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My Family

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas in New York .. What do I need to see?

Christmas in New York .. What do I need to see?

Anyone who knows me, should know that I love the sun and I hate the cold! So why am I going to New York at Christmas when it's going to be freezing? You tell me!

When I asked around my friends and family, the general consensus of the best time to spend 4 nights in New York would be at Christmas Time. There's some things that you can do there all year round but then there's some extra special stuff that you can only do and see and Christmas Time. I'm a huge lover of Christmas so I'm hoping to see lots of bright lights and over sized Christmas Trees, Snow scened Santas's grottos and toy shop displays. I've heard New York is a real life wonderland at Christmas.

I've looked online and tried to do my research but all of the sites say the same things. Go Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre, Check out the sites from the Statue of Liberty. 

What i'm looking for though is real life experiences, what people enjoyed and would go back to do again? What people hated and wished they had never bothered doing?

If you've been to New York in their Christmas season, I'd love to hear from you. A simple comment of any advice or tips or hints would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

A trip to New York is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so I intend to make the most of it. Life is too short to waste the magical opportunities like this.

So, what should I see? What must I do? 

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