Granny (I won't say her age) and had a really good time. There was lots of barrels and blocks to hide behind, peep holes and walls to duck below and nets to hide under. It was great to watch everyone enjoying themselves, the kids loved it. Even the Mums, Dads and Grandparents loved it too. I have to say the new Laser Combat game is fantastic and what's more, everyone gets to play one game for free. For those who want to play again, you can pay a small charge of £4 which I think is worth every penny for the 40 minute session you get. The Laser Combat game got a huge thumbs up from us.

It wouldn't be Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt so up next we had a go at their Easter Egg Hunt which saw 50 children at a time run through their decorated filed to find 5 different coloured plastic eggs which they could then exchange for 6 real chocolate eggs. We've done the Easter Egg Hunt lots of times before but that doesn't make them any less exciting. There's something special about searching the grass for eggs at Easter time.

There's a new Spring Arrivals Tent where you can meet all the newborns. We were so lucky as a set of gorgeous twin lambs were born on the day that we visited. Outside of the tent there was also some new chicks which you could hold. They were so sweet and so tiny. I do love the baby chicks at Easter. Easter isn't just for chicks and lambs though, at Hatton Country World there's lots of other weird and wonderful animals to see and hold too. From their Scales & Tails to your Farmyard Favourites, there's lots of animals to see. My eldest Chloe loves the Scales & Tails handling times, this time she got to hold a Royal Python snake and a rather large Bearded Dragon but she wasn't scared at all, unlike Mummy.

Hatton Country World is one of our favourite places to visit all year round as there's lots to do and see both indoors and out. Indoors there's a huge indoor play area called Snorty's Super Slide Mania and in the Family tent there's Magic Shows and Discos. Outside there's trampolines, bouncy castles and giant slides which are all free to use. There's children's fairground rides like the Tea Cups and some Little Ladybirds for the younger ones and an outdoor play area for the older ones. There's a Beach Volleyball court and a huge Sandpit too. A JCB area where the kids can ride around on their Tractors and lots of giant board games dotted around like Snakes and Ladders and Draughts. 

Whenever we visit Hatton Country World, we always stay the whole day as there's just so much to see and do. We arrived at 10am when it opened and left at 5pm just half an hour before it closed and still didn't get everything done. You definitely get your moneys worth when you take your family to Hatton Country world, we love it there so much.

My favourite part of the day was going up into the Daffodil Field where I got to pick myself a rather lovely bunch of Daffodils to take home with me, what a lovely idea. There was a whole field filled with beautiful Daffodils that Hatton had grown especially for their guests so that they could pick a bunch to take away, again this was free to do and really sweet. I went up to the field by myself for a quick break from the children, they were too busy bouncing around on the bouncy castles with Granny at the time. Up in the Daffodil Field there was lots of smiling faces as people picked their bunches. Daffodils sure seem to make people smile, or at least I know they made me smile. Whoever thought of that idea got it spot on. My little bunch of Daffodils now have pride of place on my dining room table for everyone to see.

We had a wonderful day at Hatton Country World on Monday and would happily recommend it as a great family fun day out to anyone. There's still lots of time to visit before the end of their Easter Eggstravaganza on April 12th.

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