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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why Was I So Nervous? #Britmumslive

Why Was I So Nervous? #Britmumslive 

This time last week the nerves were really starting to show. At one point I was actually thinking of not going at all, I was that scared! Although I've been blogging for almost 4 years now I had never been to Britmums before, just the mere mention of it used to terrify me.

This year (back in January) I finally plucked up the courage to buy myself a ticket to face my fears and find out what Britmums was really all about, for myself and boy am I so glad that I did! What a weekend I have just had. What an amazing experience! 

Arriving at the beautiful but HUGE venue I should have been filled with fear but I wasn't. I did have a brief "OMG What am I Doing Here, This is CRAZY" moment when I arrived and stood in the foyer surrounded by noise and people but that luckily didn't last for long.

Most of my weekend was spent with a lovely friend of mine Lucy who is a close online friend and fellow blogger over at LondonBirdLucy. Without her I'm not sure if my weekend would have been as much fun, she was my Britmums partner in wine, oops I mean crime.

Lucy and I checked out all the amazing stands and got to talk to so many wonderful brands. On my own I would have been shy but with Lucy by my side I was happily chatting away. 

Even though I was surrounded by hundreds of bloggers there was always a friendly face near by. Luckily I recognised lots of lovely faces from both the blogs I read online and the people I talk to on Twitter. It was so lovely to finally put faces to so many names and get to enjoy their company even if it was only for a short time. It's good to talk.

I think there was too main reasons why I wasn't nervous, one was the fact that everyone was just so nice and two, there was wine and lots of it. The lovely people from Lindeman's Wines had a gorgeous Sunshine Stand where we could enjoy samples of their fruitful wines. I was very good and didn't drink too much, which I have to admit was very hard seeing that it was so nice. I had never tried Lindemans before and if I'm honest, I'd never even heard of it. Later in the day Lindemans ran a fabulous Wine Tasting Session which was amazing, who knew there was so much to learn about wines. The room was set out beautifully and the company was fab.

I attended lots of inspirational sessions including an Advanced Social Media one and a How to make better Videos class. There was so much on offer in the way of tips and helpful advice but it was really hard to choose which ones to go. If there had been more time I think I would have quite happily went to them all. 

There was one part of Britmums Live that I really loved and that was the amazing Morrisons Lounge. I found myself sitting in the front row quite often as the cooking sessions that were going on were amazing and the food that was being supplied was even better. 

Between Morrisons and Lindemans I was well and truly cared for. 

Schmoozing with brands can be quite serious stuff but not at Britmums Live, the stands had interactive competitions to help you relax. I'm not normally one for having my photo taken but even I joined in the fun. There was lots of dressing up with props. I really let loose and enjoyed myself, Lucy and I laughed a lot. This picture was taken at the Boots Opticians stand.

I could go on forever but I best not, it's almost bed time and even I'm getting sleepy. My overall message is that if you are feeling nervous about the whole Britmums Live scene like I was last year then please don't as there's nothing to be nervous about. Everyone is in the same boat and feeling the same way, everyone is so lovely and there's even free hugs on offer from some people. Even if you go alone, you won't be left alone for long.

Britmums Live has been a wonderful experience and I'm so glad that I went. I learnt lots about blogging and social media but I learnt lots about myself too. This weekend I learnt what my strong points were and what I can bring to the blogging world. I learnt what I am good at and what I have to offer. Most importantly I learnt that every blogger is different and has their own unique style and that's okay! I'm happy to be me and blog the way I do.

Britmums Live has opened my eyes to the blogging world and given me the confidence to shout about my blog out loud. I am Mummy Of 3 Diaries and proud.

Roll on next June and Britmums Live 2015!


  1. This is a lovely write-up. Was very chuffed to see you, and had a great weekend - it all went so quickly! x

    1. Aw thank you Kerry, it was so lovely to meet you too - Is it wrong that I'm already excited for next year? x

  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant time!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this :)