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My Family

Monday, 30 June 2014

Tobar Crafty Book - Fashion Designer #Review

 Tobar Crafty Book - Fashion Designer

This pretty Fashion Designer activity book comes complete with outfit stencils and a colour wheel. It's an activity book that's packed with fashion design tips and advice for young girls. It's great for children who love to design their own clothes or get creative designing their own hairstyles or jewelry. The first half of the book helps them to match the outfit stencils to different fashions, whereas the second half of the book has lots of blank templates ready to be dressed up and styled. It's 48 pages of fashion fun aimed at girls aged 8+.

My Chloe who's 11 has been having a play with this book this week and has enjoyed doing lots of different things in it. She found designing the clothes and drawing her own jewelry the most fun. There's lots of already drawn stencils which make it it really easy to do.

Chloe's never really had a go at anything like this before so this book was great for her as it was really simple to do. There's clear instructions on each page which you can follow or you could be creative and do something completely different. With this book you could do as much or as little as you wanted, you could add lots of detail or just a bit. Although it's aimed at children aged 8 and higher my Lily who's 7 loved having a go with it too. It's a fun book that has lots of fun, girly things to do. We were happy with it and gave it a 3/5 scoring on our fun chart.

There's lots of other lovely books in the new Tobar Crafty Book range. They have lots of fun stuff to do from Magic Tricks to Nail Art, there's something for every child to enjoy.

Disclosure: We were sent our book for free for the purpose of this review but that doesn't affect my review. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Why Was I So Nervous? #Britmumslive

Why Was I So Nervous? #Britmumslive 

This time last week the nerves were really starting to show. At one point I was actually thinking of not going at all, I was that scared! Although I've been blogging for almost 4 years now I had never been to Britmums before, just the mere mention of it used to terrify me.

This year (back in January) I finally plucked up the courage to buy myself a ticket to face my fears and find out what Britmums was really all about, for myself and boy am I so glad that I did! What a weekend I have just had. What an amazing experience! 

Arriving at the beautiful but HUGE venue I should have been filled with fear but I wasn't. I did have a brief "OMG What am I Doing Here, This is CRAZY" moment when I arrived and stood in the foyer surrounded by noise and people but that luckily didn't last for long.

Most of my weekend was spent with a lovely friend of mine Lucy who is a close online friend and fellow blogger over at LondonBirdLucy. Without her I'm not sure if my weekend would have been as much fun, she was my Britmums partner in wine, oops I mean crime.

Lucy and I checked out all the amazing stands and got to talk to so many wonderful brands. On my own I would have been shy but with Lucy by my side I was happily chatting away. 

Even though I was surrounded by hundreds of bloggers there was always a friendly face near by. Luckily I recognised lots of lovely faces from both the blogs I read online and the people I talk to on Twitter. It was so lovely to finally put faces to so many names and get to enjoy their company even if it was only for a short time. It's good to talk.

I think there was too main reasons why I wasn't nervous, one was the fact that everyone was just so nice and two, there was wine and lots of it. The lovely people from Lindeman's Wines had a gorgeous Sunshine Stand where we could enjoy samples of their fruitful wines. I was very good and didn't drink too much, which I have to admit was very hard seeing that it was so nice. I had never tried Lindemans before and if I'm honest, I'd never even heard of it. Later in the day Lindemans ran a fabulous Wine Tasting Session which was amazing, who knew there was so much to learn about wines. The room was set out beautifully and the company was fab.

I attended lots of inspirational sessions including an Advanced Social Media one and a How to make better Videos class. There was so much on offer in the way of tips and helpful advice but it was really hard to choose which ones to go. If there had been more time I think I would have quite happily went to them all. 

There was one part of Britmums Live that I really loved and that was the amazing Morrisons Lounge. I found myself sitting in the front row quite often as the cooking sessions that were going on were amazing and the food that was being supplied was even better. 

Between Morrisons and Lindemans I was well and truly cared for. 

Schmoozing with brands can be quite serious stuff but not at Britmums Live, the stands had interactive competitions to help you relax. I'm not normally one for having my photo taken but even I joined in the fun. There was lots of dressing up with props. I really let loose and enjoyed myself, Lucy and I laughed a lot. This picture was taken at the Boots Opticians stand.

I could go on forever but I best not, it's almost bed time and even I'm getting sleepy. My overall message is that if you are feeling nervous about the whole Britmums Live scene like I was last year then please don't as there's nothing to be nervous about. Everyone is in the same boat and feeling the same way, everyone is so lovely and there's even free hugs on offer from some people. Even if you go alone, you won't be left alone for long.

Britmums Live has been a wonderful experience and I'm so glad that I went. I learnt lots about blogging and social media but I learnt lots about myself too. This weekend I learnt what my strong points were and what I can bring to the blogging world. I learnt what I am good at and what I have to offer. Most importantly I learnt that every blogger is different and has their own unique style and that's okay! I'm happy to be me and blog the way I do.

Britmums Live has opened my eyes to the blogging world and given me the confidence to shout about my blog out loud. I am Mummy Of 3 Diaries and proud.

Roll on next June and Britmums Live 2015!

Monday, 23 June 2014

The British Gas Telephone Call That Changed Everything.

The British Gas Telephone Call That 
Changed Everything.

I am physically shaking with anger and upset whilst I am writing this. I have been a loyal customer of British Gas for years and I have always paid my bills on time so when I got a phone call tonight demanding to know why I had not paid my bill, I was confused .

The man on the phone who said he was from British Gas spoke very harshly telling me that I had not paid my bill and that I had to do so right away. I tried to explain to him that I had not had a bill otherwise I would have paid it as I always pay my bills on time. He was very abrupt and aggressive and said that I had to pay it today or more charges were going to be added. 

 He said that an email had been sent to me with my bill (which hadn't as I checked) and that I had to pay it right away or I would be called and harassed every day until I had paid it all off. I tried to explain that I don't have any cards on which I could pay it as I always use a friends or my parents and asked if I could pay it tomorrow to which he said no.

He said that my only option was to set up a pre-paid metre and that would stop me getting any more charges added. I really didn't want to do this but after him telling me I had to over and over, I finally agreed against my will. I was so scared after this call, I was in a real panic from what had just happened. Was he really from British Gas? I had to find out.

I called the British Gas Customer Service line to speak to someone different to try and find out what had just happened. I wanted to make sure the call had been from them (which the new man I spoke to confirmed it was). He said that no bill had been sent yet as it was only due today and my bill would be sent out within the next 7 days. He said I should just pay it as normal then and that there was nothing to worry about. He said that I had not missed my bill, I had not been sent an email and I did not have to have a pre-paid meter. I asked him to cancel the pre-paid meter immediately for me as I did not want that in the first place,

I am so angry and upset by all of this. I have no idea why a member of their staff tried rang me and tried to bully me into getting a prepaid meter but I do know that I am definitely not getting one. I'm still shaking from all of this. I am now thinking of transferring my account (both gas and electric) to another company. One who doesn't treat me like this. I would like an explanation as to what happened and why? 

I have emailed them a complaint and am now awaiting a reply.

I'm so confused, angry and upset right now. Why would a company do this? Was all this a plot to get me to get a prepaid meter or was it something else. Either way they have really upset me and I no longer want to do business with them unless I get an apology and an explanation.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

HARIBO Go Football Crazy! #Giveaway

HARIBO Go Football Crazy! 

HARIBO are joining in the World Cup Madness with their New HARIBO Football Mix. 

Today we set up our very own football game right here in our living room. We named our pitch 'The Family Fun' and set up our teams, Reds against Oranges.

Mum against Kids we battled it out on the pitch, fighting for victory. We played, we shot, we scored! We laughed, we cried, we scored! Well some of us did anyway.

My players had a bit of a wobble and missed their free kick sadly meaning the little monsters (my kids) won the delicious jelly cup. The crowd (the cat) went wild with excitement as the winning team ran around the stadium (my living room) in celebration.

Oh what a day. It's been a day filled with cheers and excitement, tears and sadness and lots and lots of yummy sweets! We're not greedy so we've got a surprise for you - Yes 6 of you!

The very generous people from HARIBO have given me 6 x Football kits and HARIBO Football Mix packs to give away to you my very lucky readers. Here's how to get your hands on one.

Simply use the Rafflecopter Form below to win one of these Football Crazy prizes. 
Remember there are up for grabs - Good Luck.

This giveaway is open to the UK only. It will end on Sunday 6th July. 6 Winners will be drawn at random from all the correctly made entries. Good Luck.

Dinosaur Train's Awesome Interactive Dinosaurs. #Review

Dinosaur Train's Awesome Interactive Dinosaurs

My little man Ryan is a HUGE fan of the daytime children's show 'Dinosaur Train' so he was very excited when we were offered some to try out some of TOMY's Interactive Dinosaurs from their lovely Dinosaur Train toy range. We were sent Mr Conductor and Roar 'n' React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex. Both looked fantastic but the T-Rex is just Roarsome!

Mr Conductor Comes to life with over 40 Dino sounds and phrases. You simply press his pocket watch to see it light up and hear him talk and sing. You can also push the button on the top of his head to move his mouth up and down and hear him talk and sing some more. He  interacts and reacts with all the other Inter Action figures. He costs £15.99 and is aimed at children aged 3 and over. He comes with batteries in so he's all ready to play.

Boris Tyrannosaurus is the REALLY BIG interactive dinosaur.  He costs £32.99. Along with the other interactives,  SmartTalk technology gives Boris the ability to recognize and interact with other dinosaurs in the interactive range and have roaring contests with YOU!  

When you press his back button he opens his mouth for big chomping action. When you press his interactive button also on his back, he shares tons of fun dino data. Chomping sounds are triggered in Boris' mouth; huge roaring sounds are activated when Boris' tale is pressed down: and when Boris walks on the ground, he makes stomping sounds. 

Ryan has been having so much fun with this pair, they roar at each other and chat away for ages. It's great to hear all the facts they share like their weights and sizes and other fun facts too. From the moment they arrived, they've hardly had time to rest. They've been pulled, poked and plodded over and over again. They must be built really well as they've withstood Ryan's rough and tumble ways so far. He's thrown them around and even dropped them from heights, like over the back of my settee. They're both still working perfectly with no damage.

I really love the way that they can interact but for my son Ryan he's just happy playing with his new dinosaur friends. He loves the roars mainly but he's enjoying the songs to.

We've been playing with these now all week and are very happy with them. They're great to look at, real bright and eye catching and they're even better to play with. There's lots to hear about once they get chatting and lots for little people to learn at the same time.

The Tomy Dinosaur Train Interactive dinosaurs get a very well deserved 4/5 from Ryan and myself. They're hard wearing and built well, we'll be enjoying these for a good while to come.

Disclosure: I was sent my dinosaur toys for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our thoughts. All the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Meal Times with BirdsEye Inspirations!

Meal Times with BirdsEye Inspirations!

As I looked into my humble freezer last night looking for ideas for tea, I decided to try something new! We buy BirdsEye all the time but I'd never bought their new Cheese and Ham Chicken Inspirations first but I was very excited to try them. "Chicken bursting with a creamy Cheese & Ham sauce made with 100% Chicken Breast" they say! I would be the judge of that!  They looked a lot like other chicken kiev type foods that I've tried before so I was very keen to see if they tasted any different. The flavour was going to be the decider for me.

Whilst I was having 'grown up' cheese and ham chicken inspirations my little hungry explorers were having some yummy Chicken Space Shapes, they looked like great fun. My little man Ryan helped me lay them out onto the baking tray, he picked out each shape himself.

I served my cheese and ham chicken inspiration with spiral pasta and some homemade cheese sauce which is one of my meal time favourite sauces. The portion size was good, the chicken was tender and tasty and the creamy cheese sauce inside was delicious. There was lots of sauce in there just bursting to get out, the tiny ham piece were pretty nice too. I was really pleased with my meal and ate every single bite which for me is a real achievement as I'm quite fussy with the food I choose to eat lately.

The new BirdsEye Inspirations range has lots of new things to try, I'm loving the look of their new fish dishes and will hopefully pluck up the courage to try them soon too. I'm not a huge fish eater as I like my chicken far too much but I must admit that this fish looks so good!

If you're thinking about trying these cheese and ham chicken inspirations - I would! They were so tasty and I really enjoyed every mouthful. They really are packed full of flavour and I will happily be buying them again. My eldest daughter Chloe had the other chicken portion as they come two in a box and even she loved it. My only downfall was that I only bought one box!

Disclosure:  I was sent a voucher to purchase these BirdsEye items for the purpose of this review but that doesn't influence my opinions in any way. My reviews are 100% honest.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Celebrate Belvoir Fruit Farm's 30th anniversary! #Competition

Celebrate Belvoir Fruit Farm's 30th anniversary! 

We are launching this competition in the run up to the six week annual elderflower harvest, but also in celebration of Belvoir’s 30th anniversary of producing what has become such a quintessential British drink. The elder tree is steeped in folklore; its blossom was a powerful symbol of the change in the seasons, heralding the arrival of summer. It is said that if you want to see fairies, all you need to do is stand under the elder tree on Midsummer’s Eve at the peak of the elderflower season! It might also be believed that the Elder Fairy had played her part in Belvoir Fruit Farms’ success, sprinkling a little magic dust over the business.

 As a result of the Elder Fairy’s handy work and Belvoir’s natural processes, Belvoir elderflower cordial is more than a light refreshing drink, but also a great product to bake with as all Belvoir products are made using the finest ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. To show how versatile the elderflower cordial really is, Belvoir and celebrity cook, Sophie Conran have teamed up to develop two magical recipes they are sure the Elder Fairy will approve, but don't let that stop you creating your own yummy recipes!

The Competition:

I have been given a wonderful prize for one of you to win. There's a gorgeous children’s baking-set, along with a case of six delicious elderflower cordials, in total worth £45. If you would like to win this lovely prize you can enter below using the Rafflecopter Form.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to the UK only and will end on Sunday June 22nd.

#SilentSunday 08/06/2014

Silent Sunday 08/06/2014

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Dad Deserves A Hamper ..

My Dad Deserves A Hamper ..

My Dad is one in a million. My Dad is one of a kind.
My Dad is an amazing person. Men like my Dad are hard to find.
My Dad is fun, he's still a child at heart.
My Dad is the centre of my family, may be never part.

My Dad is always giving, My Dad is my hero.
My Dad is so funny, he's defo no zero.
My Dad is so special, he's my best friend.
My Dad is just amazing, he's real, not pretend!

My Dad is helpful, My Dad is a family man.
My Dad loves adventures, he runs as fast as he can.
My Dad may be getting older but he's not old yet.
My Dad likes a whiskey and a Sunday afternoon bet.

My Dad loves to walk, My Dad loves his life.
My Dad loves his children and his wonderful wife.
My Dad loves his grandkids with all of his heart.
My Dad is amazing, and that's just the start!

This Fathers Day I'd like to give my Dad the best gift that I can.
A HamperGifts surprise perfect for a real man!
Maybe one filled with beers from all around the world.
Maybe one filled with chocolates to share with his favourite girls.
Maybe one filled with cheese, he likes a piece of that.
Maybe one filled with toys, like a ball and a bat.

Whatever I give my Dad this year, I'm sure that he won't mind.
As long as it's not another pair of socks, if it is I'm going home!
My Dad isn't fussy but he knows what he doesn't want.
And if I get one of those items, I'll be getting a loud word in bold font!

Fathers Day is a happy day filled with joy and love.
Gifts don't really matter when all we need is a hug.
As long as I have my Dad by my side I know I'm truly blessed.
Life can throw what it likes at me, with him I'll do my best!

My Dad is like my best friend, one who never grows apart.
He's like my guardian angel, he'll always be in my heart.
My Dad is defo an angel, his heart is filled with love.
When I was born, I was blessed with love from up above!

I meant every word that I have said here. My Dad is the best Dad I could ever have hoped for.
I would love my Dad to win a nice hamper from Hamper Gifts. I think he deserves one x

Monday, 2 June 2014

Affordable Summer Fun With Home Bargains #Review

Affordable Summer Fun With Home Bargains

When the sun is shining and the children want to play outside, we declare that day 'Picnic Play Day'. All of the items pictured above are from the wonderful Home Bargains store. We were sent a few items from their new Summer range to test out last week. There was a gorgeous picnic blanket and a handy foldable picnic basket. Lots of plastic cups and ice cream sundae dishes. A huge plastic bowl for crisps or salads and a set of plastic cutlery. All of which are perfect for using outside. In our package we also received a lovely paddling pool, a foil kite, a ball catcher set and lots of lovely character labeled bubbles which the kids loved!

Lily loved the ball catching toy although she didn't like it when she missed the ball as you can see in this picture. I used to have one of these when I was younger so they brought back lots of great memories. We had lots of fun playing catch with these yesterday.

Ryan on the other hand is more of a bubble monster, he just loves blowing bubbles. His blue Dora bottle was fantastic, it's bubble wand had lots of different sized holes in it to make all sorts of bubbles. One dip of the wand made lots of lovely bubbles, it was fab!

My favourite items had to be the beautiful bright picnic blanket which was super soft and so pretty. It was a great size, not too big to carry but big enough for us all to fit on. I also loved the foldable picnic basket which was so cool. I'd never seen one of these before so I was very impressed. It was very sturdy and looked great, it also fit a lot in it too. We managed to fit all of the items we were sent snuggly into it and there was still room left over.

We may have only had our picnic in our garden this time but with beautiful items like this, next time it's the local park. I'd be more than happy to show them off in public. Our Home Bargains picnic items were all made of good quality materials and looked great. The prices are affordable and always very low. Overall I was really impressed with our loot.

Mummy Of 3 Diaries scored the Home Bargains picnic items a very well deserved 3/5. We loved all the items and will be using them over and over again throughout the Summer.

Disclosure: We were sent the above items for free for the purpose of this review but that does not in any way influence me. All the opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.