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My Family

Thursday, 30 October 2014

It's nearly time for our #doraandfriends Party ..

It's nearly time for our #doraandfriends Party

It's nearly time for our #doraandfriends Party, so what's in the party box?

Our party box was full of Premier goodies ready for our Red Carpet event. We're going to be rolling out the Red Carpet to 6 little guests who will be watching one of the very first Dora and Friends episodes. They will be treated to balloons, popcorn, yummy cakes and more.

There will be colouring activities, pinata bashing and passing the parcel too. 

My guests are in for a real treat, not only will they have lots of fun at the party but they will each have their own little goody bag filled with sweets, bubbles and more to take home with them afterwards. There's only 4 days to go now until Party Day.

Remember YOU can join us on Twitter by following @UKMumsTV and watching the #doraandfriends hashtag on Monday November 3rd between 4-6pm. There will be lots going on throughout the two hours and lots of spot prizes to be won.

Please do join us, it's going to be lots of fun.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

We're Having a DesignaFriend Party - Save the Date - 12th November #DesignaFriend

We're Having a DesignaFriend Party - 
Save the Date - 12th November.

Save the date, we're having a party and you're all invited. On November 12th I will be joining 14 other lovely bloggers to celebrate and have a fun party. We're getting very good at these Twitter parties, they're just so much fun to take part in to pass up.

On November 12 you will be able to join us on Twitter with @UkMumsTV by following the #DesignaFriend hashtag. There's going to be lots of spot prizes to be won, great games to play and lots of fun to be enjoyed by all. I do hope you will join us.

We will be getting a Party Box full of DesignaFriend  goodies and games so watch this space. As soon as the box arrives you will be the first to know what's inside.

#Win a year’s subscription to Beverly Hills Vapour's ‘£1 Vape Club’ worth £360

Win a year’s subscription to Beverly Hills Vapour's
 ‘£1 Vape Club’ worth £360.

Beverly Hills Vapour are offering one of my readers a whole years subscription to their Beverly Hills Vapour ‘£1 Vape Club’ worth £360. 

 Beverly Hills Vapor’s discounted ‘£1 Vape Club’ means that for less than £1.00 per day you can subscribe at a special rate and receive 8 bottles of 10ml Juice in the flavour and strength you select. That’s the equivalent of 100 cigarettes per bottle and effectively saves the average 20 a day smoker around £218.00 each month. Each new subscriber receives a luxury starter kit free or for less frequent smokers why not share a subscription with family members or friends so they can all save money as well. 

More than 2m people in the UK already ‘vape’ (i.e. use e-cigs) to help them escape the 4,000 poisonous chemicals that come from tobacco smoke. As well as tar, those chemicals include poisonous arsenic, benzene, cadmium, carbon monoxide and cyanide! Immediately after you quit smoking, your lungs and other smoke-damaged organs start to repair themselves. A study of smokers by UCL, and funded by Cancer Research UK, discovered that people attempting to quit without professional help are 60 per cent more like likely to succeed using e-cigarettes. “E-cigarettes could substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking,” says Professor Robert West of UCL’s Department of Epidemiology & Public Health.

If you would like to WIN this prize and are OVER 18 (I will be asking for ID from the winner to check) Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to enter. Please wait a few seconds for it to load - It can be slow at busy times. This giveaway is open to the UK only and 1 lucky winner will be drawn at random on Sunday November 16th.

Disclosure: I am not for or against smoking and am not gaining anything from hosting this giveaway. I am running it purely for you, my readers who may like it.

Picking Pumpkins at Hatton Country World #DaysOut

Picking Pumpkins at Hatton Country World 

Yesterday we spent the day picking pumpkins at one of our favourite places to visit, Hatton Country World. This half term is Pumpking Week but there's so much more to do than just picking pumpkins. As well as all the usual fun there's also some extra Halloween fun too.

There's always so much to do at Hatton, we have to spread our time out wisely to try and fit everything in. I wrote all about our last visit back in April, you can read the full review here. The animals are just too cute to resist so we had to stop by and have a hold. The kids love the Tails and Scales sessions too, this time we held a snake and a lizard.

We were on a mission to spend our day getting the most out of all the Pumpkin and Halloween activities that had been laid on especially for Pumpkin Week. There was a fun 'Back in Time' Tractor Ride which was so much fun, whilst riding around the fields on a magical journey back through the years we found ourselves being chased twice by scary costumed men. A Freddy Kruger type man popped out from behind a saloon bar and tried to grab us, the kids screamed in fright but it was all in good fun. Near the end of the trip a Zombie appeared from out of a broken down car and chased us all the way home.

Over at the Pumpkin Patch there was 100's of pumpkins to choose from. Who knew choosing the right pumpkin would be so much fun. Every child gets a voucher to exchange for a free pumpkin from the patch. The hard part is choosing the one you want. Chloe my eldest insisted on finding the biggest she could whilst Lily went for the biggest she could carry. Ryan went for a large one too although he had Daddy to help carry it. Upon entering the filed I had told them all, pick one you can carry! Well that rule went out the window.

Once we had our pumpkins we carried them over to the craving area where there was lots of picnic tables and seats along with spoons and knifes (for the adults to use only). We set to work carving our pumpkins into our Halloween lanterns, it was great fun. There was a 'Best Pumpkin' competition running so once you had finished carving your pumpkin you could choose to leave it behind to enter the competition or take it home with you. Lily chose to enter the competition so we placed it on a table outside along with her name tag. The rest of us wanted to keep our creations so we loaded them up into the car to take home.

We had a fantastic day out at hatton Country World yesterday, there's always so much to do and see. As well as all the pumpkin fun we had, we also enjoyed their spooky Haunted House, found gold and got a medal at the Gold Mine and bounced around on the bouncy castles and super slide. We played Welly Wanging and Frisbee Golf. We even played normally golf and draughts on a huge outside board. We had lots of fun doing the Pumpkin Treasure Hunt which earned us a spooky lollipop each for completing. The fun at Hatton is non stop from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

If you're looking for a fun filled day out this Half Term, Hatton Country World is one to visit.

We can't wait to go back, we really do love going to Hatton. We saw lots of adverts about their Enchanted Christmas week so hopefully we'll go check that out this year.

Disclosure: We were given free tickets to go this time to do an honest review on Hatton's Pumpkin Week. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#Win 1 of 2 SpookTacular HARIBO Halloween Bundles ..

Win 1 of 2 SpookTacular HARIBO Halloween Bundles 

Halloween is almost upon us, are you ready?

Just imagine all of these HARIBO sweets.

+ this Pumpkin Pinata.

What a SpookTacular Halloween it would be.

The lovely people over at HARIBO have given me two, yes not one but two of these fun filled Halloween bundles to give away. Are you excited? I sure am.

To win one of these HARIBO Halloween Bundles, simply enter using the Rafflecopter Form below. This giveaway is only open to the UK and two lucky winners will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries on Tuesday October 28th. 

(Please wait a few seconds for the Rafflecopter Form to load)

This giveaway is running for one week only to ensure the winners receive their prizes in time for Halloween. Good Luck and Happy Halloween.

Christmas in New York .. What do I need to see?

Christmas in New York .. What do I need to see?

Anyone who knows me, should know that I love the sun and I hate the cold! So why am I going to New York at Christmas when it's going to be freezing? You tell me!

When I asked around my friends and family, the general consensus of the best time to spend 4 nights in New York would be at Christmas Time. There's some things that you can do there all year round but then there's some extra special stuff that you can only do and see and Christmas Time. I'm a huge lover of Christmas so I'm hoping to see lots of bright lights and over sized Christmas Trees, Snow scened Santas's grottos and toy shop displays. I've heard New York is a real life wonderland at Christmas.

I've looked online and tried to do my research but all of the sites say the same things. Go Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre, Check out the sites from the Statue of Liberty. 

What i'm looking for though is real life experiences, what people enjoyed and would go back to do again? What people hated and wished they had never bothered doing?

If you've been to New York in their Christmas season, I'd love to hear from you. A simple comment of any advice or tips or hints would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

A trip to New York is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so I intend to make the most of it. Life is too short to waste the magical opportunities like this.

So, what should I see? What must I do? 

Hallmark - Not just for Cute Cards but for Super Stationery too. #Review

Hallmark - Not just for Cute Cards but for 
Super Stationery too. 

Hallmark is well known for it's amazing selection of cards for all occassions but they don't just sell cards. They also have a lovely selection of gifts and stationery items too.

The stationary prices start from just £1.50 upwards and include a wide assortment of Notepads, Memo blocks, Pencil cases and so much more.

We were sent a small selection of notepads from their range to see for ourselves. These's big ones, small ones, cute ones, plain ones. There really is a notepad for everyone. Whether you want a pad for your pocket or a pretty pad for school, Hallmark have it all. There's animal prints, flowers, girly stuff and more. Which would you choose?

The pretty birds notepad shown above is mine, all mine. It was way too cute to share. Lily, my 7 year old claimed the Pug notebook whilst Chloe went for the pink lined papered Owl printed one. Ryan, my youngest had the small flower printed notebook as it's pages were blank and perfect for doodling on. The notebooks were on Hallmark!

Next time you are looking for some new stationery, either for yourself or for your family. Why not check out what Hallmark has on offer as after all, they sell much more than cards.

Disclosure: We were sent a small selection of samples for the purpose of this review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Gandey’s Thrill Circus is coming to Merry Hill this October Half Term

Gandey’s Thrill Circus is coming to Merry Hill 
this October Half Term

A fabulous October treat for the Midlands schools this half term.  GANDEY’S – the country’s largest Big Top entertainment organisation is returning to the West Midlands with a super-charged action-packed, all human circus of THRILLS at the intu Merry Hill Shopping Centre, Brierley Hill. You'll be gripped by the electrifying excitement of the death defying aerialists high in the roof of the Big Top, left breathless by the boisterous high-octane acrobatics of African physical theatre, perched on the edge of your seats at the Wheel of Death, astounded by the acrobats who achieve the impossible by challenging the laws of gravity. You'll be delighted yet completely baffled by the stylish and graceful art of “quick change”and laugh out loud at the antics of the hilarious clowns in circus spectacular for all the family. It all sounds very exciting, I'm sure it will be a lovely day out.

Just some of the highlights include:

From Bulgaria – Sifolini and the Wheel of Death.  Duo Sifolini are the powerful masters of stunts that audiences could only watch through the “magic” of cinema or TV. Keep watching – don't blink - the unbelievable really is happening and like countless audiences throughout Europe you'll be on the very edge of your seat at their gold-medal daredevil performance high in the Big Top, as they leap some 25 feet above, below and onto the rotating wheel of death – it’s scary!!!!

From Africa - The African Boys - Boisterous, flamboyant, high-energy acrobatics as only the African Boys can deliver. It’s non-stop entertainment in the great tradition of African physical theatre - from limbo to group balancing.

From England – Masquerade - The art – or illusion - of quick change.  The tradition of the quick costume change dates back 500 years – yet it still baffles and amazes. Just how can someone change their complete outfit in a split second so many times in front of the eyes of the audience?  Prepare to be amazed!

From France, internationally acclaimed Ring Master, Robert Price.

Gandey’s Thrill Circus
intu Merry Hill Shopping Centre, Brierley Hill, DY5 1QX
Fri 24th October - Sun 2nd November (October Half Term)

Show Times and Dates: 

Friday 24th - 7.30 
Saturdays - 2.00 / 5.00 / 7.30
Sunday to Friday - 2.00 AND 5.00

Admission  Prices:

Adult:                                           Concession:
  Ringside               £26                                     £18
Grandstand         £22                                       £16
 Side View             £18                                     £12
     Rear View            £12                                       £ 8      

Family Ticket - Side tier - £40 – 2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 children

Onsite box office opens Tuesday 21st October
To book tickets call 0843 208 0500 or visit 

Twitter @GandeysCircus

Who knew 1 little cupcake could be so much fun!

Who knew 1 little cupcake could be so much fun! 

Meet my little cupcake, isn't he cute? He may not be perfectly dressed or glamorously presented but he was mine and I loved him. So what's the story?

Well we met last Saturday at Blog Camp Birmingham, which was run by the lovely people from Tots100.  Upon entering a room to take part in a Food Photography class, there he was. Sat in the middle of the table looking cold and bare, just begging me to rescue him.

When we first met, he didn't quite look like that. He was bare and dull, lifeless and unloved. It wasn't for long though as I took him up onto my napkin and smothered him in love. Well vanilla frosting anyway. I wanted to add character so I gave him some funky swirls, I wanted to give him a unique existence, so I sprinkled him with chocolate drops. He was looking amazing in now time, well to me anyway. I'm not sure others would agree.

Once he was dressed and looking good, we set off to explore the room. Together we visited lots of little work stations, set up to unleash of creative side. Lets see what we did:

 We went on a fun filled adventure of light, shapes, colours and shadows. Props, backgrounds and angles too. Who knew that 1 little cupcake could be so much fun! 

After an amazing hour sadly our journey had to come to an end. The class was over and it was time to move on. Sadly he didn't make it to my next class, well he did sort of but not in the way he would have liked. By the time I had reached my next class he had crumbled and broken and been washed down into my stomach with a cup of hot chocolate. 

All good things must come to an end at some point or so they say. My cupcake and I had a wonderful time and learnt so much about each other. Although he is no longer with us, I will always have these amazing photographs to remember him by. His time on this earth was not wasted, in fact it was time very well spent as without him I would never have been able to learn so much about taking good food pictures. So for that reason I end my post today by saying 'Thank You' to my beloved cupcakes, you will be missed.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Save the Date, We're having a #DoraAndFriends Party ..

Save the Date, We're having a #DoraAndFriends Party and you're all invited to join us.

On Monday November 3rd we're having a party, a brand new Dora and Friends party. We're very excited for the new series of Dora and Friends on Nick Jr. Dora has come along way since her programmes first started but it's been delightful to watch her growing up. Are you looking forward to the new series too?

There's going to be lots of fun and games going on here but that's not it. You can join the celebrations on Twitter by following @UkMumsTV and using the #doraandfriends hashtag. There's going to be lots of prizes to be won so please do join in if you are a fan.

The party will be taking place between 4-6pm - so save the date now.

We love joining in with Twitter parties, they're always lots of fun. There's still a few weeks to go before the big day yet but I'll be reminding you all again before it starts. 

We will be receiving a Party Box at some point over the next few weeks will be full of insights and goodies for the new show. We're very excited to see what's inside. As soon as it arrives, I will be sharing it's contents with all of you, so watch this space.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#Win a Spooky Halloween Bundle from Mustard

Win a Spooky Halloween Bundle from Mustard

Halloween is upon us, costumes being made.
Sweets are stocking up, Decs are being laid.
Pumpkins being carved, cakes topped with webs.
Watch out for those toilet rolls and flying eggs.
Halloween's a fun time for families everywhere.
Making the house look scarey so visitors beware.
Who'll be knocking on your door? Who's looking for a treat? What will they be dressed as? Scary or pretty neat?
We love treating our callers, buckets of treats flowing over.
Halloween is coming, soon this October!

Mustard have got a wonderful range of spooky Halloween treats for everyone this year. There's treats for the adults like their Zombie action Stickers or their X-ray oven gloves. There's cool X-ray Pens and lots more for the kids. The prices are pretty spectacular too!

Thanks to the lovely people at Mustard, I have got an amazing Halloween bundle for you to win. One lucky winner will receive all five of the following gifts. There's 1 pair of Zombie bookends: RRP £15, 1 X-ray oven glove: RRP £10, 1 pack of Zombie action Stickers: RRP £5, 1 X-ray Pen: RRP £5 and 1 pack of Ink Shop Skulls: RRP £6. What a fantastic bundle worth over £40 and one of you lucky readers is going to win it all.

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter Form below. Please wait a few seconds for it to load, it can be slow at busy times. This giveaway is open to the UK only and 1 lucky winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday October 22nd. Good Luck x

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Doc McStuffins Walk n Talk Doc Mobile from Flair #Review

Doc McStuffins Walk n Talk Doc Mobile from Flair

Have you got a Doctor emergency? Well don't worry, we'll be there in a hurry with the Doc Mobile from Flair! Everyone's favourite Doctor is now on the move complete with her own mobile check-up centre -'The Doc Mobile'. 

The Walk N' Talk Doc Doll really walks, pulling her Doc Mobile along with her.

The Doc Mobile has a special seat for Lambie so she can ride along too. The Doc sings the catchy 'Doc Mobile' Song as she pulls along Lambie on the Doc Mobile with its flashing light.

The back of the mobile opens for storage so that Doc can take her tools with her on the go!

You also get a Lambie figure and 3 small tools.

It's suitable for ages 3 and above and requires 3 x AAA batteries (included).

The Doc McStuffins doll is just beautiful, she's such a pretty doll with a gorgeous face. Her hair is cutely plaited into two pigtails with a pretty pink hairband to finish it off. She comes dressed in her white Docs coat with her stethoscope around her neck. The Doc Doll really walks, she holds onto the handle which is attached to the Doc Mobile and off she goes. At the simple touch of a button she walks along singing and pulling her Doc Mobile behind her. My youngest two, Lily and Ryan are huge Doc McStuffin fans, they have so many of the toys from the range but this one went down so well, they loved it.

The Doc Mobile itself is so pretty, it's completely pink and purple like most Doc McStuffins things are. Lambie gets her very own seat on the side so she can ride along too. There's 3 little tools that slot neatly into a holder on the side and there's also a set of little pink heart shaped doors which open and close at the back for extra added storage.

Ryan loves watching the Doc walk around, he loves the song that she sings too. The Walk n' Talk Doc Mobile will cost you £49.99 which is quite a lot of money for both the doll and the Doc Mobile it works out about average. I'm sure this is going to be on lots of Christmas lists this year, it's a really delightful set of toys. The doll can be enjoyed separately or as part of the set. Which ever way you decide to play with her, I'm sure you'll love her.

Disclosure: We received a sample for the purpose of this review. All the opinions expressed in this review are 100% honest and entirely my own. 

Our Doc Mcstuffins #Doctober Party was so much fun!

Our Doc Mcstuffins #Doctober Party was so much fun! 

Last Thursday (October 2nd) we took part in the Doc McStuffins #Doctober takeover. There was a huge party on Twitter hosted by @UKMumsTV where lots of prizes were given out. Did you join in? I'd love to know if you were one of the lucky winners. Whilst everyone was having fun on Twitter, we were busy having our own party here at home. We had 7 children all playing games and having fun. They got to play with some of the new Doc McStuffins toys as well as getting a goody bag filled with treats to take home too.

It wouldn't have been a party without cake! We had a gorgeous Doc McStuffins cake that was so tasty, everyone loved the cake. I managed to get a small piece for myself too.

The toys went down really well with the kids, there was lots of Doctor games going on.

No party is complete without party games and our favourite one was Pin the Plaster on the Stuffy. The children put on a Lamby mask to cover their eyes and then tried to stick the sticker onto Stuffy. It was lots of fun to watch, the children stuck their stickers everywhere, although I do think I had a few cheaters who peaked and got their sticker spot on.

Our party went down a storm, the toys were a huge hit and the goody bags were gratefully received. Just look at their happy little faces.

All of the toys were played with but the one that was wanted the most was the brand new 'Walk n' Talk Doc Mobile' toy. It was definitely the most popular, everyone wanted a go with that one. I will be doing a separate review of it as it's not out yet but it's coming real soon so we'd like to share our thoughts on it with all of you just incase it's on any of your children's Christmas lists this year. Check out my next post for the full review.

We hope you enjoyed our party news and hopefully joined in on the day and maybe even won yourself a lovely Doc McStuffins prize for yourself. If you have any questions about any of the Doc McStuffins toys, please do feel free to ask, I'm happy to try and help.

Disclosure: Our Doc McStuffins Party was held in association with UKMumsTV.

Teksta Robotic T-Rex from Character #Review

Teksta Robotic T-Rex from Character

Meet Teksta T-Rex the bone crushing dino. Just like his other Teksta friends, T-Rex responds to your voice, lights and sounds with expressive eye patterns to share his feelings. Using cutting edge hand gesture technology command Teksta T-Rex to Walk, Move his hands, Tail and Stop. Stroke his face to hear him Roar and see him Snap just like a real T-Rex Dinosaur. When he’s hungry feed him with his dino bone to see his ultimate trick, watch him crunch, munch and launch it away, followed by an almighty burp. With over 100 physical and app-sized interactive play features. Includes bone accessory. He's recommended for ages 5 and over. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

The 4 x AA batteries go into the two panels hidden on his feet, there is one panel on each foot. The on/off button is a large button on his belly which is easy to see and press. There is also two other buttons on his head which control his other settings and features.

We've been playing with a Teksta T Rex this week and have to say he's one cute dinosaur. He responds to you in so many ways, it's like he can actually see and hear you. He roars if you stroke him and walks along when you tell him too. He's lots of fun to play with.

There's hours of fun to be had playing with the Teksta T Rex, you never know what he's going to do next. Depending on what you say or how you touch him or even where you stand by him, he could react in so many different ways. We loved the way his eyes flashed up with different colours. We're still learning what each colour or pattern means but that's all part of the fun too. We're getting to know our Teksta T Rex just as much as he's getting to know us. He's a really clever little dinosaur that's fun to play with.

He costs £59.99 which might sound like a lot of money but for the enjoyment he brings I'm thinking I would be happy to pay this for a Christmas Gift or maybe a Birthday Present. 

Our Teksta T Rex has gone down very well, all of the kids including daddy love him. We've scored him a play value of 4/5. He's definitely kept us entertained for hours.

Disclosure: We were sent a sample for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Appletiser Apple & Pomegranate #Review

Appletiser Apple & Pomegranate

Apple and Pomegranate Appletiser is made with gently sparkling 100% fruit juice. 
A 150 ml glass officially counts as one of your 5-a-day and there's no added preservatives. Sparkling Apple & Pomegranate Juice from Concentrate is best served chilled and tastes delicious, or at least my children and I think so. We all tried this together to see what it was like and I'm happy to say that it got a thumbs up from everyone. The kids love fizzy drinks but I don't often give them any as I prefer to give them a glass of squash or juice which is better for them. Although this has bubbles in it which makes it taste slightly fizzy it is still in fact just juice which is great. My kids loved it and I was happy to share it with them knowing it was safe for them to drink and even a little good for them too.

I was already a fan of Appletisers Original Apple flavour but I have to say that the Apple & Pomegranate flavour was very nice and made a real refreshing treat. I'd be happy to buy this in the future, it was nice and sweet and overall very pleasant to try.

Disclosure: We were sent a bottle to try for free but that doesn't affect my review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.