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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Give the Gift of Godiva Chocolates this Valentines Day #Review

Give the Gift of Godiva Chocolates 
this Valentines Day

Valentines Day isn't far away now, what will you be treating your loved one too? I've been trying out some chocolates from Godiva which could make the perfect gift. 

Godiva chocolates are known worldwide for being irresistibly delicious and a treat for all the senses, but how are these decadent chocolates and pralines made? How is it possible to produce so many thrilling tastes, textures and sensations in each and every bite?

The answer is two-fold. Firstly, their creative Chef Chocolatiers who uphold the Godiva values and, secondly, the finest GMO-free ingredients that are used in every single aspect of Godiva chocolate making to create the highest quality end result – the most sumptuous chocolates imaginable. ( I can vouch for that - they taste amazing ).

Godiva chocolates look so pretty, the details on them is lovely. They're 'almost' too pretty looking to eat but I managed it eventually although it did take a while after looking at them. The centres are soft and flavoursome but not runny or messy. Each one is different, they all have their own flavours to offer. From the softest creams and delicate marzipans to fruit and nuts. All of them all hand-prepared in the Godiva kitchens making them so special. I particularly loved the ones that had that extra special splash of alcohol in them.

I really enjoyed my Godiva chocolates, they look great, they taste great, they are great.

If someone bought me a box of Godiva chocolates this Valentines Day, I would be delighted. They have some new heart shaped boxes available: There's a small one which is £15 for 6 pieces or a larger one which is £23 for 11 pieces, both of which come in a gorgeous heart shaped gift box. It's very pretty to look at, very girlie too.

 Will you be sending your loved one a box of chocolates this year? Godiva have a huge range of chocolates suitable for every occasion and price range.

Disclosure: I was sent a small sample in return for an honest review.


  1. Ohh they look so fancy and sound very tasty too!
    I'm hoping my fella gets me some chocolates for Valentines day...

    1. They are so pretty and taste lovely too, I'm hoping I get chocs this year too ;) x