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My Family

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Is Your Christmas All Wrapped Up?

Is Your Christmas All Wrapped Up?

Christmas is on it's way, Hip Hip Hip, Hooray!

I don't know about you but I am getting all excited about Christmas this week. I've started my Christmas shopping which in turn means I've started my Christmas present stash. Hiding presents is never easy especially when you have three rather inquisitive young children who get a kick out of snooping to try and find them. My presents not only need to be hidden well but they need to be wrapped to keep the secrets of what's inside hidden. 

I'm one of those people who love wrapping presents although I have to be honest and admit that I don't put a great deal of effort into doing it. That doesn't mean that the presents I wrap don't look good because they do. I just mean that I don't waste too much of my time doing it.

This was my wrapping station the other day, there was presents and wrapping paper everywhere but no scissors or sellotape in site. You might be wondering why not but that's simple, there isn't any because didn't need them. Instead I used my new Scotch Pop Up Tape Handband Dispenser which I love so much. You simply pop it onto your wrist, and tiny pieces of sellotape are then at your command. It's a great tool to use when it comes to tackling awkward to wrap Christmas presents. Because it sits on your wrist, there's no need to hold it meaning you have both hands free to hold, stick and wrap.

Each little dispenser refill gives you a whopping 75 pieces of tape to use. I managed to wrap my gifts all my myself and in a really fast time too. There was no messing about, no fiddling trying to find the end of the sellotape roll and no need for scissors as the pieces come already cut. So not only is this handy little dispenser a great time saving tool but it's also a safe way to let your children get involved in the Christmas spirit. 

I think I have a new best friend when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents. I no longer need one of the children to hold the paper in place whilst I find my piece of sellotape. I no longer need to struggle with my wrapping paper to keep it in place. In fact, wrapping presents has never been easier or quicker or more fun. 

Santa is on his way and so are all his 'well wrapped' presents. Did you know that it is National Wrapping Day on Sunday 14th December? People all of the UK will be celebrating the joy of perfect present wrapping. I, myself will be in New York enjoying a few days taking in their Christmas culture and shopping for last minute Christmas presents but I will raise a glass of cocoa or something to join in the celebrations.

If you struggle wrapping Christmas presents or just want a way to make doing it a whole lot easier then the Scotch Pop Up Tape Handband Dispensers could be perfect for you.

I've enjoyed using mine so far but it's not done with yet. There's lots more presents to be wrapped and tags to be attached. It's work is not done by a long shot.

Are you like me and enjoy wrapping Christmas presents or are you a Christmas humbug and put it off to the last minute every year because you hate doing it? Either way, I'm sure all the presents you wrap will be wonderful in their own way.

Disclosure: This post was written in association with 3M and their National Wrapping Day.


  1. That tape Dispenser is genius! I am forever losing the tape. I've not started on the wrapping yet! I really need to. x

    1. I love it, it's so simple to use and pretty in pink too. It does come in other colours but I like the pink :) x