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Monday, 26 January 2015

Win a ‘Nosetastic’ Experience with New Weetabix Strawberry - We became Astronauts for the day!

Win a ‘Nosetastic’ Experience with New Weetabix Strawberry - We became Astronauts for the day!


Weetabix, has announced the launch of special edition Weetabix Strawberry to support its exciting partnership with Red Nose Day this year. With 5p per pack donated to Comic Relief, Weetabix Strawberry is win-win for mum and kids alike and, if that isn't enough, those who try the tasty new flavour will be in with the chance to win one of many 'nosetastic' experiences as part of this year's Weetabix Red Nose Day promotion. There's nine different experiences on offer, such as flying through the sky like a superhero with 'SuperNose' for an awesome indoor skydive experience. It’s easy sneezy to enter – simply visit PickYourNose.Weetabix.Com where you can then enter your on pack code to win.

These experiences are part of the Weetabix Red Nose Day ‘Pick Your Nose’ on-pack promotion which will be available across the new strawberry variety as well as other family favourites. With every pack of Weetabix Strawberry, Ready brek, Weetos and Crispy Minis, adults have the opportunity to win an amazing experience for your child.

We've been very busy this weekend trying out one of the Nosetastic prizes that are on offer. We took on a mission to take Red Nose Day 2015 to space by being an Astrosnort.
The prize is an out-of-this-world trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester to explore astronaut life as well as a hotel stay for the night plus travel. It's a pretty good prize.

We arrived around 11am on Saturday morning at the National Space Centre ready to take on our mission. We were all very excited to see what was inside as it was our very first visit.

Once inside there was so much to see and do. There's lots of little areas each featuring a different aspect of space, or planets or other fun stuff. Each area had lots to do inside. There was games to be played, fun things to do and lots of facts and information to read.

There was so much to take in, with every fact or new piece of info there was something to do or take part in to make learning fun. The activities were endless and the excitement levels were running very high. There were space suits and rockets and planets and more. My little man was in rocket heaven, he was so into everything and really enjoyed every minute. I think we all did, there was activities to suit all ages.

Inside the Uk's largest Planetarium we got to watch an amazing 3D show called 'We are Aliens' which showed us all the signs of life that scientists were looking for and what the planets looked like. As we sat in our chairs, the screen filled the whole ceiling surrounding us. It was an amazing experience, my favourite part of the day. Lying there under the stars was such a great feeling, the show's effects were so detailed and real.

Our adventure was spread over four floors so there really was a lot to do. We got to go on a Space Simulator ride which was lots of fun even if the queue was a little long. My girls made their very own weather forecast video in their 'Weather Pod' which was lots of fun.

Daddy joined Lily and Ryan inside a Space Shuttle Pod which was connected to a Launch Panel being controlled by Chloe and myself, we got to tell them what to do to help them launch their ship successfully into space. Again this was lot of fun to do together.

We coloured pictures and solved puzzles. We got to see what we looked like in an Astronaut suit and we got to see what it was like to walk on the moon. I loved the little outfit stations that were dotted around the centre where the kids could try on clothes and wear them for the day. There were lots of little space men and stars walking around which was great. My eldest Chloe was a star for a while whilst Lily was in a space helmet. Ryan didn't want to dress up as he was too busy laughing at his sisters.

We got to touch real moon rocks and blast our own rockets up into the air. We had a fantastic day. We had a really did have a great family fun day out. 

There was so much to see and do that I don't think we actually got to see it all. We left around 4.30pm just before closing time at 5pm as we had to get back but we had a fantastic day out. Who knew space could be so much fun. We are so glad that we got to go.

A trip to the National Space Centre is just one of the fabulous prizes to be won. If you're a fan of Weetabix then this is definitely a competition worth getting involved in as it's all for a great cause and there really is lots of fab, fun days out to be won. It's worth a try.

Disclosure: We were given the chance to experience one of the prizes so that we could share our experience with you to help promote this fabulous competition. 
Please note that the competition prizes are for one adult and 1 child.

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