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My Family

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set - Chuggington #Review

Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set

The Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set is brought to us by TOMY and is based on the Chuggington tentpole episode airing this Autumn, this set is packed with tons of play and innovative new features, including a working escalator, an elevator, a working mega crane, a trick bridge, a tunnel, and two Die-Cast engines. 

This huge set is packed with action and adventure for the locomotives Brewster and Carmac which come included. One of the best features of this set is that there's a whopping four levels of elevation and multiple layouts for extended play. It's an ideal set for little Chuggington fans aged three years and up. My little man is aged 4 and loves it!

When this set arrived a few weeks ago we were all very excited. Both my youngest two love watching Chuggington on the TV so I was interested to see how they're get on. Ryan loves his old wooden train sets but he's never had anything like this before. This set has so many movable features, working bridges and so much more. I was a little worried that he wouldn't be able to use most of it, I was also worried that he'd break it up whilst playing as he can be a little heavy handed at times. After a few hours of play though I needn't have worried at all.

My first hurdle was to build the thing. This is what I was faced with when I opened the box .. Scary? Not at all. Most of the big pieces were already build and ready to go, I then had a few track pieces to put together to complete the set. I was really surprised at how easy it was to build, the snap together pieces made it a real breeze, It literally took 10 minutes.

This is the finished set, isn't it amazing! The track pieces are really chunky so they're great for little hands and the working parts are really easy to operate making play time stressless. I really liked the look of this set, it's definitely the biggest train set we've ever had before.

The escalator is really clever, the trains hook onto it allowing them to be carried up onto the higher platforms at the windup of a handle. The bridge is fab and the crane also doubles as a lift. The tracks go up and down so the trains get to travel up and down hill which adds for extra fun. The pieces are strong and stay firmly clicked together even when pushed and pulled.

There's definitely lots to do and see with the Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set. 

Both Ryan and Lily (who's 7) have been having so much fun with this set, they've been choo choo-ing away for hours. Because the set is so big it's easy for two to play together, normally with smaller sets they're always fighting over who gets to play with which bit. Not with this set though, with this one these so many features spread out all over it that there's more than enough to entertain two children happily at the same time which is fantastic.

Another great thing about the Chuggington Stack Track playsets is that all the separate sets can be added together to make super sets. I think it's a great idea which lets kids get even more creative and build their very own sets as they wish. TOMY have lots of other Chuggington toys to choose from too. I wonder which set my Ryan is going to want next? Whichever it is, at least I know that he will love it and be able to play with it easily. 

The Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set gets a fantastic 4/5 from all of us here at the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household. It's great fun, easy to assemble and build to last. It's full of fun activities to do and lots of twists and turns for the trains to enjoy as they "Ride the Rails".

Disclosure: We were sent this toy for free for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our review. All the opinions expressed are 100 honest and my own!

Back To School With Cloggs #Review

Back To School With Cloggs #Review

It may be the last thing on a child's mind, but for us parents, the preparation for the new school year starts here. Cloggs Back to School range includes both boys school shoes and girls infant, junior and senior school shoes, bags and the all-important shoe care. They have all the best brands, including Kickers, Dr Martens, Clarks, Geox and many more. Every pair is also eligible for Free Next Day Delivery and a Free Lifetime Returns Service.

It's an exciting time for us here as my eldest Chloe will be starting big school this September. I can't believe she's going into Year 7 already, she sure has grown up fast. The school she is going to is very strict so her school shoes had to fit a really tight specification. Her shoes had to be black but not shiny, plain with no bling, comfy without big heels and smart. After looking through the Cloggs website Chloe found the perfect pair for her. She chose a pretty pair of Clarks - Discovery Bay shoes in black leather with a simple bow detailing which cost £33.99. They have a 25mm heel which is just high enough for an 11 year old and also have lovely cushion soft soles perfect for when she's walking around her new school all day.

Chloe's really pleased with her new school shoes, she can't wait to wear them in September. They're really girly and pretty yet not too detailed so that she will get into trouble. She likes the soft cushioned soles, she couldn't believe how good they felt to wear. As a mum I'm happy that she is happy with her new school shoes and also that they wouldn't actually cost too much. At £33.99 they are a decent price for the quality that you get. Lets just hope they can last her until her feet grow again, which is happening all too fast right now. Chloe goes through shoes like Ryan goes through lollipops (which is a lot) She's always running around and climbing things that she should be. Lets hope a nice girly pair of shoes can help her feel a bit more girly and maybe even make her act like a girl more whilst she's at it. My little girl isn't so little any more, in fact she's going to be 12 before the year is out. How did that happen?

Disclosure:  We received these shoes for free for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our review. All opinions expressed are 100% our own and honest.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bathtime Fun with the TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse #Review

Bathtime Fun with the TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse

Bathtimes are fun times here in the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household. My youngest two love splashing around in the bath so new bathtime toys are always welcome here. This week we've been playing with the TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse. Although it's aimed at children aged 18 months plus Ryan who's 4 has really taken to it. Yes Ryan is 4 (some might say a little old for this) but he's still learning to build and coordinate his colours and number so this has been a great help to him. This toy might look very simple but it's full of fun sounds, light and lots of pouring fun with different sprinkles and coloured cups too. It floats really well and stays upright all of the time. I was worried that it may tip over constantly interrupting the fun but it didn't at all. It's nice and easy to put together and made bathtimes here lots of fun.

The box contained: 1 x floating base, 3 x stacking pouring cups, 1 x illuminating lantern with nautical sounds and 1 x lighthouse keeper. Once you have successfully stacked your lighthouse, you place the keeper on top and watch the lantern magically light up. It plays some nice music whilst flashing up in different colours, it's pretty and cute.

Ryan loved stacking up the lighthouse cups and then knocking them down again, he sat there doing that for almost 20 minutes. I was worried it might be a bit young for him but he's really enjoyed playing with it. What's not to love, it builds, falls down, pours water, makes music and lights up. It's every little boy or girls perfect bathtime toy. Ryan may be a bit old for it but he's sure not giving it up, his older sister Lily has her eye on it too.

Ryan gives his new TOMY Stack n Play Lighthouse bath toy a funtastic 4/5. He liked the building fun and loved pouring the water through the stacking cups. He enjoyed the lights and the music and had even more fun knocking it down every time he'd built it.

Disclosure: We were sent this toy as a sample for the purpose of this review but that doesn't effect our thoughts. All the opinions expressed are 100 our own.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Like Horses? Love Utterly Horses #Review

Like Horses? Love Utterly Horses

My eldest daughter Chloe loves horses so she was very excited when these lovely horse sets arrived from the lovely people over at Utterly Horses. The website itself is lovely and has everything a little horse lover like Chloe could ever want or need. They have everything from cute craft sets where you can paint your own horses, to moveable model horses and even fold away farm sets for the younger fans. We've been having a play with all of these over the past few weeks here and have to say they are delightful little toys. 

Ryan who's 4 has been playing with the Breyer Farm Animal Play Set. It's a nice basic set which is very cute and has the bonus feature of being able to roll up so it's ready to take away anywhere with you. ( 11 x 14inches in size ) It contains a full color durable vinyl play mat to stimulate imagination. When it's time to travel, store your Stablemates safely in the pockets on the back of the play mat. The set Includes: Stablemates palomino Peruvian Paso horse, farm scene play mat, pig, Sicilian goat, sheep and 4 pieces of fencing.

Ryan really like this set, he's now getting to the age where he's using his imagination more so toys like this are always great to have around. This set costs around £9.95.

Chloe has been playing with the Breyer Stablemate Painting Kit which allows horse lovers to create their very own horse family of their dreams with this easy-to-use and fun kit! It's a good set for beginners, yet challenging enough for more experienced painters. It contains three Stablemates models (2 horses and 1 foal), easy to follow color instructions. 1 Paint brush and 3 pots of acrylic paint in brown, black and White. 

This set costs £9.95 which isn't too bad as you get everything you need to paint all three horses in it. Chloe enjoyed painting her horses as it was something different to do. She didn't find it very easy to do but it was her first time so I'm sure she will get better with practise. Chloe's never really had anything like this before but she's said she would like to do this sort of thing again. IT sure makes a nice change to see her doing craft activities instead of being stuck behind her ipad all day. Overall Chloe gave her painting set a firm thumbs up.

We've all enjoyed playing with our Utterly Horses toys over the past few weeks. If you have any horse fans in your house then the Utterly Horses website might be a good place to check out for yourselves. Chloe has favorited it on her her ipad ready for her new adventure. 

Disclosure: We were sent our horses as samples for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our review in any way. All the opinions expressed are 100% or own.

Dinner Times have Gone Wild thanks to IWOOT #Review

Dinner Times have Gone Wild thanks to IWOOT 

Dinner times have been lots of fun this week thanks to IWOOT, we've been trying out some of their gorgeous new Wild Dining plates from Mustard. There's 4 in the set, each one just as gorgeous as the next. My favourite is the Patricia Panda, Daddy loves the Larry Lion, Chloe has taken a fancy to Gina Giraffe and Ryan has Gary Gorilla. Each design comes in a lovely gift box making them perfect for gifts or perfect just for family fun.

Each Wild Dining plate costs £9.99 but there's a special offer on at the moment where you can buy 3 for £20, basically buying two and getting one free which is fantastic. They are made in China and are completely Dishwasher safe. They measure around 22.9cms in diameter and contain a quirky animal design which is sure to bring a smile to your face.

I've been using my gorgeous new Patricia Panda plate all this week and have to say that I'm loving it a lot. It's so pretty, almost too pretty to be putting food on but  at the same time it's been a great excuse to play with my food which I wouldn't normally do. I've been using pasta as hair and chicken as clothes, it's been fun and definitely made dinner times here much more interesting. The whole family have loved using their new animal plates, dinner time is a fun time now. No more whining or whining, just lots of laughing and eating!

Mummy Of 3 Diaries gave the Wild Dining plates from IWOOT a fantastic 4/5. If you were to pick just one of the Wild Dining plates for yourself, which would you choose?

Disclosure: We were sent our plates as samples for the purpose of this review. Our reviews are always 100% honest and all the opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sunny Days Adventures!

Sunny Days Adventures!

Yesterday started out like any other day, the kids were running around the house like little lunatics and I was feeling rather stressed and tired. It's week 3 of the Summer Holidays and the kids were starting to annoy each other and that dreaded phrase 'I'm Bored' was starting to pop up more and more. I wasn't planning on doing anything really but after seeing a friend of mine on Facebook talking about a Blogger meet up, I thought , why not! 

We jumped on a train, which the kids loved and set off on an adventure. A train ride for us is always the start of an adventure, we don't get on them very often. We headed into town (Birmingham City Centre) to meet some other lovely mums and their kids. I'd never been to the Eastside Park before so it was something new for all of us. 

We spent the afternoon enjoying a picnic in the park and playing in the sun. The children played happily for hours, getting on really well together whilst the mummies enjoyed a chat. This picture was taken by the lovely Zoe Corkhill who blogs over at Mama Geek.

We said goodbye and set off home but little did I know, our adventure was not over. We had to walk past some fountains to reach the bus stop but do you think my two walked past? Oh No they didn't, they both ran straight into the middle of them all and got drenched through.

I couldn't get cross with them though, they looked so happy and it was really hot out. I was kind of jealous that I couldn't join them. It looked like so much fun. So there we were in the middle of town playing in these glorious floor fountains. We weren't the only ones, there was families all around us also enjoying the free water fun. It was great to watch everyone.

Luckily for Ryan he had a spare change of clothes but Lily wasn't so lucky, I hadn't expected that she'd need a change of clothes on a picnic day so she had to travel all the way home on a bus in her wet clothes. We did get a few funny looks but she didn't care, she thought it was rather funny and laughed all the way back. Ryan on the other hand wasn't laughing, he was too busy sleeping. I think yesterday turned out to be my favourite day of our summer so far!

Who knew a simple trip into town could turn out to be so much fun.

Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset #Review

Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset

Lambie is not feeling well! My little Doc McStuffins fans have been trying to make her better. With a little rub of the magic sponge onto her red spots, they magically disappear making Lambie all better! We've been playing with our Spotty Lambie Playset all week and had lots of fun. This set Includes a 25 cm Lambie, a pink heart shaped sponge, a cute plaster cast and lots of other accessories to help Lambie recover! There's a rather sparkly purple magnifying glass and 4 different coloured reusable plasters too, this set costs around £24.99.

Even though Lambie has pink hands and feet and a pink bow and tutu she's not just for girls. My little man loves playing with Lambie and other Doc McStuffins toys just as much as Lily does. Every child loves playing Doctors and trying to make their toys better.

Lambie has fully movable joints so she can sit or stand. She's firm but not too hard to touch. Lily and Ryan have really enjoyed playing with her, she's lots of fun to play Doctors with or even just for playing normal games with. Lambie has become one of the tribe now.

Little doctors-to-be will love to nurture and heal Lambie, just like Doc McStuffins does on her hit TV series. This toy is perfect for role play, kids can make Lambie feel all better by themselves. It's aimed at children ages 3 and above and went down very well with my two.

The Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset is a lovely set, it has a nice sized Lambie and lots of lovely accessories to play with. We scored it a Playtastic 3/5 here in the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household. Lambie is cute and looks so sweet, how wouldn't want to make her better.

Disclosure: We were sent our Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset for free to review that that does not influence or review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.