My Family

My Family

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Dad Deserves A Hamper ..

My Dad Deserves A Hamper ..

My Dad is one in a million. My Dad is one of a kind.
My Dad is an amazing person. Men like my Dad are hard to find.
My Dad is fun, he's still a child at heart.
My Dad is the centre of my family, may be never part.

My Dad is always giving, My Dad is my hero.
My Dad is so funny, he's defo no zero.
My Dad is so special, he's my best friend.
My Dad is just amazing, he's real, not pretend!

My Dad is helpful, My Dad is a family man.
My Dad loves adventures, he runs as fast as he can.
My Dad may be getting older but he's not old yet.
My Dad likes a whiskey and a Sunday afternoon bet.

My Dad loves to walk, My Dad loves his life.
My Dad loves his children and his wonderful wife.
My Dad loves his grandkids with all of his heart.
My Dad is amazing, and that's just the start!

This Fathers Day I'd like to give my Dad the best gift that I can.
A HamperGifts surprise perfect for a real man!
Maybe one filled with beers from all around the world.
Maybe one filled with chocolates to share with his favourite girls.
Maybe one filled with cheese, he likes a piece of that.
Maybe one filled with toys, like a ball and a bat.

Whatever I give my Dad this year, I'm sure that he won't mind.
As long as it's not another pair of socks, if it is I'm going home!
My Dad isn't fussy but he knows what he doesn't want.
And if I get one of those items, I'll be getting a loud word in bold font!

Fathers Day is a happy day filled with joy and love.
Gifts don't really matter when all we need is a hug.
As long as I have my Dad by my side I know I'm truly blessed.
Life can throw what it likes at me, with him I'll do my best!

My Dad is like my best friend, one who never grows apart.
He's like my guardian angel, he'll always be in my heart.
My Dad is defo an angel, his heart is filled with love.
When I was born, I was blessed with love from up above!

I meant every word that I have said here. My Dad is the best Dad I could ever have hoped for.
I would love my Dad to win a nice hamper from Hamper Gifts. I think he deserves one x

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