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Monday, 12 January 2015

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini #Review

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini 

The Quattro for Women Bikini is the only high performance 4 blade female razor to feature a trimmer designed for your bikini area. And with those lovely essential extracts, your skin will feel soft and smooth. It's definitely one for girls who demand more from life!

The Quattro for Women Bikini helps you get silky smooth skin that lasts with it's 4 ultra-thin blades and 2 large conditioning strips. You can perfect your bikini look with the battery operated trimmer which also has a protection comb for safety and 3 trimmer length settings. You get complete shave with control and precision with the specially shaped rubber grip handle and it also has an added conditioning strip enriched with papaya and pearl complex.

It definitely sounds like my kind of razor. 

The Wilkinson Sword Quattro For Women Bikini Razor costs around £10.89 which isn't a bad price seeing as you are really getting two razors for the price of one.

The Bikini trimmer uses one battery which is inserted into the middle of the razor by twisting it to open. It's protected by rubber which makes it waterproof for using in the bath.

I love the thin, long shape of this razor as it makes it really comfortable to hold and use.

You also get a plastic holder with this pack which is great as it makes it much easier to store out of reach of little ones. The razor sits comfortably into the holder meaning it won't fall out of knocked around. The razor is covered with a plastic cap for safety too.

I often use Wilkinson Sword's razors as they have the conditioning strips which leave my skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards which is what I want. With Christmas out of the way, we're all now looking forward to Summer. Or at least I know I am. Every lady wants summer smooth legs and with the new Quattro Bikini you get this and so much more.

Disclosure: I received a sample in return for this honest review.

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