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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lock your Knives away with the New LockBlock by Joseph Joseph #Review

Lock your Knives away with the New LockBlock 
by Joseph Joseph 

A big part of being a Mum is worrying about the safety of your children in the home. Our kitchens for example, are full of things that we need in everyday life but are so so dangerous. Like knives, I hate anyone leaving knives out in the kitchen as they always impose a danger to the children. Until now my knives have always sat neatly in a wooden knife block that sits back against my wall, at the furthest point away from little hands. Even though they are out of reach, there's nothing stopping my children from still messing with them and this for me is always something that I worry about. 

So when Joseph Joseph introduced me to their new LockBlock knife block, I have to say that I was really excited as all my safety worries were about to be taken away.

The LockBlock is really simple yet very effective. It's innovative design locks knives safely inside the block and requires an adult-sized hand to operate it, meaning that most children aged 5 and under will be unable to remove any knives. As each knife is placed inside a knife slot, its blade is held securely by the unique Cam-lock mechanism. Pulling on a knife only increases the force of the grip so knives cannot be simply forced out of the block.

To remove a knife from LockBlock the release button which is situated on either side for left and right-handed operation, needs to be firmly pressed. But due to its position and the force required to press it, only someone with an adult-sized hand can do this. The mechanism inside won't damage your expensive knife blades as it has a smooth rubber surface.

I love this block, it's amazing and really does do what it says it does. It keeps your knives locked away from the children whilst keeping them organised and looking stylish. 

There are six slots so the block can hold up to six knives at any one time is more than enough for me as I don't own that many anyway. It comes in one size and one colour which is grey and costs around £60 which you might think is a lot but in my eye, you really can't put a price on your childrens safety. The peace of mind I got from this product is immense. I no longer have to worry about my children getting hold of the knives whilst I'm not looking as they're now safely locked away. The LockBlock knife block has made me very happy.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample in return for an honest review.

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