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My Family

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We're All Excited For The #Zelfs Twitter Party Tomorrow.

We're All Excited For The #Zelfs 
Twitter Party Tomorrow.

Today we are busy with are final party preparations as the big day is almost here. 
Whilst we're busy here packing party bags and setting out games and toys to play with, have you saved the date and time? We do hope that you will be joining us online tomorrow, make sure you follow @UKMumsTV on Twitter as they will be giving away lots of Zelfs prizes between 2:00pm - 4:00pm. I know we're excited, are you?

Before the madness of the actual party begins tomorrow I thought I'd give you all a sneak peek of what we got in our party box so you can get an idea of the sorts of prizes you might be able to win tomorrow. We're already huge fans of Zelfs here so we're super happy.

Our box was filled with colourful and crazy Zelfs, there was one for each of our guests to take home, plus three more which will be given away as prizes. There was lots of fun and games like colouring sheets and crossword puzzles and even sweets and fun hair accessories too.

Meet my ultimate favourite Bubblegum Scented Zelf - Bubblee. This bubbly bubble blower blows away all the other zelfs with her chewy-gooey cheer. 
She’s always hanging’ in her gumdrop tree trying’to blow a bubble as big as the zelf twilight Moon and she smells absolutely divine!

There's also Chocolate Chocolaa, Strawberry Vampula, Berry Buttershy and Mint Spelinda in the new Scented Zelfs range. Individually they all smell rather nice but together they can get a bit whiffy and a little overwhelming. One at a time is just divine!

Mermalade is Ryan's favourite mainly because she is blue, his favourite colour. She has a blue body, blue hair and a blue hairbrush which Ryan loves. He's going through a hair brushing phase at the moment so this is just perfect for him and his big sisters are pleased as he's now leaving their hair alone (even if it's just for now).

Lady B is Lily's favourite because she loves ladybirds and Lady B had cute little ladybird antlers and a pretty ladybird printed on her chest. She's a rather sweet little Zelf this one.

There are so many different Zelfs to choose from, they all come in different colours and styles with their own cute little accessories and stories behind them. The costs range between £5.99 and £7.99 depending on which one that you choose but each is definitely worth every penny and if you're children are anything like mine. Once they have one Zelf they will be hooked and want an entire army of them to collect and play with.

There's going to be party food, hair accessories fun and cupcake decorating to keep the kids entertained. With less than 24 hours to go now, we can't wait.

With 8 guests + 8 goody bags + Just 1 host  =  Wish me luck.

Join us tomorrow on Twitter where we'll be using the #Zelfs hashtags so you can find us. 

@UKMumsTV is going to be the place to be between 2:00pm - 4:00pm

There's going to be lots of prizes to be won so do come along and join in.

Disclosure: We are hosting a Zelfs Twitter Party on behalf of UKMumsTV. They are providing the party supplies in return for our honest opinions on their toys.

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