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Thursday, 3 July 2014

QVC - Watch Them Grow Gardening Kits #Review

QVC - Watch Them Grow Gardening Kits 

My little one's love to watch things grow, there's nothing more enjoyable than watching something you planted with your own hands bloom into something beautiful. Over the past three weeks we have been doing just that. We were sent a lovely Unwins Little Grower Propagator Flower Variety Kit from the QVC Watch Them Grow range to have a play with. I've been taking lots of photographs along the way to show you how we all got on.

The Little Growers Flowers Kit has been specially selected by the Unwins team for kids, and includes four exciting flower varieties; Sunshine Giant sunflowers, Striped Caterpillars, Mexican Hats, and Asclepias Hedgehogs. Everything comes neatly packed in a large box which contains everything that will possibly need and more. The kit contains:

  • 1 x Little Growers Sunflower Sunshine giant seeds.
  • 1 x Little Growers Striped Caterpillars seeds packet.
  • 1 x Little Growers Mexican Hats seeds packet.
  • 1 x Little Growers Asclepias Hedgehog seeds packet.
  • 1 x propagator lid
  • 1 x set of cell trays
  • 1 x bag of seed compost

Three weeks ago Granddad, Lily and Ryan filled the pots provided with compost and planted lots of lovely seeds. There was three different varieties so they all planted a few of each in their own little pots. They all had lots of fun planting their seeds and getting all dirty too. It was nice to see them doing something so hands on and loving every moment. 

Grandad's garden is much sunnier than ours so we decided to leave them there to grow. We visit Nanny and Grandad's every week so it was a great way for them to 'have a chance to grow' without the kids messing with them all the time. Grandad had the job of watering them for us and the kids had the job of checking how much they'd grown when we visited.

After just one week some of the seeds had started to grow, some much more than others as you can see in the picture above. We could see lots of lovely green leaves starting to bloom. The kids were very excited, in just one week their little pots of dirt as they called them had changed so much. New life was starting to form and grow.

After two weeks they were getting pretty big so we had to move them into some bigger pots. We've all really enjoyed watching them grow and will continue to do so for months to come. These kits are such a fab idea and so worth the money as they really do have everything you will need in them. Lily and Ryan (and grandad) have loved watching their seeds grow. We haven't seen any pretty flowers yet but we're very excited for when we will.

We happily score the QVC Watch Them Grow Flowers Kit a fun filled 4/5. They're very reasonably priced, lots of fun and great for getting the kids involved with the great outdoors.

Disclosure: We were sent our kit for free for the purpose of this review but that doesn't affect it as all the thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

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