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My Family

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Check Out My @accessoryo Wish List & Get a 30% OFF Discount Code!

Check Out My @accessoryo Wish List & 
Get a 30% OFF Discount Code! 

You can never have too many accessories so this week I've been browsing the Accessoryo website for some future purchases. There's so many things I want but seeing as I can't possibly have everything that I want I've narrowed my choices down and made them into a Wish List. I shall be using my Discount Code myself to get some real treats. 

The Discount Code will give you a whopping 30% Off your next purchase. It can be used from anywhere in the world which is fantastic as Accessoryo delivery worldwide too! To get 30% Off your next order simply enter my Discount Code MUMMYOF30.

Top of Wish List is this £29.99 Black Tag Tote Handbag.

To go with my new bag I'm going to need some sparkly new jewelry. I have my eye on this £16.00 White & Gold Tone Tribal Tooth Necklace. It's stunning!

Next on my list is this £22.99 Ladies Polished Chrome Metal Watch with Purple Diamantes Watch. I'm sure it would look beautiful sitting on my little wrist.

Last but not least on my Autumn/Winter Wish List is this £10.74 Ladies Knitted Headband With Faux Fur Ears. How cosy does this look, I need it.

So that's my Accessoryo Wish List. What would you put on yours?

Accessoryo have lots of lovely accessories for you to choose from. Whatever you choose be sure to enter my Discount Code MUMMYOF30 to receive 30% Off your order.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post. I was given the Discount Code to share with my readers only. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please do enjoy the code.

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