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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Get your Groove on with Jam Audio #Review

Get your Groove on with Jam Audio 

Whether you like to keep your music to yourself with headphones or blast it out loud with a speaker for all to hear, Jam Audio have got something for everyone.

Over the past few weeks I've been playing with two Jam Audio products. The JAM Storm Wireless Speaker (£99.99) and their JAM Transit Bluetooth Headphones (£59.99).

The  JAM Storm Wireless Speaker features an awesome  features enhanced bass button so that you can notch it up at the touch of a button everywhere you go. This could be the ideal gift for the man who 'has everything' and wants nothing. Music lovers will love this.

Why get tied down when you can enjoy the incredible sound and comfort of Transit headphones from a speaker? It's completely wireless for a range of up to 10 metres which allows you to rock without all the hassle of wires and with a built in microphone for taking calls life has never been simpler. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 11 hours so the music never needs to stop! It all sounds pretty good to me.

My favourite thing about the JAM Storm Wireless Speaker is the amazing sound quality. It's performance drivers deliver crisp, powerful sounds every time. It's a bit pricey at £99 but you do get a great quality speaker for your money. It's easy to use and sounds great.

For people like me who like to listen to their music or even watch TV on my iPad, headphones are a must. I love my headphones but I hate wires so the JAM TRANSIT Bluetooth Headphones were just perfect for me and my uses.

The JAM TRANSIT Bluetooth Headphones are a bit cheaper than the STORM Speaker, they would cost you a very reasonable £59.99. These new stylishly sleek Jam Transit headphones will deliver excellent sound quality without the hassle of tangled wires!

They have an integrated microphone for taking phone calls on the go which is always useful so there's no need to take them off or even miss an important call. They're compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones and they can connect wirelessly up to 30 feet which is a pretty long way away.

There's a full on ear remote functionality: You can FF/RW/play/pause/volume +/- at the touch of a button which is very convenient and easy to locate and use.

I really loved these, they were lightweight and very easy to use. They charge up quickly and last for ages. They're my new best friend. Whenever I need to watch something on the iPad, these are ready to do. They sound great, look great and feel great. I was very impressed.

JAM Audio sell a whole range of speakers and headphones, there's something suitable for everyone and every price range. If you're looking for quality sound and fun products then why not pop over and check them out. I wasn't disappointed, in fact I was very impressed.

Disclosure: I was sent samples for the purpose of this review but that does not affect what I write. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

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