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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Saturday Night at the Bhujon Cocktail Bar and Indian Restaurant #Review

Saturday Night at the Bhujon Cocktail Bar
 and Indian Restaurant

What happened when a curry lover and a complete curry restaurant newbie went to the Bhujon Cocktail Bar and Indian Restaurant on a busy Saturday night?

Daddy and I were invited to dine at the Bhujon Cocktail Bar and Indian Restaurant in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham this Saturday night. I love eating out and often enjoy a nice Indian takeaway at home but it had been a while since I'd enjoyed a meal out in style.

The Bhujon Cocktail Bar and Indian Restaurant looked really nice from the outside, it was all lit up and looked really pretty giving it a nice, friendly first impression.

Once inside we were greeted and shown to a table for two to be seated. The restaurant itself was well laid out with pretty paint splattered pictures on the walls. There was a section of comfy booths for larger groups on one side of the room and a row of smaller 4 and 2 seater tables on the other. The tables were a little close together (we thought) but the overall layout and presentation was very nice. We felt quite comfortable throughout our stay.

Our waiter offered us drinks and poppadoms as soon as we had been seated. He brought us a rather nice little basket filled with two different types of poppadoms and a selection of dips and sides. The dips were amazing, the chutney style one was so good.

Once we had finished these, which we did. We ate every single crumb in the dish, there was nothing left they were that delicious. We really enjoyed them and happily moved onto our starters which we were struggling to decide on. The starter choices were all so appealing, there was a plentiful range to choose from on their menu and everything was marked clearly with Mild, Slightly Hot or Hot next to them so you could make an informed choice depending on how you like spice or in Daddies case, not. In the end we choose three starters to share so that we could try more of their dishes, for review purposes only of course.

 The top picture is the Tandoori Chicken, the middle picture is the Meat Samosas and the bottom picture is their Chicken Cutlets Special. Each one came beautifully presented on long plates accompanied with a pretty salad and a cute drizzle of sauces. Everything tasted great, the food was delicious and well cooked. It looked and tasted fantastic.

Next up was our Mains, I played it safe with a Chicken Tikka Masala which is my favourite whilst Daddy ordered something completely new to us, their Chicken Makhani.

Again the food was beautifully presented, the colours was just lovely to look at. My Chicken Tikka Masala was deliciously creamy and sweet, just as I like it. Daddies Chicken Makhani was also very creamy but much less sweeter than mine. Again I had to try both for review purposes, although Daddy wasn't impressed by doing this. At first I thought the dishes were very shallow so we wouldn't have enough to fill us up but with a good helping of chicken (7 pieces in each) and enough sauce to dip our Garlic Naans into we were more than happy. We were full up with sauce to spare, the Garlic Naans were pretty big.

Even though the restaurant was quite busy because of it being Saturday night, the staff were very professional, attentive and well mannered. They were always around if we needed them and often came over to check everything was going ok. I was very pleased with their service. Our glasses weren't empty for long and our table was cleared quickly after every course. I really couldn't fault the staff, they were delightful.

After our meal we took a look at the Dessert menu, just to check out the selection and the prices of course. We often find the desserts can be very expensive but not here. We were so surprised by the low prices of £3.90 each that we decided to get one each to try.

Again, the presentation was lovely, everything looked so good and I'm happy to say that they tasted just as good as they looked. They were delicious.

We both really enjoyed our night out at the Bhujon Cocktail Bar and Indian Restaurant. We were there for a total of 2 hours from 7-9pm but it didn't feel that long at all. We wasn't waiting around at all, everything flowed smoothly and overall was very enjoyable.

We would definitely go back, the food was delicious and the service was great. The Cocktails were the icing on top of the cake too, if you like Cocktails like me then this place is a must. They have a large selection to choose from and each comes served in a pretty glass and tastes so good. I tried two of them so I can easily recommend their French 75 and their Pink Lips. Both tasted so good and I would buy them again.

Disclosure: We were given a budget to dine with for the purpose of this review. We did go over it by £17 which I paid myself but was happy to do so as I enjoyed it so much.

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