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Monday, 1 September 2014

Fairy Princess Party Fun! #Review

Fairy Princess Party Fun!

Craft Party kits offer an ideal party time solution for keeping up to six kids entertained. Each kit contains everything you needed for easy and fun activities that can last for about 1½ hours with an added bonus that each child creates their own gift to take home. 

With Fairy Princess Party kids make their own tiara, fairy wand and wings then decorate them with beautiful feathers and jewels. Once bedecked in their outfits the fairy princesses then play a range of fun themed games which are included on the instruction booklet. This is just one of the kits in a whole range available from Interplay.

Inside the box you will find the following items: 

Princess tiaras x 6
Fairy wings x 6
Lilac organza ribbon (6 x 1m)
Fairy wand handles x 6
Marabou feathers x 24
Sheet of star shaped stickers (for fixing feathers)
Sheets of fun stickers x 6
Large self-adhesive sparkle jewels x 50
Small self-adhesive sparkle jewels x 100
Colour instruction booklet

The Fairy Princess Party kit costs £24.99 so you definitely get lots for your money. I really liked this set as it kept all three of my children entertained and happy for a whole hour. 

The activities are really easy to do but also lots of fun too. Lily loved decorating her Fairy wings whilst Ryan loved decorating his very own (boy) crown. They got to make their very own wands and decorate those to. I did have to help with a few bits like sticking the feathers on but everything else they could do pretty much by themselves. I found the silver stars for sticking the feathers on with weren't very sticky so we popped a little bit of sellotape over them to keep them in place. We didn't want them falling off now did we.

Lily and Ryan had so much fun making their Fairy Princess Party wands, wings and crown but they had much more fun playing with them afterwards. I love this set, it would be fantastic if you were having a stay at home party. Just imagine all the fun your guests would have and how delighted they would be that they could then take their little creations home.

Birthday parties can cost hundreds of pounds these days so a set like this could be the perfect option to reduce costs. This set is aimed at girls but as you can see, my little man was happy to join in too. You can get boys sets like the Pirate Party or more general sets like the Mad about Ponies set. Which ever set you choose, you're sure to have a good time.

We scored the Fairy Princess Party set a decent 4/5. We've already had the Treasure set and now the Pirate Party is on my son's list of fun things to do so that one will be next.

Disclosure: We were sent this set for free for the purpose of this review but that doesn't influence our review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.


  1. What a great little kit....So cute!
    Looks perfect for little want to be princesses x

  2. Haha yes and for little boys who want to annoy their big sisters :) x