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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I'm Feeling Upbeat thanks to the #ProteinChallenge

I'm Feeling Upbeat thanks to the Protein Challenge 

Over the past week I took part in a Protein Challenge with the help of Upbeat , a dairy protein drink that aims to give you that little bit of extra willpower needed to face the day.

With a weeks worth of drinks and a selection of protein fueled foods I was all set. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a mega fussy eater who finds it hard to 'eat right'. I tend to avoid fruit and veg and all things healthy so this has been really tough for me.

Let me tell you a little about Upbeat so you can see what it's meant to do. Upbeat is a dairy drink with lots of benefits. You can try Upbeat in the morning rush or when you hit an afternoon slump - it will help you stay on track and dodge the temptation of a naughty snack!

It's high in protein and low in sugar and comes available in three delicious flavours; Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry and Mango and Passionfruit. 

I swapped my mid-morning snack every day for a bottle of Upbeat to see if I felt any different. The drinks taste quite nice, they're creamy and milky with a nice sweetness but not too much. I tried the Strawberry and the Blueberry and Raspberry, both were very nice but I think that the Strawberry was my favourite out of the two. I never thought a drink would fill me up enough to stop me wanting to eat a snack but I'm happy to say that these did. 

I happily swapped my afternoon packet of crisps or nuts for a bottle of Upbeat and felt better for it. When I wasn't drinking Upbeat, I was trying to add more protein filled foods into my diet. The base of most of my meals was pasta or egg noodles which I absolutely love.

I used low fat, high protein Turkey Mince and fresh Chicken Breasts. I swapped my normal full fat Cheddar cheese for a healthier Feta Cheese which I quite liked with my pasta but wouldn't eat it on it's own as I found it a little sharp on my tongue.

These are just some of the meals I made over the week, my faves I think.

After a whole week drinking 1 Upbeat a day and trying to eat more protein foods into my diet I did find that I was less tired and more ready to face my day. I snacked less, I didn't stop altogether but I did cut back by replacing one snack with the drink.

Upbeat is a great idea, it tastes really nice and it's a quick and easy way to add more protein into your diet. Whether you need it to stay awake or for building up your body. Upbeat could be a great way to get on the right track. I'm happy I got to try it and will continue to drink them I think. They're not too expensive (£1.79 a bottle) and are on offer in lots of different shops too. I bought 1 and got another for just a penny in one shop and found them reduced to just £1 per bottle in another so they're well worth looking out for.

Thank you to Upbeat for challenging me to add more protein into my diet. I've really learnt a lot and enjoyed myself very much so. It's been one fun filled adventure.

Disclosure: I was supplied with Upbeat drinks and Protein filled foods to help me complete my challenge. My opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

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