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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shopkins Supermarket Playset & Shopkins 5 Pack #Review

Shopkins Supermarket Playset 
& Shopkins 5 Pack

Flair have brought out a new toy range; Shopkins. They are super cute, fun, SMALL characters that live in a BIG shopping world! There's over 100 different Shopkins characters per series brought to life as the cutest collectible characters! You will find your Shopkins inside adorable little shopping bags! Aisles of fun shopping themes to collect! 

Look out for the special finish Ultra Rare characters! All playsets have movable, interactive features and connect together to create one large supermarket.

The Shopkins Small mart Supermarket Playset can be used for display and storage. The playset has a delivery chute slide, check out treadmill display,1 shopping trolley, 2 exclusive characters and a collectors guide, suitable for ages 5 and above.

My daughters are so excited about the Shopkins range, They're already asking me for more. My eldest daughter Chloe who's 11 and now at Secondary School was ranting about how all her friends are collecting them and she wants to start too. She's already been checking her list for which ones she wants next whilst marking off the ones she now has.

My youngest daughter Lily who's 7 is so happy to have her very own Shopkins Supermarket Playset, she's been jumping up and down with excitement for days. She's not too happy about the fact she has to share it with her big sister but she'll get used to it.

The Supermarket Playset will cost you £24.99 but you'll have to keep an eye on their website for when new stock comes in as they're currently sold out. The new Shopkins range are proving to be very popular already. I can see these being on a lot of Christmas Lists this year. I know both my girls are now saving their pocket money to collect more of the smaller packs and talking of smaller packs, there's a 5 Pack available to buy too.

The Shopkins 5 Pack will cost you £5.99. There's also a 2 Pack and a 12 Pack available. The Shopkins 5 pack contains 5 characters in total, 4 that you can see and 1 which is hidden so you get a nice surprise when you open it. You also get 5 shopping bags and a collectors guide too. Look out for the special rare characters because they could be hiding in your secret bag. We didn't get a rare one in ours but there's always next time!

The Shopkins have sure taken over our house this week, they're all I'm hearing about. My girls are so excited to have the Supermarket Playset and lots of new Shopkins friends to play with. I'm sure I'll be adding some more to their collection real soon. 

The Shopkins are very cute and each has it's own little character name. Some of the names are so sweet, they're definitely a pleasure to play with and collect. Now that my girls are completely hooked on Shopkins they're a great bargaining tool for me. Everytime they are good or behave well they can have a new Shopkins pack as a reward.

The Shopkins Supermarket Playset and Shopkins 5 Pack have scored a fantastic 5/5 from us here at the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household. They're small and cute, colourful and fun. They're a great pocket money priced toy that the kids are going crazy for right now.

Disclosure: We were sent our Shopkins for the purpose of this review but that doesn't affect our review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

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