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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone - What did Bella think? #Review #BionicRubber #DogToys

Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone
 What did Bella think?

Bionic Rubber is a revolutionary material made to withstand the aggressive play patterns of most pets. Bionic products have been tested in rescue shelters and day cares all around the U.S. for many years. By making and destroying countless samples, they now know that their Bionic Rubber can hold up to even the most aggressive chewers, like my Bella.

When I was offered a dog toy to review my first thoughts were, oh here we go. Another dog toy for Bella to destroy and rip apart in minutes but this time I have to hold my hands up and admit that I was wrong. We were sent the Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone (in size extra large because she's a big dog) and have to say that's it's fantastic, both Bella and I love it.

 Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone is made for extra large dogs weighing between 27-41kg. Careful attention has been made to ensure it fits naturally into the curvature of the dogs mouth. The ridges across the top give your dog the feeling that they are chewing through the toy - keeping them interested in it for longer without actually destroying it and Its unique interior shape provides strength for even the most aggressive chewers. 

I love this toy. Bella has been playing with it for over a week now and it's still standing in one piece. It's not just a bone for throwing, chewing or playing tug of war with. It's also a treat holder as you can insert treats into the middle making it a fun game for dogs to get them out. There's several things I love about this toy, one of them is the fact that this toy can float which is great if it lands in a pond or lake whilst out on your walks. Another thing is that it bounces so when I throw it, it goes much further as it bounces along. Last but not least though, I love the fact that it's still in one piece even after a whole weeks worth of play.

Bella is a very playful and she loves her toys but sadly for us it's always been a mission and a half to find ones that can withstand her powerful jaws. She's such a loving member of our family who we all adore very much. Bella has had lots of fun playing with her new Bionic Rubber bone this week, we've played Fetch, Tug of War and lots of other games and there's hardly a scratch on it. I'm so happy to say, we've finally found a toy that lasts.

Now that we know Bionic Rubber is the way forward for us, we've been checking out some of the other Bionic Pet Products in the range. I wonder which one Bella would like next?

Any toy that can withstand our Bella is a well made, built to last toy! Both Bella and I are very happy with it and would happily recommend it to other dog lovers.

Disclosure: We were sent our sample in return for an honest review but that doesn't influence us. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own and honest.

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