My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sunny Days Adventures!

Sunny Days Adventures!

Yesterday started out like any other day, the kids were running around the house like little lunatics and I was feeling rather stressed and tired. It's week 3 of the Summer Holidays and the kids were starting to annoy each other and that dreaded phrase 'I'm Bored' was starting to pop up more and more. I wasn't planning on doing anything really but after seeing a friend of mine on Facebook talking about a Blogger meet up, I thought , why not! 

We jumped on a train, which the kids loved and set off on an adventure. A train ride for us is always the start of an adventure, we don't get on them very often. We headed into town (Birmingham City Centre) to meet some other lovely mums and their kids. I'd never been to the Eastside Park before so it was something new for all of us. 

We spent the afternoon enjoying a picnic in the park and playing in the sun. The children played happily for hours, getting on really well together whilst the mummies enjoyed a chat. This picture was taken by the lovely Zoe Corkhill who blogs over at Mama Geek.

We said goodbye and set off home but little did I know, our adventure was not over. We had to walk past some fountains to reach the bus stop but do you think my two walked past? Oh No they didn't, they both ran straight into the middle of them all and got drenched through.

I couldn't get cross with them though, they looked so happy and it was really hot out. I was kind of jealous that I couldn't join them. It looked like so much fun. So there we were in the middle of town playing in these glorious floor fountains. We weren't the only ones, there was families all around us also enjoying the free water fun. It was great to watch everyone.

Luckily for Ryan he had a spare change of clothes but Lily wasn't so lucky, I hadn't expected that she'd need a change of clothes on a picnic day so she had to travel all the way home on a bus in her wet clothes. We did get a few funny looks but she didn't care, she thought it was rather funny and laughed all the way back. Ryan on the other hand wasn't laughing, he was too busy sleeping. I think yesterday turned out to be my favourite day of our summer so far!

Who knew a simple trip into town could turn out to be so much fun.

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