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My Family

Monday, 26 January 2015

#Win a Lilium Dining Table and Chairs (x2) from Wayfair.

Win a Lilium Dining Table and Chairs (x2) from Wayfair.

The Lilium dining table and chair (set of two) bring a stylish and intimate dining and seating experience to any home. Made from real ash veneer with on oak stain finish, the set offers a neat and practical addition for a kitchen or dining room.

The lovely people from Wayfair have given me this gorgeous set to giveaway away to one of you lovely readers. I'm excited for you, it's a gorgeous set. I know I would love to own it.

The Lilium Dining Table offers a contemporary square dining table made from real ash veneer with on oak stain. It offers a simple, neat and practical addition for your kitchen or dining room. It's a beautiful 2-4 seater dining table made of real ash veneer with an oak stain finish. It would normally cost you £59.99 from the Wayfair site.

The Lilium Dining Chair (Set of 2) are brown faux leather upholstered chairs, with legs made of real ash veneer with an oak stain. These dining chairs perfectly compliment the Lilium Dining table. They're a functional solution for small rooms and perfect for those romantic meals for two. They're a very lovely set, I really like them.

To win this beautiful Lilium dining table and two chairs all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter Form below. Please allow a few seconds for it to load at busy times.

This giveaway is open to the UK Only. On Monday 23rd February, one winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries. Good Luck x

Win a ‘Nosetastic’ Experience with New Weetabix Strawberry - We became Astronauts for the day!

Win a ‘Nosetastic’ Experience with New Weetabix Strawberry - We became Astronauts for the day!


Weetabix, has announced the launch of special edition Weetabix Strawberry to support its exciting partnership with Red Nose Day this year. With 5p per pack donated to Comic Relief, Weetabix Strawberry is win-win for mum and kids alike and, if that isn't enough, those who try the tasty new flavour will be in with the chance to win one of many 'nosetastic' experiences as part of this year's Weetabix Red Nose Day promotion. There's nine different experiences on offer, such as flying through the sky like a superhero with 'SuperNose' for an awesome indoor skydive experience. It’s easy sneezy to enter – simply visit PickYourNose.Weetabix.Com where you can then enter your on pack code to win.

These experiences are part of the Weetabix Red Nose Day ‘Pick Your Nose’ on-pack promotion which will be available across the new strawberry variety as well as other family favourites. With every pack of Weetabix Strawberry, Ready brek, Weetos and Crispy Minis, adults have the opportunity to win an amazing experience for your child.

We've been very busy this weekend trying out one of the Nosetastic prizes that are on offer. We took on a mission to take Red Nose Day 2015 to space by being an Astrosnort.
The prize is an out-of-this-world trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester to explore astronaut life as well as a hotel stay for the night plus travel. It's a pretty good prize.

We arrived around 11am on Saturday morning at the National Space Centre ready to take on our mission. We were all very excited to see what was inside as it was our very first visit.

Once inside there was so much to see and do. There's lots of little areas each featuring a different aspect of space, or planets or other fun stuff. Each area had lots to do inside. There was games to be played, fun things to do and lots of facts and information to read.

There was so much to take in, with every fact or new piece of info there was something to do or take part in to make learning fun. The activities were endless and the excitement levels were running very high. There were space suits and rockets and planets and more. My little man was in rocket heaven, he was so into everything and really enjoyed every minute. I think we all did, there was activities to suit all ages.

Inside the Uk's largest Planetarium we got to watch an amazing 3D show called 'We are Aliens' which showed us all the signs of life that scientists were looking for and what the planets looked like. As we sat in our chairs, the screen filled the whole ceiling surrounding us. It was an amazing experience, my favourite part of the day. Lying there under the stars was such a great feeling, the show's effects were so detailed and real.

Our adventure was spread over four floors so there really was a lot to do. We got to go on a Space Simulator ride which was lots of fun even if the queue was a little long. My girls made their very own weather forecast video in their 'Weather Pod' which was lots of fun.

Daddy joined Lily and Ryan inside a Space Shuttle Pod which was connected to a Launch Panel being controlled by Chloe and myself, we got to tell them what to do to help them launch their ship successfully into space. Again this was lot of fun to do together.

We coloured pictures and solved puzzles. We got to see what we looked like in an Astronaut suit and we got to see what it was like to walk on the moon. I loved the little outfit stations that were dotted around the centre where the kids could try on clothes and wear them for the day. There were lots of little space men and stars walking around which was great. My eldest Chloe was a star for a while whilst Lily was in a space helmet. Ryan didn't want to dress up as he was too busy laughing at his sisters.

We got to touch real moon rocks and blast our own rockets up into the air. We had a fantastic day. We had a really did have a great family fun day out. 

There was so much to see and do that I don't think we actually got to see it all. We left around 4.30pm just before closing time at 5pm as we had to get back but we had a fantastic day out. Who knew space could be so much fun. We are so glad that we got to go.

A trip to the National Space Centre is just one of the fabulous prizes to be won. If you're a fan of Weetabix then this is definitely a competition worth getting involved in as it's all for a great cause and there really is lots of fab, fun days out to be won. It's worth a try.

Disclosure: We were given the chance to experience one of the prizes so that we could share our experience with you to help promote this fabulous competition. 
Please note that the competition prizes are for one adult and 1 child.

Morph your Man with a Morphsuit this Valentines Day #Review

Morph your Man with a Morphsuit this Valentines Day

If you're looking for an alternative gift for your man this Valentines Day, why not buy him a Morphsuit for hours of fun and laughter. Men are really tough to buy for on Valentines Day as they don't like flowers, teddies, chocolates or balloons like us women do.

Why no surprise him with something fun and completely different this year. Morphsuits.Com has an awesome range of morphsuits to fulfill every man's dreams. 

Has your partner ever wanted to be a Superhero or a Film star? Maybe an animal or even a man in uniform? Whatever he wants to be, he can in a morphsuit.

My son is a huge Spiderman fan so I decided to get Daddy an Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit just to see his reaction and boy am I so glad I did.

Meet Daddy Spider Man:

As you can see, Daddy loved his Spideman morphsuit and really got into character for our little photo shoot. My little man Ryan was absolutely delighted, he was so excited he ran around the house shouting 'My daddy's a Superhero' but he now wants one in his size too.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit costs £40.99 and comes in a choice of 4 sizes. This new Spiderman suit has even more detailing, larger eyes, brighter colours and the varying width of web on the body highlights muscle curvature. It's a pretty cool suit, I love it!

The details are really cool and the suit itself fits really well. There are two zips at the back so you can zip up from the bottom and down from the top making it more manageable. Daddy did comment that he couldn't do it up completely by himself so he wouldn't really be able to wear it going out on the town as he'd worry he wouldn't be able to zip himself back up.

It is perfect for wearing at home to entertain the children and would also be great for Halloween parties or any Fancy Dress parties in general that we attend together so that I could help him if needed. He loved the suit and found it very flattering which I have to agree.

 In addition to the incredible detail with this Amazing spider-man 2 costume for the first time ever you get to fire spiderman's web. It is the first time a costume has given you spideys web slinging ability, which you'd presumably use whilst saying "Go web go".

So how does it work? .. It's simple, it's all about augmented reality. You download the free app, select the 'Zappar' segment, get a pal to view the target on your hand through the phone and watch the digital web zoom out. It's a pretty cool feature to have on a suit.

Morphsuits are lots of fun and do look really cool. Daddy would never have bought himself one but now that he has it, I think he secretly does love it like most men would. Morphsuits could make a really fun gift for Valentines Day, if you were to buy one - which would you pick? I love the Spiderman one as it's fun for both Daddy and the kids but I do love the uniform ones that they do too, I've always wanted a man in uniform.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wine O'Clock with Lindeman’s Wine #Review

Wine O'Clock with Lindeman’s Wine 

Lindeman’s is a story of 170 years of continued entrepreneurship anchored in the Hunter Valley under the Australian sun. From wines for everyday embodied by the iconic Bins Series, to innovations such as the Lindeman’s Early Harvest and the regionally distinct wines of Coonawarra and Hunter Valley, Lindeman’s epitomises a positive outlook.

This weeks Wine O'Clock has been made up of two bottle of Lindeman's Wines this week. I don't drink every night but do have the odd glass when I fancy it once the kids are in bed. My favourite type of wine is Rose as it's the fruitiest of the bunch or so I think. 

Lindeman's Bin 35 Rose is lovely and bright coloured. It's fresh and fruity and not too dry, just the way I like it. You can definitely taste the red berries in it, there's a real strawberries and cherry sweetness too. I really liked this bottle, it's 100% my fave out of their range.

If you're a white wine drinker then Lindeman's has so many different whites to choose from. This week I got to try their Chardonnay which I actually quite liked. I don't often drink white wine (unless I run out of Rose) as a lot are too dry for my liking but this one was quite nice.

The Lindeman's Bin 62 Chardonnay has lots of flavours to enjoy, there's a real mixture of raste in this one giving it a real depth to it. It's a very crisp wine with a fresh taste to it. There's a slight taste of peaches with melon mixed with a smoked oak kind of flavour.

I've had the pleasure of trying Lindeman's wines before so I kind of already knew how good they were but I'm always happy to try them again and again and again.

If you like a nice wine that doesn't break the bank, then Lindeman's could be the one for you. They have lots of different wines to choose from, I've never seen so many bottles. If I see Lindeman's on the shelf in my local supermarket, I'm more than happy to buy it over other brands. It's delicious and great priced which is just what I want from my wine.

Disclosure: I was sent my samples of wine in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

#WIN a Bio Synergy Active Woman Bundle

WIN a Bio Synergy Active Woman Bundle

Bio-Synergy was founded in 1997 out of a passion for health and fitness and a desire to create the first clean, effective and high quality range of sports nutrition, to the support the goals of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to fuel their performance and make it happen.

January is the month that most people decide to make a change in their life. It's the month of fresh starts and new beginnings so I'm here to help, or at least Bio Synergy are.

They've kindly offered me a fantastic Bio Synergy Active Woman bundle.

The prize bundle is made up of three Active Woman products: Active Woman Activate, Active Woman Refine and an Active Woman Super Multi Shaker. 

Active Woman Activate: Activate is a delicious pre-workout energy shake packed full of protein, Vitamin D, B5, B6, calcium, zinc, and folic acid.

Active Woman Refine: Fat-torching capsules that help boost your metabolism and stop sugar cravings. They're made up of natural ingredients and are easy & convenient to use.

Active Woman Super Multi Shaker: The New Active Woman Super Multi Shaker is there to keep you organised and replenished with it's uber Stylish Compartment for your powders.

You could win all three of these prizes worth nearly £60. It's simple to enter, just use the Rafflecopter Form below. Please wait a few seconds for it to load at busy times.

This giveaway is open to the UK only, 1 winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries on Sunday February 22nd. Good Luck.

#WIN an amazing Swoops Scooter Balance Bike.

WIN an amazing Swoops Scooter Balance Bike.

I am excited to show you our latest competition prize. One of you very lucky readers is going to win this gorgeous Swoops Scooter Balance Bike from the Garden Furniture Centre.

It's an ideal first bike perfect for any little boy or girl. This funky owl themed scooter will have them riding around in no time at all. Make their first lessons in learning to ride fun and safe. The Swoops bike is sturdy but lightweight, made from wood with solid rubber tyres.

My little man, Ryan had a balance bike a few years back and loved it. It was so much fun for scooting along on when we were out in the park. He'd speed down the hills and zoom all around the paths. Balance bikes are a great way for young children to learn how to balance before trying to ride a big bike. After a year on a Balance bike my Ryan rode a big boy bike first time as he had already mastered his balance skills. I was so proud.

The Swoops Scooter Balance Bike has got strong wooden wheel hubs and Tyre Eva solid rubber tyres. It's been updated with a printed logo and has fab mountain rubber tyres and rubberised handlebar grips. I almost wish I could have a go on this myself.

The Swoops Scooter Balance Bike would cost you £59.99 but one of you are going to get it for free! I wish I was you right now - I'm so excited about this giveaway.

You can enter this giveaway by using the Rafflecopter Form below. It's really simple to use but please allow a few seconds for it to load as it can be slow at busy times.

This giveaway is open to the UK Only. 1 winner will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries on Wednesday 18th February - Good Luck x

#WIN 2 x Family Weekend Tickets to VegfestUK Brighton

WIN 2 x Family Weekend Tickets to 
VegfestUK Brighton

VegfestUK Brighton is a massive family festival taking place at the Brighton Centre on March 28th 29th 2015. It features a full range of activities which will inspire parents and kids to eat healthily; Pirate captain, James Tea Cook headlines the kid’s cookery classes, running two full days of exhilarating demonstrations and kitchen experiments. 

There's a Last Man Standing dance mat and Disco Dome inflatable dance floor and children can come and pedal their own fruit smoothies on two smoothie bikes. Plus several magic shows, a range of sing-and-dance sessions followed by a treasure trail. 

There's over 150 stalls and caterers plus information from health experts and chefs. Families will no doubt wish to tuck into the huge collection of free samples and discounts on their favourite health snack bars, dairy-free milks and cheeses, hemp seed oils and other health produce. On top of these, children under 16 can enter the event for free! Adult tickets are £5 a day and £8 for the whole weekend advance from Advance tickets are available on buy one get one free until February 28th, followed by buy one get one half price till March 21st.

I have got 2 sets of Family Weekend Tickets to give away to you my lovely readers. 

To Enter - Just comment below with a simple:

'Yes Please - I'd Love To Go!'

Please leave a way to contact you if you win in your comment. You can get an extra entry by tweeting about the competition. Simply copy and paste this tweet and tweet it!

'I'm in to #Win 1 of 2 Family Weekend Tickets to VegfestUK Brighton with @V82CHRIS'

If you do Tweet - please leave a SEPARATE comment to say you have done so!

This giveaway will end on Sunday February 8th. This giveaway is open to the UK only. 2 winners will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries.

THE WINNER ARE: @clairewoods32 and Lance Bellers

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

#WIN a Cadburys Valentine Treasure Box!

WIN a Cadburys Valentine Treasure Box!

Send your love with chocolate hearts in the Cadbury love Treasure Box.

Valentines Day is on it's way and love is in the air ~ I love Valentines Day.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Mummy Of 3 Diaries
Loves ALL Of You!

I'm spreading a little love this Valentines Day by giving away 1 Cadburys Valentines Treasure Box. It's very easy to enter - simply use the Rafflecopter Form below.

This giveaway is open to the UK only. 1 winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday 11th February from all the correctly made entries. Good Luck x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Bubbles Without The Booze from Echo Falls #Review

Bubbles Without The Booze from Echo Falls

If you are doing Dry January then this is one for you. Those health-kicking new years resolutions can now be relished instead of feared as Echo Falls presents us with a new sophisticated and delicious bubbly addition to their range, a Zero Alcohol Sparkling Infusion.

I'm not actually doing Dry January myself but I did decide to give up drinking alcohol at home this month so I was very interested in trying this Zero Alcohol Sparkling Infusion.

The new Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion is a zero percent alcohol drink, made from a delicate combination of fermented grape juice and premium green tea infusion, known as “Tisane”. Perfect for parties or as an afternoon treat, Sparkling Tisane is a delicious twist to ordinary soft drinks - so whether you're the designated driver, catering for pregnant guests or simply prefer an alternative to alcohol, this could be the perfect thing for you.

Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion is now on sale in Tesco for a very reasonable RRP of £3.49 per bottle and is stocked in Asda from January 2015.

I really enjoyed the bubbles and the bottle itself was very pretty. It even had a cork top just like real champagne which gave it that extra special feel when opening it too. Being alcohol free meant my whole family could try it and enjoy it with me. My youngest Ryan found it too bubbly but my girls loved it. They were feeling very grown up drinking their non-alcoholic wine with mummy where as I quite liked it but did find it a bit bitter.

I think it's a great idea as there's always situations where people don't or can't drink. The bottle looks great and pops it's cork just like a real bottle of fizz. It has a nice refreshing taste full of bubbles and is suitable for the whole family, overall we gave it a firm thumbs up.

Disclosure: We were sent a sample bottle in return for an honest review.

We went to PizzaExpress to try the healthier Legerra options. #review

We went to PizzaExpress to try the 
healthier Legerra options.

This weekend I took my family to visit our local Pizza Express in Sutton Coldfield. We all love pizza so there was lots of squeals and cheers when they found out where we were going. Although I love pizza, I don't like 'pigging' out too much so I was on a mission to try their new lighter Leggera range which is perfect for anyone on a diet or trying to eat that little bit healthier. I'm not very good at eating healthy as I don't eat salad at all - yes I know that sounds very bad but being a fussy eater sure does have it's downsides.

We were greated by a member of staff armed with menus and colouring books (the kids menus) and taken to our table inside their lovely restaurant. We were lucky enough to get a table right in front of the kitchen workstation so we could watch all the magic (cooking) taking place which was fantastic, the kids were very intrigued. 

I loved the idea of the kids Piccola Menus doubled up as activity books full of puzzles to do and pages to colour. It was a great way to keep them entertained whilst waiting for our food.

For starters we all had dough balls, just different kinds as yes there are choices. The kids each had a cute little plate of plain dough balls with a dish of salad and a pot of garlic butter. My son was a little wary and didn't want to try them as he too is a very fussy eater but after one bite he was hooked and cleaned his whole plate happily mumbling 'mmm'. Daddy had the Doppio dough balls sharer which came with a delicious selection of dips. I did have a look at the Leggera options but with a daughter allergic to prawns and me not eating salad I went for the cheeky Dough balls Formaggi which was cheese coated dough balls. I'm happy to report that the starters were a huge success and everyone loved their dough balls.

Next up was our mains and I'm happy to say that this time I was a good mummy and went for the American Leggera choice which advertised a delicious pizza for under 500 calories.
All three of my kids went for the Chicken Pizza whilst Daddy chose the Romana La Reine.

My Leggera American was delicious, it was made up of pepperoni, light mozzarella and tomato. Mine was a lot smaller than Daddies but I guess that's to be expected as mine was under 500 calories and Daddies wasn't. The flavours were great, I really enjoyed the taste. I did wish it was a little bigger so I could have enjoyed more of it but that's just me. My pizza had a hole shape cut out of the middle which was then filled with a healthy salad. I will admit, I didn't eat the salad but it didn't go to waste as my eldest daughter ate it for me.

Everyone really enjoyed their pizzas, there was no complaints at all. We ordered 4 lots of Polenta Chips to go with our pizzas which I love, they are just so good. I know they're not particularly healthy but I didn't mind as they tasted so good. There was healthier Legerra side options but again I choose not to have one as I don't like salad. The Polenta Chips are my all time favourite chips and the honey and mustard dressing they are served with is just to die for. I'm happy to say that we were all a big fan of those.

Pizza Express have a very large desserts menu which I love, there's always so much choice whether you want a healthier option, a smaller bite or a full size pudding. The Leggera Raspberry Sorbet was lovely, 2 full scoops of icy heaven. I liked the fact that even the kids could swap their ice cream for the healthier sorbet in their desserts too. 

The kids desserts were amazing, Ryan enjoyed a chocolate brownies and a rather cute Bambinoccino which was a tiny cup of frothed milk with a sprinkling of chocolate powder. Lily had the Piccolo Sundae with raspberry sorbet instead of ice cream which she loved. Chloe went for an adult sized Chocolate Fudge cake whilst Daddy went for the Vanilla Cheesecake. Every dessert was beautifully presented and tasted great.

Everyone loved their desserts, there was a lot of 'mmms' and 'oohs' going on at our table. My youngest Ryan never normally eats puddings but he absolutely loved his chocolate brownie, he even licked the spoon clean when he had finished. 

Our overall experience was one of a fantastic family meal out. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the restaurant was clean and atmospheric and the food was delicious.

I really enjoyed myself, it was great knowing that I had not eaten too many calories as I'd gone for the Leggera pizza and dessert options. I still got to enjoy the great taste and enjoy my food without having the guilt of thinking I'd eaten too much.

My children are now looking forward to their next visit to our local Pizza Express. My Lily spotted they do childrens parties and now has her eye on having one of them. 

Our Pizza Express never fails to deliver great service and great food and with their new healthier Leggera options there really is more to celebrate and enjoy.

Disclosure: We were invited to dine at our local Pizza Express for free in return for an honest review.

Looking Good with the help of the Amy Childs Dress Collection #Review

Looking Good with the help of the
 Amy Childs Dress Collection.

I've been having lots of fun playing dress up with some gorgeous dresses from the Amy Childs Collection over the weekend. I can't tell you just how excited I was when I first saw them, it was like being a 7 year old all over again in girlie dress heaven. I love dressing up although I don't as many opportunity to do so as much as I would like, having 3 kids and all so this weekend was all about the dresses and having fun with them.

I'm so excited to say that I (yes me) now owns 2 gorgeous dresses from the Official Amy Childs Collection, the beautiful Hailey Black and the cute Kelly in purple.

First up is the Hailey Black which is a smart day to evening midi dress. It's very flattering and perfect for wearing out to work or on a sophisticate night out.

The fitted midi length skirt with sophisticated work appropriate neckline and statement shoulder details makes it perfect for smart occasions with the wrap over bust detail and flattering stomach ruching creating a simple silhouette that is statement smart.

I love this dress. I don't often wear midi lengths as I find them quite restricting but I didn't find that with this one. The dress looks really fitted but it's not too tight that you feel uncomfortable. I loved the shoulders and the neckline on this dress, they were both perfect for hiding a 'bigger girl' style bra which I often have to wear to get the right support.

The ruched middle is also great as I get very paranoid about my 'mummy tummy'. This dress is very flattering, it holds you in, in all the right places which is great. My pictures show me wearing the Amy Childs Hailey Black in a UK size 12.

I would happily wear this dress to work if I worked in an office environment. It's a beautiful dress which flatters without being revealing which is what I love about it.

 I'd also wear this dress out to a wedding, a party or a formal dinner maybe as it's just too nice to be sat in my wardrobe for too long. 

The Hailey Black costs £49.99 which for a dress of this comfort and style isn't that much. I've paid more for dresses that I've not loved even half as much as this one.

Next up is the beautiful Kelly dress which is an A-Line scuba shift dress with flared lace sleeves and yoke with pretty scallop finish. There's also a lovely Lace insert hem detail.

I love the colour of the Kelly dress, it's very pretty. I don't often wear bright dresses as I feel like I'm going to stand out too much but the Kelly dress is gorgeous. Yes, it's dark purple but No, it doesn't look too overpowering. It's a lovely shade which is very feminine.

This dress is much looser and a lot comfier. It's a straight down, A-line dress that fits nicely and sits well in all the right places. I love the lace details on this dress, there's lace around the bottom and all around the top half. The long sleeves are all made of lace along with the shoulders and neck section. The details are very pretty, I love lace.

The Kelly is definitely my kind of dress, I'm already planning on wearing it to a wedding I'm attending in a few weeks time. Not only will I look great but I'll feel great all day long too as it's just so comfortable to wear. I love the length of this one as it sits just above the knee. It's not too short or revealing but just short enough to show a little bit of leg which I like.

The Kelly dress would normally cost £49.99 but is currently reduced to £34.00.

I've really enjoyed wearing both of these dresses this weekend even if I didn't get to actually go outside in them. I'd never thought of looking at the Amy Childs Collection before, I think I thought that they would be way out of my price range but boy was I wrong. There's lot of gorgeous dresses for every occasion and every budget. I think I'm hooked.

This is my very first time modeling dresses so please do forgive me if the pictures aren't that great. I was very nervous and had a 12 year old for a photographer but we tried our best.

You can check out all the Amy Childs Dresses over on her website. If you love pretty dresses for reasonable prices then I'd definitely pop over and have a look.

Disclosure: I was sent my dresses in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers #Review

Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers

For many people including me, January is the month we promise ourselves 'we're going to get fit' so we join a gym, we buy new sports clothes and we get ready to go.

I do lots of walking, to the shops, to school, to the park etc but I wanted to do more. 
I wanted to walk further without having to actually go anywhere, well it is cold out there. The treadmill is my favourite piece of equipment at my local gym. It's the one place where I can plug my headphones in and just walk. It's a great way to walk or run further inside. 

 Walking or running (if you're brave enough) requires dedication and a good pair of trainers which is where my latest review comes in. I've been testing out some Hi-Tec's Haraka Women's Running Trainers. I chose these ones in particular for their funky bright colours and lightweight promises of a comfortable, practical workout. 

My first impressions were very good, I loved the colours. Most of the trainer is black so they blend in with any coloured outfit but then they have purple soles and purple laces which give them a nice girly feel. They're quite subtle in colour, the purple is a nice pastel shade which makes them stand out but not in a 'too bright' kind of way. I'm the kind of girl that likes to add a touch of colour but not to much so there are just perfect for me.

They're quite a slim fit but fit nicely on me. They're ultra lightweight, ultra breathable and ultra comfortable just like advertised. These black and purple sports trainers feature a rubber pod outsole which provides grip and durability, along with an impact absorbing lightweight IMEVA midsole For great breathability, support and a comfortable fit, the shoe also has a technical mesh upper and synthetic overlays. 

My new fitness journey has definitely got off on the right foot. In my new Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers I'm sure to succeed (for as long as I keep going). The right training trainers will keep me feeling comfortable and happy knowing that I'm not going to cause myself any injury whilst I am working out, walking or running. 

I am very happy with my new trainers. Not only do they make comfortable workout shoes, but they're great for wearing anytime of the day. I find myself wearing them out all the time now, well they look too good to put back in the box and only wear once or twice a week.

My Hi-Tec Haraka Women's Running Trainers get a firm thumbs up from me.

There's lots of other styles available at Hi-Tec too, be sure to pop over and have a look.

Disclosure: I was sent my sample for free in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Give the Gift of Godiva Chocolates this Valentines Day #Review

Give the Gift of Godiva Chocolates 
this Valentines Day

Valentines Day isn't far away now, what will you be treating your loved one too? I've been trying out some chocolates from Godiva which could make the perfect gift. 

Godiva chocolates are known worldwide for being irresistibly delicious and a treat for all the senses, but how are these decadent chocolates and pralines made? How is it possible to produce so many thrilling tastes, textures and sensations in each and every bite?

The answer is two-fold. Firstly, their creative Chef Chocolatiers who uphold the Godiva values and, secondly, the finest GMO-free ingredients that are used in every single aspect of Godiva chocolate making to create the highest quality end result – the most sumptuous chocolates imaginable. ( I can vouch for that - they taste amazing ).

Godiva chocolates look so pretty, the details on them is lovely. They're 'almost' too pretty looking to eat but I managed it eventually although it did take a while after looking at them. The centres are soft and flavoursome but not runny or messy. Each one is different, they all have their own flavours to offer. From the softest creams and delicate marzipans to fruit and nuts. All of them all hand-prepared in the Godiva kitchens making them so special. I particularly loved the ones that had that extra special splash of alcohol in them.

I really enjoyed my Godiva chocolates, they look great, they taste great, they are great.

If someone bought me a box of Godiva chocolates this Valentines Day, I would be delighted. They have some new heart shaped boxes available: There's a small one which is £15 for 6 pieces or a larger one which is £23 for 11 pieces, both of which come in a gorgeous heart shaped gift box. It's very pretty to look at, very girlie too.

 Will you be sending your loved one a box of chocolates this year? Godiva have a huge range of chocolates suitable for every occasion and price range.

Disclosure: I was sent a small sample in return for an honest review.