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My Family

Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Little People and their Little Cloggs .. #Review

My Little People and their Little Cloggs

My little people have been loving their Little Cloggs shoes this week. Little Cloggs are a new kids only section of the well known Cloggs store. With over eighteen top brands to choose from, there's a huge range of designs for boys and girls and budgets to suit all.

My cheeky monkey Ryan is fussy when it comes to choosing what shoes he likes. He likes go fast stripes on his trainers to make him run faster and chunky soles on his school shoes to help him jump higher. He has one fantastic imagination, my 4 year old.

Ryan's been trying out the Geox Savage Junior shoes. These casual sport shoes from Geox are made for active boys, combining practicality with style. Even though they are sport shoes they look really smart and work well as school shoes too. Ryan loves the chunky soles and easy to do up velcro straps. They're perfect for him.

I love these shoes, their microporous membrane on top of the perforated rubber sole allows heat and humidity to escape whilst keeping water out so no more smelly feet. They also have an oversized bumper which is perfect for reducing scuffs and the grippy soles add traction on any surface which is great for climbing, running mad little boys like mine.

Both Ryan and I would recommend these shoes. If you're looking for something hard wearing and practical yet good looking and smart, then these could be just what you need.

Lily's been trying out the Dr Martens Sailor Junior Sandals in pink. These sandals are absolutely stunning, I only wish they had them in my size. With a fun look and practical detailing, these Dr Martens Sailor Junior Sandals in Pink are sure to be a popular choice this summer. I know my Lily loves them so much already.

My Lily is a little quirky as you can tell from the pictures. Most of the time she's a Pink Princess but them at other times, she's just completely bonkers like her Mummy. What I love about these sandals is that they go with everything. They look cute with a pretty party dress and bright with legging or in Lily's case, they can even look great with a cow onesie. 

These sandals are so pretty and perfect for little feet as they have an adjustable velcro strap at the back and buckle fastener on the front, both are easy to do up all by themselves. The inside of these sandals are so soft and padded making them really comfortable to wear. My Lily who's eight loves them so much. They're girly in pink yet comfortable for everyday wear.

Both my children Lily and Ryan are very happy with their new Little Cloggs shoes which means I am one happy Mummy. Happy children with Happy feet, equals a Happy Mum.

Disclosure: I received my samples in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed in this review are 100% honest and completely my own.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lock your Knives away with the New LockBlock by Joseph Joseph #Review

Lock your Knives away with the New LockBlock 
by Joseph Joseph 

A big part of being a Mum is worrying about the safety of your children in the home. Our kitchens for example, are full of things that we need in everyday life but are so so dangerous. Like knives, I hate anyone leaving knives out in the kitchen as they always impose a danger to the children. Until now my knives have always sat neatly in a wooden knife block that sits back against my wall, at the furthest point away from little hands. Even though they are out of reach, there's nothing stopping my children from still messing with them and this for me is always something that I worry about. 

So when Joseph Joseph introduced me to their new LockBlock knife block, I have to say that I was really excited as all my safety worries were about to be taken away.

The LockBlock is really simple yet very effective. It's innovative design locks knives safely inside the block and requires an adult-sized hand to operate it, meaning that most children aged 5 and under will be unable to remove any knives. As each knife is placed inside a knife slot, its blade is held securely by the unique Cam-lock mechanism. Pulling on a knife only increases the force of the grip so knives cannot be simply forced out of the block.

To remove a knife from LockBlock the release button which is situated on either side for left and right-handed operation, needs to be firmly pressed. But due to its position and the force required to press it, only someone with an adult-sized hand can do this. The mechanism inside won't damage your expensive knife blades as it has a smooth rubber surface.

I love this block, it's amazing and really does do what it says it does. It keeps your knives locked away from the children whilst keeping them organised and looking stylish. 

There are six slots so the block can hold up to six knives at any one time is more than enough for me as I don't own that many anyway. It comes in one size and one colour which is grey and costs around £60 which you might think is a lot but in my eye, you really can't put a price on your childrens safety. The peace of mind I got from this product is immense. I no longer have to worry about my children getting hold of the knives whilst I'm not looking as they're now safely locked away. The LockBlock knife block has made me very happy.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Girls Love Science Too! #Discovery #TrendsUk #Review

Girls Love Science Too!

Trends Uk are currently working on a campaign to highlight that science is not just for boys, but girls can love it too. There is a lot of coverage in the media saying girls have less interest in science and don't choose it as a career. However, they believe that girls will be just as interested in science projects as boys are so we've been testing out some Science related toys over the past few weeks to find out. I wanted to join in the campaign and see what my girls thought about them as well as my science enthusiast son, Ryan.

Our first toy was the Discovery Double Globe Planetarium which makes learning about the planets and star constellations fun. There are 2 globes supplied with this Planetarium. One projects constellations onto the ceiling to show children how the stars move across the night sky. The other one shows the major planets. It's really easy to put together as the globes just slot onto the stand sitting over the bulb. Everything is controlled by a simple switch which allows the children to select how they want to play. They can choose projection on it's own or movement and commentary, so they can either watch the stars/planets and listen to interesting facts from the planet commentary at the same time.

We loved this toy, it's a really simple yet nice way to see how the world works. Studying the planets or star constellations has never been so much fun. Seeing them light up your ceiling really brings them to life and makes learning fun. Both my son and daughters enjoyed playing with this. I think they all got something different from it but that's not because they are a boy or a girl, it's just because they are different ages and different stages in their learning. Ryan loved talking about the planets whereas Lily liked watching the shapes the stars made. Science is for everyone, it's not just for boys. My girls had great fun too!

Our second toy was the Discovery Digital Metal Detector which was very popular with all three of my children and Daddy too. I mean who doesn't want to hunt for treasure? This fabulous little toy helps you hunt for lost items and hidden treasures! It has a rotating, backlit digital LCD screen which shows your hunting status and battery strength. We loved the way it shows you when you've found something by displaying 'Metal Found'; and beeping like crazy. It's really clever how it works and features a double coil for detecting common metals.

Again this toy is really easy to put together and literally only takes a few seconds to do. It comes in two pieces which simply slot together and requires 1 x 9V battery to work. We all had a go looking for treasure in our back garden but sadly didn't find any. We did on the other hand find lots of our missing tent pegs from the last time we'd had the tent out.

My girls loved playing with this although they did have to fight their little brother to get a go. Ryan was besotted with it, he loved using it to become a pirate treasure hunter.

We've had lots of fun over the past few weeks playing with our Discovery toys from Trends Uk. I love the fact that their toys are so easy to use yet teach you so much. Who knew Science could be so much fun? Everyone here has enjoyed playing and learning, there's been no divisions of 'They're boys' or 'They're girls' toy, just fun with 2 great scientific toys!

We happily agree with trends Uk that it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, Science can be fun for everyone and Scientific toys are suitable and fun for all.

Disclosure: We received our toys in return for an honest review but that doesn't influence our posts. All the opinions given are 100% honest and our own.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Thomas & Friends have released Two Brand New DVDs #Review

Thomas & Friends have released 
Two Brand New DVDs 

Choo Choo Thomas, Thomas Number 1 - or at least he is in our house!

First up we have the Thomas & Friends Complete Series 16 DVD which features a whopping 20 exciting episodes from the Island of Sodor. That's more than three whole hours of Thomas stories, including the exciting introduction of a new engine Stafford.

This DVD is great for all Thomas fans as it's nice and long keeping the kiddies entertained for hours but because it's made up of 20 smaller episodes it's also not gonna drag out and bore them. I love DVDs like this where there's lots of little episodes all put together in one as it means there's always lots of choice and a great deal of value for your money. 

I don't want to spoil it too much for you as this DVD isn't out until May 25th (price £12.99) so I won't tell you all the details but there are lots of great stories to see. We loved the one filled with music when a famous composer visited the island and the one where Thomas became a scarecrow for the day. There's a cute story of Percy as he falls foul to of one of Salty’s tales and The Fat Controller celebrates a birthday. There's lots to like about this DVD.

Next up we have the Thomas & Friends ‘Trouble on the tracks' DVD which sees The Troublesome Trucks delight in causing problems for Thomas and his friends. Annie, Clarabel and Toad encounter unexpected high-speed adventures whilst Oily Diesel gives Paxton a fright. James runs into trouble with some slip coaches and Percy ends up frightened and alone in an old mine. It's all happening in this DVD.

Trouble on the Tracks was released on April 20th and will cost you around £9 which for a 70 minute DVD is a really good price. We really enjoyed watching it this week.

You can find out more about Thomas & Friends online at Thomas & Friends.Com.

Win 1 of 3 From You to Me - Early Years Journal with Notebook

Win 1 of 3 From You to Me - Early Years 
Journal with Notebook 

Early Years is a beautiful guided journal to inspire parents to capture the precious first five years of their child’s life. It comes with a complimentary notebook for Notes & Quotes which is small enough to keep handy for recording those precious moments as they happen.

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for parents-to-be or maybe a way to remember your own childs first moments, this Journal has a new parents with a section for each year from birth to the child’s 5th birthday making it the perfect choice.  It's available in two gorgeous colours, pink and blue so there's one for boys and girls. It comes filled with beautiful hand drawn illustrations and lots of careful prompts. It's also got plenty of space for those precious memories and photographs of their childhood.

The Early Years Journal has 120 pages just waiting for you to fill. It's size is 242mm x 172mm and it's cover is a hardback with textured cover & coloured end papers. It features cute colour co-ordinated head and tail bands with a lovely ribbon bookmark. The journal and notebook arrive shrink wrapped together for the perfect gift or treat. The two variations available are the Blue Owl and the Pink Mouse and cost £19.99 each.

I was sent a Blue Owl Early Years Journal for myself and have to say it's rather lovely. There's page for Mummy and Daddy's details and even spaces for scan picture which is a great idea as I lost my eldest daughters pics by not keeping them safe in a book like this. There's a lovely Family Tree page and one for their Special Moments. My children are a little old to start this now but might not be too late for you. Would you like to win one?

I have 3 of these lovely Early Years Journals to give away to you, my lucky readers. It's nice and easy to enter so anyone can do it. Simply enter your details in the Rafflecopter Form below and cross your fingers, Yes it's that easy. 

This competition is open to the UK only and 3 lucky winners will be drawn at random on Sunday May 17th - Good Luck x

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wow What a Party - Happy 10th Birthday FloridaTix #FloridaTix10th

Wow What a Party 
Happy 10th Birthday FloridaTix 

Last night I went along to a rather fab party, the FloridaTix 10th Birthday party to be precise. Bloggers from all across the Midlands and beyond came together to help a local company, FloridaTix celebrate their 10th birthday in style. It was nice to see so many old faces and some new ones too and with a free bar serving some amazing cocktails what more could we have asked for! We learnt a bit about what FloridaTix do and how they help families to really get that holiday that makes their Dreams come True like it says in the brochures. They help families to be prepared and get their tickets in advance, saving time and money.

The cocktails were amazing, there was so many to choose from and some even had fire! The Island Bar where we were is very local to me so I'm sure I will be going back again real soon for some more of them. Bloggers + Cocktails on fire = Great pictures.

We played games like Find the Mickeys where we hunted for little Mickey Mouse heads that were hidden around the room. That was lots of fun and nice and easy for all.

Finding Mickey might have been easy but the next game was a lot harder. We joined up with other Bloggers to form teams of 3 to take part in a Disney / Florida Quiz. My team named 3G standing for 3 Girls, consisted of Joy from PinkOddy and Sally from RainyDayFaces who were both very lovely. We didn't do very well in the Quiz and actually came last meaning that we were the Booby prize winners, we got stickers!

I had such a lovely time at their party, it was really nice to get out for a few hours and chat to other actual grown ups. Thank you FloridaTix for inviting me.

We've never been to Florida but who knows what the future holds, maybe one day...

Monday, 20 April 2015

Like Frozen Yogurt? You can #Win £20 of Lick Vouchers!

Like Frozen Yogurt? You can Win £20 of Lick Vouchers

Lick make the world’s only frozen yogurt which is made from 100% yogurt. It’s also fat-free, and all natural. They're an independent brand that was started as a little summer holiday job that expanded over time. Lick is now available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, and is regarded as the one of the best frozen yogurts with the creamiest texture and most yogurt taste.

You can win yourself a £20 voucher to spend on Lick Yogurts by entering this really simple competition. Simply follow the steps in the Rafflecopter Form below and you're in! One winner will be drawn at random on Sunday May 10th. UK Only.

Please wait a few seconds for the form to load, it can be slow at busier times.

Disclosure: I am hosting this competition for free. I am receiving no form of compensation.

5 Things I Love About My Children! #Family #MyChildren

5 Things I Love About My Children!

Being a Mum of 3 children sure keeps me busy. I love each of my children equally but at times I find it hard to like them or their behaviour should I say. So today I have decided to look at the positives and remember the wonderful things that I love about each of them.

Chloe: My eldest is now 12 years old and growing up so fast. I love her:
  • Determination, when she wants something she'll stop at nothing until she gets it.
  • Debate skills, she certainly knows how to argue.
  • Smile, it's beautiful when she does use it.
  • Dress sense, she's creative but loves to look unique.
  • Kindness and loyalty to her friends.

Lily: My middle child who is 8 years old. I love her:
  • Girly ways, that girl has more shoes and handbags than me.
  • Love of jewellery, she has a different piece to match every outfit.
  • Random outbursts of singing in the car even after the radio has been turned off.
  • Eagerness to help everyone both at home and at school.
  • Cheeky smile and her evil laugh, she's such a character.

Ryan: My baby boy who needs to stop growing and stay little forever. I love his:
  • Cheeky ways, that little boy makes me smile every day.
  • Cute dance moves when he thinks no one is watching.
  • Energy levels as he's always so full of fun.
  • Cuddles, he's the only one who still gives me them.
  • Look on life, everything is so Awesome to him.

There's lots more I love about my children, and lots I dislike at times too but they are mine and I love them and I wouldn't change them for the world! 

What do you love about your children?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Birds Eye want the nation to use their Freezers to save money and help combat the issue of food waste.

Birds Eye want the nation to use their Freezers to save money and help combat the issue of food waste.

According to a new survey which surveyed 1,000 British people, the average family household throws away around £700 of food and drink every year meaning around 850,000 tonnes of food goes to waste. iFreeze, iSave is a brand new initiative spearheaded by BirdsEye which is trying to encourage the nation to use their freezers more to save money and help combat the issue of food waste. Wouldn't' it be lovely if everyone joined in?

Did you know that eggs can be frozen out of their shells? Well a whopping 92 percent of the nation didn't know this (me included) Herbs (56 percent), fruit (48 percent), sauces (47 percent) and cake (46 percent) were also products that Brits didn't realise could be frozen.

Some handy tips for freezing food to help you join in:
  • To reduce costs, batch cook a large meal and freeze your leftovers to enjoy later.
  • When buying more unusual ingredients, it’s likely that you'll have to buy larger portionsthan you need – don't bin the leftovers, freeze them instead! 
  • When freezing food, do so in realistic portions so as not to waste food once defrosted – for example, when buying a pack of frozen chicken breasts, freeze the chicken breasts in individual freezer bags so you can just cook just the one if you need to. 
  • Frozen vegetables are your best friend! They offer so much versatility and can be used to accompany a range of meals – I always keep my freezer stocked up with frozen veg instead of fresh; it lasts longer and it’s more nutritious, too.
  • Save over-ripe bananas from the compost heap, just peel and chop and pop in a bag in the freezer. Perfect for smoothies straight from the freezer or once defrosted bake into a batch of banana bread.
  • Stock up on berries when they're on offer or close to their sell-by date, freeze in small portions then use them to make smoothies or to sprinkle on yogurt or ice-cream.
  • Bread keeps brilliantly in the freezer, so I always have a supply of rolls, muffins, crumpets and sliced loaves in the freezer as it tends to go mouldy really quickly in a warm kitchen.
  • Freezing small cartons of fruit juice are brilliant little cool packs to put in your picnics at the beginning of the day. By lunchtime they'll have defrosted and be ready to drink, but will have kept your picnic nice and chilly.

The story has been brought to life at Southbank, London where a 20-foot giant billboard made entirely out of ice that when melted, released coins and notes that passer-bys were able to collect. You can see all the action in the video below.

We can all save money and help reduce food waste by using our freezers more. I for one will be trying out some of the tips above. Who knew that you could freeze eggs? Not me!

Havaianas Frozen Flip-Flops! #Review

Havaianas Frozen Flip-Flops! 

Frozen Fever swept over my house a long time ago but with a Frozen 2 in the making, it's looking far from over! As much as I would love to 'Let it Go' already, my girls have other plans. My 8 year old Lily loves Frozen, she has all the dressing up clothes, the hair accessories, the makeup sets and so on. If it's got Frozen on it, she wants it! 

When Lily first saw these new Frozen Flip-Flops from Havaianas she was mega excited to say the least. She had them on before I'd even had time to cut the labels off.

 They're available in two designs, one featuring the sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna and one featuring everyone’s favourite snowman Olaf along with Queen Elsa. 

Lily's got the Olaf and Elsa Ice blue ones and she loves them. With Summer well on it's way and the lovely warmer weather we're having at the moment, these have arrived just in time. 

The Havaianas Frozen Flip-Flops are comfortable to wear and look great as they're very pretty. I'm sure they're going to be a huge hit with Frozen fans this Summer.

Disclosure: We received a sample in return for an honest review.

Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone - What did Bella think? #Review #BionicRubber #DogToys

Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone
 What did Bella think?

Bionic Rubber is a revolutionary material made to withstand the aggressive play patterns of most pets. Bionic products have been tested in rescue shelters and day cares all around the U.S. for many years. By making and destroying countless samples, they now know that their Bionic Rubber can hold up to even the most aggressive chewers, like my Bella.

When I was offered a dog toy to review my first thoughts were, oh here we go. Another dog toy for Bella to destroy and rip apart in minutes but this time I have to hold my hands up and admit that I was wrong. We were sent the Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone (in size extra large because she's a big dog) and have to say that's it's fantastic, both Bella and I love it.

 Bionic Pet Products Rubber Bone is made for extra large dogs weighing between 27-41kg. Careful attention has been made to ensure it fits naturally into the curvature of the dogs mouth. The ridges across the top give your dog the feeling that they are chewing through the toy - keeping them interested in it for longer without actually destroying it and Its unique interior shape provides strength for even the most aggressive chewers. 

I love this toy. Bella has been playing with it for over a week now and it's still standing in one piece. It's not just a bone for throwing, chewing or playing tug of war with. It's also a treat holder as you can insert treats into the middle making it a fun game for dogs to get them out. There's several things I love about this toy, one of them is the fact that this toy can float which is great if it lands in a pond or lake whilst out on your walks. Another thing is that it bounces so when I throw it, it goes much further as it bounces along. Last but not least though, I love the fact that it's still in one piece even after a whole weeks worth of play.

Bella is a very playful and she loves her toys but sadly for us it's always been a mission and a half to find ones that can withstand her powerful jaws. She's such a loving member of our family who we all adore very much. Bella has had lots of fun playing with her new Bionic Rubber bone this week, we've played Fetch, Tug of War and lots of other games and there's hardly a scratch on it. I'm so happy to say, we've finally found a toy that lasts.

Now that we know Bionic Rubber is the way forward for us, we've been checking out some of the other Bionic Pet Products in the range. I wonder which one Bella would like next?

Any toy that can withstand our Bella is a well made, built to last toy! Both Bella and I are very happy with it and would happily recommend it to other dog lovers.

Disclosure: We were sent our sample in return for an honest review but that doesn't influence us. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own and honest.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Europe’s only Thomas Land has undergone a £2.5 Million Expansion. Wanna See what's New? #DaysOut #DMP #ThomasLand #FamilyFun

Europe’s only Thomas Land has undergone a £2.5 Million Expansion. Wanna See what's New?

Europe’s only Thomas Land has now officially increased in size by 40% as of yesterday (April 8th 2015) It's now home to a whole host of exciting new rides as well as it's main attraction, the New Sodor Airport. The new Sodor Airport complex includes a Sodor Coffee Shop and Thomas & Friends themed event rooms complete with balconies to provide amazing views which will be available from this Summer 2015. The £2.5 million expansion welcomed three brand new rides – Captain’s Sea Adventure, Flynn’s Fire & Rescue and Toby’s Tram Express as well as seeing Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy and Merrick the Crane being moved inside. Thomas Land is now a whopping 3,200 square metres bigger than it was before. Thomas Land is now Bigger and Better than it's ever been!

We were lucky enough to be invited along to the exciting VIP Expansion Launch yesterday to see all the new changes for ourselves. We had a wonderful day, family fun reached a whole new level for us and we're very excited to tell you all about it.

 The Fat Controller welcomed everyone with a huge smile and a very heartwarming 'Peep Peep'. The live band played in their new Bandstand whilst confetti cannons exploded everywhere. The excitement levels were very high as excited children grinned and cheered as the new rides started up for the very first time for it's new special VIP visitors.

Captain’s Sea Adventure is a fabulous new boat ride that lets families (up to 4 per boat) take to the water in rotating boats loaded with fully working water cannons. Each person has their own water cannon which they power by spinning the handle with their hand to squirt the other boats and anyone standing close by with small jets of water. We LOVED this ride, I mean what's not to love? We had great fun squirting the people who were standing close by in the queue or just innocently watching on the sidelines. Water rides are always lots of fun but this one has got it spot on. Yes you do get wet, after all it is a water ride with squirting water jets involved but No you don't get soaked or anything. The water jets only squirt small amounts of water so you won't get too wet and a little water never harmed anyone.

Toby’s Tram Express is a rather exciting new tram ride which sees it's passengers lifted high into the air before being spun round and round whilst still moving up and down. It was having a few teething difficulties but we were lucky enough to get a go on it before they started. There are several different movements involved in this ride which make it really exciting and very enjoyable to be on. I can see this one being very popular as it has everything, it goes up and down and spins round and round. What more could you want?

Flynn’s Fire & Rescue was the very first new ride we got on. Little man Ryan is a huge Fire Engine fan so this one excited him the most. He was one of the first people to board the very first go along with his Daddy shown here in the pictures. This ride allows two people to stand in a Firemans Lift type cage which moves up and down as the ride goes round. There is space for two smaller children to ride in the front of the Fire Engine to drive it if they're too small or don't want to go in the cage. Once the ride starts the cage gets lifted up and down along their ladder like a real life Fire Engine. Each person has a water hose controlled by pressing and holding in a button. The water hoses squirted water into holes to put out the pretend fire on the walls in front of them. Again this new water ride was lots of fun. Even though you're squirting the water straight ahead you do get a little splashed from the people either side of you but for us, this just added to the fun of the ride.

All three of the new Thomas Land rides were a huge hit with us. We had great fun having a go on all of them although our favourite overall had to be Captain’s Sea Adventure. Squirting people with water was just too much fun not to do over and over again.

There's lots of new activities to do in Thomas Land now too, there's a new 'Hook a Duck' stall where you can win cute Thomas related prizes. You do have to pay extra for this but it is a guaranteed prize every time. We had one go and won a lovely Thomas Pillow. One the far side of the park there's now 3 old fashioned fun fair games. There's a Coconut Shy, a Hoopla game and a Knock down the Teeth game too. They make for a nice change to todays kind of games and were great fun to have a go on in between rides.

Even the Fat Controller was enjoying himself having a go.

So What did we think? Well as you know or should do by now. We've been going to Drayton Manor and Thomas Land for years. We're very lucky to live close by and have had the pleasure of visiting at least every summer for the past 30 years. I have so many memories from family visits from when I was a child and look forward to my children making their very own memories to look back on too. Thomas Land is a magical place where young children's dreams really do come true and precious memories are made every day.

We're very excited about the new Thomas Land expansion, new rides are always a good thing and now with even more space and more things to see and do too. We're Happy!

Until next time, Goodbye Fat Controller and Friends. It's been a pleasure xx

Easter Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb with Apricots, Walnuts and Almonds. #Recipe #Review

Easter Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb with
 Apricots, Walnuts and Almonds.

Are you entertaining this Easter? Are you looking for the perfect one pan leg of lamb recipe? If so, look no further because I have the perfect one just for you.

What you'll need to serve 6 people:

1 x 2.5kg leg of New Zealand Lamb
4 x cloves garlic, peeled and sliced the leaves from 15cm stalk of rosemary, chopped
2 x tsp fresh thyme leaves (or 1 teaspoon dried thyme)
2 x Tbsp olive oil
4 x heads of fennel, cut into 6 wedges each
2 x bunches baby carrots, skins scrubbed
10  x dried apricots, halved
100g whole almonds
60g walnut pieces

What you'll need to do:

1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C. 
2. Place the lamb in a roasting dish and poke a thin small knife into the flesh in at least 12 places. 
3. Mix the garlic, rosemary, thyme and olive oil with a little salt and pepper and poke this into all of the holes and rub the remainder over the leg. 
4. Place it into the centre of the oven and roast for 45 minutes.  After 20 minutes, add 100ml water to prevent the garlic from burning.
5. Tip the fennel and carrots onto the lamb and turn the leg over then roast for 30 minutes.
6. Take the lamb from the dish, add the apricots, walnuts and almonds, then replace the lamb, again turned over, and put back in the oven.
7. It will be cooked medium (which is lovely for leg of lamb) in another 15 - 25 minutes depending on the size.
8. Remove the lamb from the roasting dish and sit on a plate loosely covered with foil and a tea towel, and rest in a warm place for at least 15 minutes.  
9. Turn the oven off, put the roasting dish back in, and keep warm

I had a slight problem with mine as I forgot to add the 100ml of water half way through. Yes I know I am very silly but my excuse: Well I had 3 children to run around after whilst I was trying to cook. Burning my lovely goodies in the bottom of my dish wasn't the end of the world though as my Lamb was perfectly cooked and looked and smelled delicious. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances (as mentioned above) my Easter Sunday family Roast became an outdoor Sunday Feast of Lamb and Mint sauce sandwiches which were just as delicious as any roast dinner would have been. We had guests and they loved it.

Would you like a slice? Our New Zealand Lamb was so delicious. For more information about New Zealand Lamb go to

Disclosure: I was provided with all the ingredients to make this recipe but all the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and not influenced by this fact at all.