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Monday, 11 August 2014

Like Horses? Love Utterly Horses #Review

Like Horses? Love Utterly Horses

My eldest daughter Chloe loves horses so she was very excited when these lovely horse sets arrived from the lovely people over at Utterly Horses. The website itself is lovely and has everything a little horse lover like Chloe could ever want or need. They have everything from cute craft sets where you can paint your own horses, to moveable model horses and even fold away farm sets for the younger fans. We've been having a play with all of these over the past few weeks here and have to say they are delightful little toys. 

Ryan who's 4 has been playing with the Breyer Farm Animal Play Set. It's a nice basic set which is very cute and has the bonus feature of being able to roll up so it's ready to take away anywhere with you. ( 11 x 14inches in size ) It contains a full color durable vinyl play mat to stimulate imagination. When it's time to travel, store your Stablemates safely in the pockets on the back of the play mat. The set Includes: Stablemates palomino Peruvian Paso horse, farm scene play mat, pig, Sicilian goat, sheep and 4 pieces of fencing.

Ryan really like this set, he's now getting to the age where he's using his imagination more so toys like this are always great to have around. This set costs around £9.95.

Chloe has been playing with the Breyer Stablemate Painting Kit which allows horse lovers to create their very own horse family of their dreams with this easy-to-use and fun kit! It's a good set for beginners, yet challenging enough for more experienced painters. It contains three Stablemates models (2 horses and 1 foal), easy to follow color instructions. 1 Paint brush and 3 pots of acrylic paint in brown, black and White. 

This set costs £9.95 which isn't too bad as you get everything you need to paint all three horses in it. Chloe enjoyed painting her horses as it was something different to do. She didn't find it very easy to do but it was her first time so I'm sure she will get better with practise. Chloe's never really had anything like this before but she's said she would like to do this sort of thing again. IT sure makes a nice change to see her doing craft activities instead of being stuck behind her ipad all day. Overall Chloe gave her painting set a firm thumbs up.

We've all enjoyed playing with our Utterly Horses toys over the past few weeks. If you have any horse fans in your house then the Utterly Horses website might be a good place to check out for yourselves. Chloe has favorited it on her her ipad ready for her new adventure. 

Disclosure: We were sent our horses as samples for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our review in any way. All the opinions expressed are 100% or own.

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