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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers #Review

Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers

For many people including me, January is the month we promise ourselves 'we're going to get fit' so we join a gym, we buy new sports clothes and we get ready to go.

I do lots of walking, to the shops, to school, to the park etc but I wanted to do more. 
I wanted to walk further without having to actually go anywhere, well it is cold out there. The treadmill is my favourite piece of equipment at my local gym. It's the one place where I can plug my headphones in and just walk. It's a great way to walk or run further inside. 

 Walking or running (if you're brave enough) requires dedication and a good pair of trainers which is where my latest review comes in. I've been testing out some Hi-Tec's Haraka Women's Running Trainers. I chose these ones in particular for their funky bright colours and lightweight promises of a comfortable, practical workout. 

My first impressions were very good, I loved the colours. Most of the trainer is black so they blend in with any coloured outfit but then they have purple soles and purple laces which give them a nice girly feel. They're quite subtle in colour, the purple is a nice pastel shade which makes them stand out but not in a 'too bright' kind of way. I'm the kind of girl that likes to add a touch of colour but not to much so there are just perfect for me.

They're quite a slim fit but fit nicely on me. They're ultra lightweight, ultra breathable and ultra comfortable just like advertised. These black and purple sports trainers feature a rubber pod outsole which provides grip and durability, along with an impact absorbing lightweight IMEVA midsole For great breathability, support and a comfortable fit, the shoe also has a technical mesh upper and synthetic overlays. 

My new fitness journey has definitely got off on the right foot. In my new Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers I'm sure to succeed (for as long as I keep going). The right training trainers will keep me feeling comfortable and happy knowing that I'm not going to cause myself any injury whilst I am working out, walking or running. 

I am very happy with my new trainers. Not only do they make comfortable workout shoes, but they're great for wearing anytime of the day. I find myself wearing them out all the time now, well they look too good to put back in the box and only wear once or twice a week.

My Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers get a firm thumbs up from me.

There's lots of other styles available at Hi-Tec too, be sure to pop over and have a look.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample for free in return for an honest review.

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