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Monday, 1 December 2014

Design your Littlest Pet Shop world your way. #Review

Design your Littlest Pet Shop world your way.

Littlest Pet Shop is all about self expression. 

The Littlest Pet Shop playsets give children the opportunity to create their own unique worlds from limitless combinations of pets, playsets and accessories. Along with their friend Blythe who's a real fashionista with her own “Blythe Style” there's lots of fun to be had. 

Littlest Pet Shop is first-and-foremost a collectors item, with so many different pets for your children to cherish. Meet the cutest, most adorable pets you'll ever see. Featuring fun bobble-head motions, they'll make the perfect addition to any pet collection. 

You can now play with your pet digitally, too, with the free Littlest Pet Shop app. Once you've launched the app, simply hold the pet, scan with the mobile device and play.

My daughter Lily who's 7 loves the Littlest Pet Shop toys, she loves collecting the adorable pets for her collection. The new playsets are great too, they seem to bring out her creative side which I don't get to see very often with her any more.

We've been playing with three Littlest Pet Shop sets over the past two weeks. The Pet-cular Fun Room Style Set (£14.95), the Spa Style Set (£14.95) and Blythes Bedroom Style Set (£29.99). Each set comes with one or more collectable pets, is fully customisable, and is stackable vertically and horizontally to create a unique world.

Each sets comes flat packed in their boxes so there full assembly required. They're really easy to put together though, most bits just slot into place which means even the kids can do it. There's lots of little accessories and stickers to personalise things just the way you like. You can change the way the rooms look for a different vibe every time.

Lily has been having so much fun playing with her new sets. She's got them all stacked up like a tower block at the moment but often takes them down to have a play. Blythe and her little pets have been getting up to all sorts of dramas over the past few weeks, someone fell into the bathtub just the other day. That was lots of fun.

The pets can play in the hamster wheel or slide down through the tunnels in the Pet-acular Fun Room Style Set or they can go for a haircut, bath or facemask at the Spa. There's always lots to do in the Littlest Pet Shop playsets, that's for sure.

Lily loves bathing her pets before they go to bed, because like she says 'no one wants mucky pets in their bed'. Lily loves the fact that the playsets are interchangeable and movable so that she can easily move the sets around to create different formations each time she plays. I also like that feature as it means you can store them away really easily, I just stack them all up on top of each other and push them to one side.

The Littlest Pet Shop toys are great, not only do you get lots of fun for your money but you also get access to the website where your children can go for even more exclusive Littlest Pet Shop content such as TV clips and music videos. There's also the App which gives you access to even more games and fun features. The possibilities of fun are endless.

I sure know that Lily is going to enjoy her Littlest Pet Shop sets and Pets for a long while to come. There's a new adventure to be had every time she plays and with even more Pets and Playsets to collect, her journey has only just begun. She's added a few of them to her Santa List for this Christmas so I'm sure her collection will be growing real soon.

We scored our Littlest pet Shop toys a fun filled 4/5. They're great fun and enjoyable to play with. They're great creative toys and are reasonably priced.

Disclosure: We were sent our samples for an honest review and were also compensated for our time in creating this review for Tots100/Hasbro.

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