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My Family

Friday, 27 February 2015

Enjoy a Delimann's Afternoon Tea this Mothers Day. #Review

Enjoy a Delimann's Afternoon Tea this Mothers Day.

If your Mum loves Afternoon Tea like mine does then you'll want to see what I've just reviewed. There's a lovely online company named Delimann who have a lovely large selection of fine food gifts and hampers perfect for your Mum this Mothers Day.

Why not give your Mum the perfect excuse to put her feet up and pop the kettle on by sending her a delicious Afternoon Cream Tea from Delimann this year.

The Sent With Love Afternoon Tea hamper is just one of the lovely Afternoon Tea hampers available. It's one of the lower priced ones making it the perfect choice for a gift.

The first thing you will notice is the lovely packaging. Everything comes individually wrapped, nestled in a bed of straw for extra safety and rather cute presentation. It's definitely been gift wrapped with love. The details are lovely, it's a very high quality gift.

This particular hamper costs £19.50 but that doesn't include delivery, there is a £4.95 Courier charge for delivery. Their award winning Devonshire Cream Tea arrives with a white, heart embossed jug, a delicious chocolate heart and a "Love" tag OR "Lovely Mum" tag depending on which you would prefer. I had the lovely Mum tag for Mothers Day.

My daughters and I were very excited when our Sent With Love Afternoon Tea hamper arrived yesterday. Once dinner was out of the way we sat down to enjoy our treat. My girls and I love scones, there's nothing quite like the taste of a fresh scone with jam and cream.

I was delighted with the scones, they were very fresh. There was 4 large scones included meaning there was more than enough for one person. They were so big that we happily had one scone each and was very pleased with that. You could share with one other person and have two each or even eat them all yourself, the choice is yours.

Also included in the hamper is a nice sized pot of Clotted Cream and a jar of Strawberry Jam. Both were of a good size and tasted really fresh, the quality was very good. We smothered our scones in cream and jam and still had some leftover to use another time.

This  a very generous sized hamper, there's no miniatures or sample sized products in it. You get good quality and fresh produce of a very high standard. If I received a hamper like this for a gift, I would feel very loved or spoilt even. There's a lot of care and effort clearly gone into each hamper which shows in it's quality and presentation.

If your Mum (or even you) love Afternoon Tea then the Deliman's Afternoon Tea hampers are definitely not to be missed. There's lots of different ones to choose from but I can happily say the Sent With Love one is truly delightful and delicious.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample in return for an honest review.

Love Heroes of the City? Then You'll Love their YouTube Channel.

Love Heroes of the City? 
Then You'll Love their YouTube Channel.

Heroes of the City is a television series for preschoolers with stories that convey messages of helping, sharing and caring. In their stories everyone can be a hero, even you!

The story revolves around emergency vehicles that both engages and entertains the children. The Heroes of the City YouTube Channel brings their videos to life.

Heroes of the City are an animated TV-series about rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero! On their YouTube Channel you will find over 6 hours of full episodes with great stories for the little ones to enjoy over and over again.

The TV-series contains a lot of warmth and teaches the importance of friendship and what we can achieve by helping each other. It's ideal for preschool aged children.

My little man loves playing with his rescue vehicles, he's got lots of fire engines and police cars. They're not only fun to play with but they enable me to talk to him about the important, life saving jobs that they do. My little man loves watching Heroes of the City, each video contains a great story to enjoy and learn from whilst doing so.

If your preschooler loves cars and rescue vehicles or even just fun short videos, Heroes of the City could be perfect for them. They're simple, easy to understand and fun to watch. 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Basil Brush is Back with a Boom! Tour Dates Announced ..

Basil Brush is Back with a Boom! 
Tour Dates Announced .

Basil Brush is Back with a Boom and I can't wait! I remember watching Basil Brush when I was a kid and loved his fun jokes and wacky sense of humour. I'm excited to show my children a little bit of what Mummy used to enjoy when she was little. 

Basil Brush will be traveling all over the UK throughout the rest of this year. You can go online to check out all the Tour Dates to see if he's coming to a town near you. 

Luckily for us, he is coming to Birmingham and we've been given tickets to see the show. I am so excited, May can not come around quick enough for me right now.

Basil Brush is back - BOOM BOOM!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty from Character #Review

Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty

The Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty from Character is a new younger version of their original Teksta Robotic Kitty. It's a new generation of micro robotic pets that are smaller, more interactive and animated than ever before. The newborn Teksta Kitty is a sweet and adorable life-like robotic Kitten that responds to your voice and touch.

It's aimed at children aged 3 and over and costs around £19.99. The newborn kitty is much smaller than the original kitty but it does cost a lot less and is much simpler to use. It's the perfect choice for younger children who want a Teksta kitty but aren't yet ready for the older, more expensive version. It still walks, sits, begs and does so much more.

There's a simple on/off switch on it's belly which turns the toy on or off. There's also a little compartment which you can unscrew to change the batteries when needed. The kitty has four wheels, one on each foot which makes it able to move around. The legs are fully moveable and depending on which way they are, the kitty responds. If the legs are down, she will walk along. If the legs are up, she will sit up and beg. Both actions are very cute.

My little ones have had a great time playing with their Teksta Newborn Robotic Kitty. It was easy to play with and fun to interact with. It may be small but it's a big hit. I did try to introduce it to our cat Garfield but I'm afraid he was having none of it. He was really freaked out by it and ran away from me. I was hoping they'd be the best of friends but it wasn't to be.


Garfield May not have liked her but the kids sure did. I quite like the newborn kitty version as it's more rough and tough than the original and as it cost much less, I wasn't worried about them breaking it. Our newborn kitty has been dropped, thrown and stood on (by accident) and is still working fine I am happy to say. It's well worth the money, we think.

Disclosure: We received our sample in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

#Win A Cadbury Easter Egg Eggstravaganza Gift

Win A Cadbury Easter Egg Eggstravaganza Gift

Easter is on it's way - Hip Hip Hooray!

We love Easter but this year it's an extra special one for us as my daughter Lily's birthday falls on Easter Sunday. It's going to be a double celebration for our family.

To celebrate I've buying one of you lovely people a chocolatey Easter treat.

One of you will win a Cadbury Easter Egg gift filled with everyone's favourites! With a host of Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs, Caramel Eggs and a NEW for 2015 'Happy Easter' Cadbury Gifts Direct bunnies box. It's a great gift for the young at heart.

It's really simple to enter; You can enter using the RaffleCopter Form below. Please allow a few seconds for it to load as it can be slow at busy times. 

T&C's: This giveaway is open to the whole of the UK and will end on Sunday March 22nd where 1 lucky winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries.

Good Luck Everyone xo

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I've never been very good at captions...

I've never been very good at captions...

BUT Today I've decided to give them a try!

What do YOU think? Honestly? Are they that bad??

^ One for my Favourite show EVER!  ^

^  One for a quick sing song! ^

^ It's about cars so there's gotta be a Top Gear one, right? ^

Well there you have it, 3 of my very own caption creations. So what do you think?

What ever you think (I don't really care) I had fun having a go and you can too! You can create a meme using the WeBuyAnyCar Meme generator on their site and then publish it on your blog for everyone to see. I'm not great at captions but I do love cars so I had a go.

Disclosure: I created these cations to enter the WeBuyAnyCar competition. They are my entries, made by me so please do not copy them if you are entering. Good Luck.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Quick LunchTime Ideas with Old El Paso #Review

Quick LunchTime Ideas with Old El Paso

As Mexican food experts Old El Paso are passionate about bringing the spirit and flavours of Mexico to dinner tables the world over. Their recipes are bursting with bright colours, full flavours and fragrant blends of herbs and spices. It's all about celebrating good food with great friends and not taking life too seriously. I have to say, I like they're way of thinking!

Old El Paso do everything from Tortillas, Salsa and Dips to Cooking Sauces and ready to use Meal Kits. For our lunches this week we've been using their yummy Tortillas and squeezy sauces to make our own chicken wraps. My three love wraps so these always go down well in our house. You can use any kind of chicken you like, we used some garlic and herb chicken strips and some bbq chicken griddlers. It only takes a minute or two to wrap your chicken in a delicious Tortilla, sprinkle with cheese and top with the sauce of your choice before wrapping them up to eat and enjoy. I'm a Sour Cream fan whereas my eldest is a chunky Salsa fan, whatever sauce you like, just add and enjoy.

Old El Paso chicken wraps are quick and easy to make. The kids love making their own lunch so these are a really great idea. Next on our list of lunches to try are the Fajita and Taco seasoning, I must add that I'm rather excited about these ones as they look yummy. I'm not a great cook so these kind of ready to use seasonings are perfect for me. I get to enjoy the great tastes of a professional chef right here at home without all the hard work.

Old El Paso are not just tasty but they're quick and fun too. What are you making for lunch today? We're having some delicious fish finger wraps with cheese and bbq sauce.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and completely my own.

I went all the way to Paris to see if I was Noseblind ...

I went all the way to Paris to see if I was Noseblind

First off I better explain what Nose Blindness is. Nose Blindness is a nasal condition where individuals gradually become acclimated to the odours that surround them, thus blinding them to those stinky smells. It’s a very real issue that can and does affect most people all over the world, with the potential to ruin social lives.

Last week I went all the way to Paris to find out if I was indeed Nose Blind. It was a very interesting day to say the least. I'd never been to Paris before so I was very excited to see all of the sites and beauty that I'd heard all about from friends and family. I traveled with a group of 4 other lovely bloggers on the EuroStar Train deep under the sea. We were all very excited about our adventure that lay ahead, none of us had a clue as to what we would be doing once we arrived so excitement levels ran high as you could imagine.

Our first task was to take part in a 'Smell Walk' led by a rather interesting lady artist names Katie Mclean or Smelly Kate as she said was also known by her friends. Our walk took us down some local streets and even through a rather beautiful graveyard. We sniffed trees and flowers and bins, Yes we sniffed bins too. It's amazing how we have ideas of how things are going to smell in our heads before we've even given them a sniff. Like the cemetery bins, we all assumed before even opening the lid that they would smell bad or rotten but when we did open them, they were quite floral and rustic. Not as bad as we'd imagined at all. The walk was really interesting and a little weird if I'm honest but I did enjoy it. It was great to watch everyones reactions as we went along, the laughs and squeals made it all worth while. The tree huggers and sniffers were pretty funny to watch too.

My favourite part of the day was when we visited a rather posh apartment in the centre of Paris to find out more of the scientific side to Febreze and how it worked to combat Nose Blindness. I loved the talks, experiments and discussions. There was a lot of information to take in but it was really interesting. Pieter Hommez, R&D Scientologist for Febreze showed us how it all worked. There was some really whiffy smells floating around but luckily not for long with the help of the Febreze products that we were testing. It was really interesting to see that the products actually removed the bad smells instead of just covering them up.

I learnt that the most obvious causes of bad smells in the home that we tend to become Nose Blind too were pets like cats and dogs, Smelly trainers or Strong smelling food like garlic and onions. I even learnt that I suffer from Nose Blindness too! 

Have you ever left the house for a few hours or days and then came back thinking eww, something stinks? Well that is Nose Blondness. It's those smells that we have around us all the time, for me it's my cat which smells. His wet fur rubs all against my furniture and carpets and after a while it can start to smell but due to how the brain works we become immune to the bad smells and in turn then suffer from Nose Blindness.

After seeing how Febreze worked I am happy to say that on my return I went straight to the shops and picked myself up a few sprays so that I can combat my smelly cat and freshen up my home. I don't want to be a Nose Blindness sufferer any more!

So overall I had an amazing day in Paris. I would have liked to have seen more of the sites and maybe even have visited the Eiffel Tower but with a tight schedule to follow we just didn't have time. Everyone was so lovely and the food was delicious. I don't think I've ever eaten so much food in one day. We were well looked after and for that I'd like to thank the wonderful people from Febreze. My day in Paris was a great experience and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I learnt a lot and enjoyed meeting new bloggers too.

Disclosure: I was in now way obliged to write about my trip but I did so as I had a lovely day and simply wanted to share my adventures with all of you.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

How about some Romantic Pillow Cases from Love Pillow Cases for Valentines Day? #Review

How about some Romantic Pillow Cases from 
Love Pillow Cases for Valentines Day?

Human Touch - Love Pillow Cases are designed to raise a smile. Cute and Adorable love sentiments depicted on quality pillow cases. These His & Hers designs are sure to add some affection and emotion. The Love Pillow Cases make perfect  Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Valentine Gifts, Birthday Gifts or just to raise a smile. 

I love this idea. When you go into a bedroom, the pillowcases are one of the first things that my eyes see so having cute pillowcases is just a cuteness overload which I love.

There's 12 different designs to choose from, each one is gorgeous but I went for the Love Petals Pillow Cases as I just fell in love with it instantly. The 'Love Petals' Pillow Cases are simple and yet adorable, exclusively designed to express loving sentiments. 

The pillowcases are soft on touch, made from poly-cotton and fits standard sized pillows.  A set would cost you £16.99 which is not a bad price for such a cute product. I'm in love with them and don't know what I'm going to do when Valentines Day is over. I think I'm going to keep them on my bed all year round (I'm going to wash them obviously) but seeing as I'm a hopeless romantic then these are just the perfect choice for my bed.

I'm not alone in my love for my new romantic pillowcases. My gorgeous Garfield has taken a liking to them too. The Love Pillow Cases 'Love Petals' are my new faves.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample in return for an honest review.

Enjoy a Home Spa Experience with the Orbeez Hand Spa #Review

Enjoy a Home Spa Experience with the 
Orbeez Hand Spa

Bring home the ultimate spa experience with the Orbeez Hand Spa!  It features a whirlpool of swirling Orbeez plus a 3 in 1 hand and nail care tool too. It's aimed at children aged 5 and over and costs around £19.99 which in my opinion is well worth every penny.

It's really easy to set up, you simply click the waterfall feature piece onto the side and fill with water. We used warm water as we didn't want to freeze our hands but I guess you could use whatever temperature water you like. Once filled with water you pour your Orbeez into the base, we used around half of our 600 bag as that almost filled it for us.

There's a simple on off button which turns the whirlpool feature on and off. When it's on the water swirls around the base and vibrates to give your hands a nice relaxing treat. There's a really cool waterfall feature too where the water goes upwards and then pours back down over your hands. The kids loved this part and were really fascinated with how it worked.

The Orbeez feel really strange, they're kind of gooey like but they're solid balls. They're brightly coloured and lightweight making them perfect for children with sensory needs.

All three of my children loved having a go putting their hands into this. My youngest liked playing with the Orbeez gently passing them from hand to hand where as my girls liked pretending they were in a spa and having a lovely hand massage with it.

I managed to have a quick go myself and have to say it's a rather nice feeling. The Orbeez are squidgy and soft yet firm and round. They really are strange little things but they feel great. The one thing I really liked about this set is how easy it is to set up and then put away. When they were finished playing, I tipped the Orbeez into a strainer to drain off the water and then simply popped them back into their re-sealable bag.

For £19.99 you're getting quite a lot for your money as this set is reusable meaning the kids can use it over and over again. I think I might even use it again when they're not looking.

Now that they've enjoyed the Orbeez hand Spa they have their eyes on the Foot Spa which now that I've tried this one I might actually go out and buy for them (ME).

Disclosure: We were sent our Orbeez Hand Spa sample in return for an honest review.

We made some Beautiful Beados Creations with our Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio #Review

We made some Beautiful Beados Creations with our Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio

Beados are the magic beads that join together with a simple spray of water! They're a whole new world that you can make one bead at a time! Choose a template and make up your design using the Beados beads. Spray it with water and wow - you've created Beados!

My girls saw Beados on the TV and have wanted them ever since so when the Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio from Character Options arrived, they were over the moon. This set costs £19.99 and is aimed at children aged 4 and over due to the choking hazards of small parts. My youngest Ryan is 4 and loved having a go making his own Beados creation. My girls aged 7 and 12 also loved this set. It's a great set which is easy for all ages to use, everyone can have a go - even grown ups like me. Yes I did have a go too.

You pick a template from the selection provided and place it under your tray. You then pop the Beados into the tray, the pictures show you which colour to put where making it really easy to follow. If my 4 year old can do it, anyone can. There is a pair of tweezer type things which you can use to pick up the Beados or you can just use your fingers like Ryan did.

Ryan created his teddy bear all by himself and had lots of fun doing it. Once the Beados are all in place on your mat you spray them with water and pop them under the air dryer to dry. We left them for around 10 minutes to dry fully before removing them. 10 minutes to a child is quite a long time but it reality 10 minutes is hardly any time at all.

This set comes with 500 Beados which means that you can make lots of creations. We made a total of 6 creations between us and still have some Beados left over.

Overall I am happy to say that all of us really enjoyed having a go at making our very own Beados creation. It's easy to do and lots of fun. The glittery Beados made our creations extra pretty. We made a bunny, a teddy bear, an ice cream and a bird. We also made a horse and a pretty crown too. The possibilities of what you can create are endless. 

We stuck to the design templates that were provided but if you're more creative than me you could go free hand and try your own designs. I'm not that brave but you might be.

We happily scored the Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio a fun rating of 4/5.

Disclosure: We were sent our Beados sample in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Looking for Luxury Bedding? Check out The Wool Room #Review

Looking for Luxury Bedding?  
Check out The Wool Room

The Wool Room sells luxury wool bedding made from the finest British wool, which is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. In fact, research suggests wool bedding can help provide up to 25% more stage four regenerative sleep. which means you'll wake up feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the day.

The Wool Room's specialists have been in the wool industry since 1888, and that's a lot of time to get to know about wool's miracle properties - and a lot of sheep to shear!

I have to tell you, I was so excited when this amazing bundle of beautiful bedding arrived for me last week. I love my sleep so much, I can never get enough of it and that's all down to my bed. I love my bed, I love my pillows, I love my comfort.

I received the Double All Seasons Wool Bedding Set which is currently on sale for £286.97. The set includes an All Seasons Duvet, a Mattress Protector and Pillows x 2.

This is definitely a luxury set in both quality and price. Everything comes in beautiful packaging and comes wrapped in love. You can really feel the effort that's gone into making them. Not only do they feel nice to touch but they look nice to see too.

First out of it's packaging was the Mattress Cover which was super soft and really thick. I don't usually use a mattress cover on my bed so I was looking forward to trying it and seeing if I could feel the difference it would make to my nights sleep. 

It's size is a standard double size (137x190cm) and it's 250gsm Wool layer is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern. I really liked it's deep 35cm cotton fitted skirt which makes it fit really well. The deep sides means it stays in place much better.

Once on my bed I just had to lie on it. It's super soft to touch and feels really nice on the skin. It's like adding an extra layer of comfort to sleep on at night.

The All Seasons Duvet comprises of two duvets 200gsm + 300gsm with poppers. There's no synthetic layer at all. The wool layer is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern. Strong poppers hold the two duvet layers together, so you can use them together or separately. It's pretty cold at night here so I've left the two of them together but I can imagine that when Summer comes I may separate the two for a cooler night's sleep. I love the fact that you have this option which really does make it an 'all seasons' product.

Again it's very soft to touch and feels really thick. The two layers together do make it quite heavy but luckily for me, that's just how I like it. I get very cold at night so keeping warm is a must for me. If I get too warm I can always poke a foot or a leg out of the side.

The pillows are standard sized at 48x74cm (19"x29") They have a 100% Cotton cover, with quilted wool outer and wool ball filling. There's a safety zip with no tab for extra comfort too.
 At first the pillows were very plump and again super soft. I'm really fussy with my pillows as I like two fat ones on my bed. I like to keep my head up quite high at night. The pillows were lovely to rest my head on but after a week of use I found that I had to keep fluffing them up as they were falling a little flat for what I'm used to. There's nothing wrong with them, they're just not thick enough for my own personal taste. I may have gone back to using my old pillows but my children are now happy with their new pillows. For them these pillows are just right and they are enjoying their sleep using them so all is not lost.

The whole set is washable on a wool cycle with wool detergent.

Wool Bedding is beneficial for those who suffer night sweats, restless nights, asthma.

Overall I'm really pleased with my new luxury bedding set. It's comfortable, cosy and delightful to look at. This Duvet will be staying on my bed for a long while to come I think and the Mattress cover too, that's my new best friend when it comes to bedtime.

If you're looking for luxury wool bedding then please do check out The Wool Room for all your bedding needs. They have lots of other lovely wool products and sets to choose from.

Disclosure: I was sent my bedding set sample for the purpose of this review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

I'm Feeling Upbeat thanks to the #ProteinChallenge

I'm Feeling Upbeat thanks to the Protein Challenge 

Over the past week I took part in a Protein Challenge with the help of Upbeat , a dairy protein drink that aims to give you that little bit of extra willpower needed to face the day.

With a weeks worth of drinks and a selection of protein fueled foods I was all set. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a mega fussy eater who finds it hard to 'eat right'. I tend to avoid fruit and veg and all things healthy so this has been really tough for me.

Let me tell you a little about Upbeat so you can see what it's meant to do. Upbeat is a dairy drink with lots of benefits. You can try Upbeat in the morning rush or when you hit an afternoon slump - it will help you stay on track and dodge the temptation of a naughty snack!

It's high in protein and low in sugar and comes available in three delicious flavours; Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry and Mango and Passionfruit. 

I swapped my mid-morning snack every day for a bottle of Upbeat to see if I felt any different. The drinks taste quite nice, they're creamy and milky with a nice sweetness but not too much. I tried the Strawberry and the Blueberry and Raspberry, both were very nice but I think that the Strawberry was my favourite out of the two. I never thought a drink would fill me up enough to stop me wanting to eat a snack but I'm happy to say that these did. 

I happily swapped my afternoon packet of crisps or nuts for a bottle of Upbeat and felt better for it. When I wasn't drinking Upbeat, I was trying to add more protein filled foods into my diet. The base of most of my meals was pasta or egg noodles which I absolutely love.

I used low fat, high protein Turkey Mince and fresh Chicken Breasts. I swapped my normal full fat Cheddar cheese for a healthier Feta Cheese which I quite liked with my pasta but wouldn't eat it on it's own as I found it a little sharp on my tongue.

These are just some of the meals I made over the week, my faves I think.

After a whole week drinking 1 Upbeat a day and trying to eat more protein foods into my diet I did find that I was less tired and more ready to face my day. I snacked less, I didn't stop altogether but I did cut back by replacing one snack with the drink.

Upbeat is a great idea, it tastes really nice and it's a quick and easy way to add more protein into your diet. Whether you need it to stay awake or for building up your body. Upbeat could be a great way to get on the right track. I'm happy I got to try it and will continue to drink them I think. They're not too expensive (£1.79 a bottle) and are on offer in lots of different shops too. I bought 1 and got another for just a penny in one shop and found them reduced to just £1 per bottle in another so they're well worth looking out for.

Thank you to Upbeat for challenging me to add more protein into my diet. I've really learnt a lot and enjoyed myself very much so. It's been one fun filled adventure.

Disclosure: I was supplied with Upbeat drinks and Protein filled foods to help me complete my challenge. My opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

Monday, 9 February 2015

#Win a New Spring Wardrobe of Children’s Designer clothing worth £100.

Win a New Spring Wardrobe of Children’s Designer clothing worth £100.

Half-Pint Chic was started in 2011 and has since been dedicated to sourcing gorgeous childrenswear and offering it at fantastic prices. They are selective about the brands they work with and promise not to swamp you with emails. Because of the special nature of their sales, you must sign up to become a member to view them which is quick and easy.

Once you have signed up you will then start to receive invitations to their sales of children’s and baby clothing at a fraction of the original RRP, plus they guarantee that everything is 100% authentic and aim to dispatch all orders the very next day.

The lovely people over at Half-Pint Chic have given me a fabulous competition prize of £100's worth of childrens clothing from their site which will be chosen by their stylist to match your needs exactly which I think is a really great idea. It means you can tell them what you like, what size and style etc and they will do the shopping for you.

You can enter to win by using the Rafflecopter form below. Please do allow a few seconds for it to load (If it doesn't load straight away)  as it can be slow at busy times. 

This giveaway is open to the UK only and will end on Monday March 2nd. 1 winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries. Good Luck x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Do your children play with toy guns?

Do your children play with toy guns? 

Yesterday my son was put on the 'sad face' side of the board which made me question his teacher why? When she explained to me that my son (who's only 4 and in Reception) was told off because he had made a gun 'shape' with his hand whilst playing with his friends I was rather shocked and didn't know what to say. Is it wrong that he's shouting pow pow in an imaginary game whilst running around with the other boys who are all doing the same?

It's been bugging me all night, I found myself trying to answer the question "Is it wrong to let your children play with toy guns?" My first answer is NO, I don't. 

When I was little I had a potato gun that shot pieces of potato at my brother and sister. I had musical guns that lit up and played music. I even had bubble guns that blew beautiful bubbles when I fired it and I turned out ok, didn't I? I'm not a manic or even a bad person. I was just a child playing with a toy, using my imagination and having fun!

My son has got lots of toy guns but none of them represent a real gun. All my children have Nerf guns that blast foam pieces, lots of families I know have them too. They were one of the most popular toys given last Christmas, they're still guns so are they wrong? My son has star wars style guns that make sci fi sounds and light up, again it's just a fun toy.

I get so angry when people say that playing with toy guns are wrong but then they let their kids play over 18 certified video games that show explicit scenes of violence which I find much more. None of my kids play video games that aren't suitable for their ages. The age restrictions are there for a reason which I totally agree with and stick to 100%.

Back to my question though, do your children play with toy guns? As long as the toy isn't a replica of a real gun then I don't see why not. Kids are just kids and it's just a game. They're not being harmful or malicious, they're simply just playing a game and having fun.

I know there's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world that involves real guns but surely that's more to do with the bad people in the world rather than the toys that they used to play with?

I'm struggling to find it okay for a teacher to tell my son he's naughty for playing with an invisible gun that he made his hand into. He's just a 4 year old boy so if you are going to tell him that what he's done is naughty then I hope you've also explained why you're saying that. If you think his imaginary gun is offensive or hurtful then you tell him that as I honestly don't have a problem with him making his hand into a gun and shouting pow pow. He's just a boy playing a game. He's not trying to hurt anyone, he's not trying to upset anyone, he's just playing a game. Sometimes I feel really sad what the world has come to.

Do your children play with toy guns?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Looking for something different this Valentines Day? Check out the new Ted Baker Audio Collection #GiftGuide

Looking for something different this Valentines Day? Check out the new Ted Baker Audio Collection

In June this year Ted Baker unveiled a bespoke new collection of beautifully stylish audio products, crafted to embrace all the fashionable advances that modern technology has to offer. If you're looking for an alternative gift this Valentines Day then these could be for you.

Meet the gorgeous FINISTERRE – a smart yet timeless DAB/ DAB+/FM Radio and Bluetooth Speaker. It's been designed to ensure all senses are tuned to the same wavelength, the FINISTERRE combines luxury materials, including brushed aluminium and genuine leather, with Ted’s unswerving attention to detail and a three-way speaker system that produces a warm acoustic sound, reminiscent of a good old-fashioned valve table radio.

Ted’s mixed the craft and artisanship of yesteryear with modern technology and dynamic hi-fi acoustics to deliver FINISTERRE: a radio that’s in tune with the times. It's a high end radio that will cost you around £199.99 but if you're after style and quality then this is for you.

For those who like to keep their music all to themselves, Ted Baker has created DOVER: the connoisseur’s choice of in ear headphones when looking to achieve perfect harmony between immersive and dynamic Hi-Fi sound quality and distinctive design. 

Applying his eye for detail and ear for precision, Ted Baker Audio’s £49.99 DOVER is precise, accomplished, and with an astonishing level of finesse. These DOVER headphones also come with a soft travel case and textured tangle-resistant cable with handy smartphone remote and microphone, allowing call and control functions for your Apple iOS device. 

They're available in four eye-catching colour; Silver and Black Cable & Ear Inserts; Antique Brass and Black Cable & Ear Inserts; Champagne Gold and White Cable and Ear Inserts; Rose Gold and Nude Pink Cable & Ear Inserts. I quite like these, they're very pretty.

Next up we have the ROCKALL headphones. They're stylish, high performance over-ear headphones with a smart foldable construction to achieve the perfect harmony between rich, dynamic sound and distinctive design. They're elegantly crafted with Ted’s unrivalled expertise using high quality materials and attention to every element. Ted Baker Audio’s £149.99 ROCKALL is composed of brushed stainless steel, soft padding and supple, deluxe materials in the headband and ear cups to minimise external noise and ensure exceptional comfort. These could be the perfect gift for the man in your life this Valentines Day.

Last but not least we have the FASTNET which is a beautiful folding Bluetooth speaker with integrated microphone. The FASTNET is part of the fresh new collection of beautiful and sonically superior audio products from Ted Baker. This is another high end budget gift idea as it comes in at £199.99 but the FASTNET design benefits from premium fabrics with its beautiful yet rugged brushed aluminium and tactile, genuine leather exterior. The model allows you to stream words and music from your digital device with no strings (or wires) attached. Designed from the outside in and engineered from the inside out, FASTNET features a unique folding portable design which protects the speaker whilst travelling and acts as a stable and convenient stand for instant tunes. It's a pretty cool little gadget.

Its advanced design optimises sound reproduction and audio clarity and it offers a simple Bluetooth pairing button which allows you to wirelessly connect your device and control the speaker and an integrated microphone for crystal clear, hands-free calls. The sealed enclosure audio design creates tighter and more accurate sound reproduction, while its high quality 5cm full-range driver delivers premium acoustics and a natural, detailed sound.

The FASTNET is available in 4 colours; Brushed Silver & Black leather, Brushed Silver & Tan leather, Brushed Champagne Gold & White leather, or Brushed Champagne Gold & Nude Pink leather so there's a colour for every man or woman in you life.

All of the new Ted Baker Audio Collection is available from John Lewis.

Which one would your other half love to receive this Valentines Day?

Disclosure: I received some samples in return for publishing this gift guide.