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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bathtime Fun with the TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse #Review

Bathtime Fun with the TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse

Bathtimes are fun times here in the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household. My youngest two love splashing around in the bath so new bathtime toys are always welcome here. This week we've been playing with the TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse. Although it's aimed at children aged 18 months plus Ryan who's 4 has really taken to it. Yes Ryan is 4 (some might say a little old for this) but he's still learning to build and coordinate his colours and number so this has been a great help to him. This toy might look very simple but it's full of fun sounds, light and lots of pouring fun with different sprinkles and coloured cups too. It floats really well and stays upright all of the time. I was worried that it may tip over constantly interrupting the fun but it didn't at all. It's nice and easy to put together and made bathtimes here lots of fun.

The box contained: 1 x floating base, 3 x stacking pouring cups, 1 x illuminating lantern with nautical sounds and 1 x lighthouse keeper. Once you have successfully stacked your lighthouse, you place the keeper on top and watch the lantern magically light up. It plays some nice music whilst flashing up in different colours, it's pretty and cute.

Ryan loved stacking up the lighthouse cups and then knocking them down again, he sat there doing that for almost 20 minutes. I was worried it might be a bit young for him but he's really enjoyed playing with it. What's not to love, it builds, falls down, pours water, makes music and lights up. It's every little boy or girls perfect bathtime toy. Ryan may be a bit old for it but he's sure not giving it up, his older sister Lily has her eye on it too.

Ryan gives his new TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse bath toy a funtastic 4/5. He liked the building fun and loved pouring the water through the stacking cups. He enjoyed the lights and the music and had even more fun knocking it down every time he'd built it.

Disclosure: We were sent this toy as a sample for the purpose of this review but that doesn't effect our thoughts. All the opinions expressed are 100 our own.

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