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My Family

Monday, 1 September 2014

Fireman Sam Vehicle and Accessory Set - Titan Boat from Character #Review

Fireman Sam Vehicle and Accessory Set - 
Titan Boat from Character.

Pontypandy needs help and Fireman Sam is on hand to save the day! Make up your own action packed adventures with this vehicle and accessory set , Titan Rescue Boat.

 Titan the Rescue Boat is a cute little push along toy from Character. He costs £9.99 and is the perfect addition to any Fireman set. It's a very basic toy aimed at children 3 years and over. It has wheels at the bottom which allow it to be pushed along easily during play.

You don't get any figures with this set but they can be purchased separately. 

With Penny and Fireman Sam to play with the Titan Rescue Boat soon came to life. My little man Ryan who's 4 had lots of fun pushing them around on their rescue mission adventures. This toy requires a good imagination as it's a simple yet easy to play with toy.

Ryan liked playing with his Penny and Fireman Sam figures, he moved them around the boat and gave them different jobs to do. Penny manned the water cannon whilst Fireman Sam steered the boat to safety. He was having quite the little adventure this morning.

Ryan gave the Titan Rescue Boat a fun filled 3/5. It was a nice sized toy for his little hands and he seemed to have lots of fun making up rescue scenes with it. For £9.99 it's a nice little buy, perfect for the younger Fireman Sam fans in your house.

Disclosure: We were sent a sample of this toy for the purpose of this review but all our reviews are 100% honest and all the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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