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Monday, 23 March 2015

Make Bath Time Fun with the New kids bathing range available now at Tesco #Review

Make Bath Time Fun with the New kids bathing 
range available now at Tesco

There's a brand new kids bathing range available now at Tesco. They're sure to make bath times fun for your little ones. With all your children's favourite characters on offer, there's something to please everyone. From Frozen to Big Hero 6, to Minions plus more. 

For the Frozen fans there's the Disney Frozen Bath and Shower Bubbles which costs just £2.00. It's hypoallergenic and designed specifically for children’s delicate skin. For added fun value it's got a hint of glitter. Perfect for any little Frozen fan.

For the Big Hero 6 fans (like me) There's a Big Hero 6 Bath & Shower Bubbles which again costs £2.00 and has also been designed with children in mind. It's hypoallergenic, mild and kind to skin. It's sure to make bath times much more fun or at least it has here.

We've been using both of the new Bath and Shower Bubbles over the past week and have to say they've both been a huge hit with the children. Lily loves the glittery Frozen one whilst Ryan adores the Big Hero 6 one. Bath times have been a bubbly blast of fun.

The new kids range doesn't just include bath bubbles but it also has a new range of cute hand washes to help you get your little ones to wash their hands when you need them to.

There's a rather cute Despicable Me Hand Wash which again costs £2.00. This cute little hand wash has been designed for children aged three years and over and features pictures of their favourite minion characters on the bottle. The best bit about this hand wash is that it giggles every time they press it so the kids won't want to stop washing their hands.

Last but not least there's the Squid soap as featured on their new advert which costs £1.99. The Squid Soap is suitable for children of all ages so it's great for young and old. When you press the soap dispenser, a small dot of ‘squid ink’ is squirted out onto their hands. To remove the ink, the children have to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds. Once the ink has disappeared they are left with squeaky clean hands, ready for their next adventure. It's a really cute idea as it lets the children see the soap and know when it's all been washed off. Both Ryan (aged 4) and Lily (aged 7) loved this one, the added use of colour made washing their hands so much more enjoyable. Getting them to wash their hands has never been so easy. I used to have to ask them 3 times before they would go but now they do it first time. To me that's a great result so I am very happy with both  of the hand washes.

The new kids bathing range is not just fun but it's also very reasonably priced so it might be worth checking it out. I know where we'll be going when we need some more.

Disclosure: We were sent our samples in return for an honest review.

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