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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Soreen Halloween limited edition Lunchbox Loaves #Review

Soreen Halloween limited edition Lunchbox Loaves

Soreen have launched 2 brand new products, Halloween limited edition Lunchbox Loaves. They've dubbed them ‘Scream’ instead of ‘Soreen’.

They come in two new flavours – chocolate and toffee apple, and they're perfect for packed lunches, handbags, gym kits and trick-or-treaters as they're individually wrapped!

The Toffee Apple Scream Loaf is a spooktacular Toffee Apple malt loaf with the same squidgy Soreen texture that we all know and love, just with added gooeyness from terrifyingly tasty toffee pieces. Each individual bar contains just 100 calories which is perfect for an adult afternoon or late night treat as well as a snack for the kids.

The Chocolate Scream, Loaf is a wicked chocolate twist on everyone's favourite malt loaf, loaded with chocolate chips which is bound to get your taste buds screaming. Each individual loaf contains 105 calories which is well worth it for the taste.

I was sent a small sample of each of the new flavours to try, me being me, I just couldn't say no but I have this thing about putting butter on my Soreen once it's sliced up into small pieces so I thought why not try it with these two new flavours too. I tried each one without butter as well as with so I could see which way I liked best. With butter was definitely my favourite, you could still enjoy all the flavours of the loaf but with that extra added yumminess. 
Of course if you add butter like I do, the calorie intake will rise.

Out of the two I have to say that I enjoyed the Chocolate one the best. The Toffee Apple was delicious but the Chocolate one just had that extra edge on flavour.

Which one do you think you'd like best?

Disclosure: I was sent a small sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.


  1. Ohhhhh these look fab!

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