My Family

My Family

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What A Weekend!

What A Weekend!

Oh boy what a weekend, it's definitely been a weekend filled with emotion and drama.

Friday evening saw me drinking champagne and eating very posh canapes at a special VIP Krispy Kreme event in the Birmingham Selfridges store which I won tickets to attend on their Twitter page. The staff were lovely and I got to chat with lots of other lovely people too.

We made our own doughnuts and even had ones made with our names on with was fun. We got to see the launch of their new 'Most Expensive Doughnut' which costs £39.99 to buy! It did look amazing although I was a little sad that I didn't get to taste one. It's edible 21 carat gold and Perignon Champagne jam sounded mouth wateringly delicious!

 Saturday morning wasn't so fun! My poor Bella (our dog) wasn't herself and we were getting really worried so we took her to the Vet for some help. They knew what was wrong straight away and rushed her in for a scan. They told us she had a womb infection called Pyometra which can be really serious if it's not treated in time. Bella was rushed down for an emergency operation which removed her womb and ovaries. We were so scared, sitting there in that waiting room for two hours waiting for news on how it went was terrifying. Luckily it all went well and Bella got to come home with us the same day. She's got a long way to recover but she's looking brighter and happier already. If only we had known about this condition we would have got her spayed a long time ago, it was so scary but I'm just so thankful that she's ok.

After taking home to rest, the kids and I then headed out to the park to play for a few hours. We eat ice creams and had a picnic on the grass. The kids paddled in the parks stream and I got to relax and watch for a short while. The weather was glorious and right then I couldn't have felt more thankful for the wonderful family I had been blessed with.

Saturday evening was a whirlwind of excitement as my eldest daughter Chloe (who's 11) and I went to the McBusted 2014 Tour concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham which isn't too far from where we live. A very kind lady had won the tickets but couldn't go so she gave them to me which I was truly grateful for as a night out for Chloe like that was very rare. 

We had amazing tickets, they were for their very special VIP OMFG Zone which was a little are right in front of the stage that also had a stage all the way around us so we were dead centre of all the action. The guys were everywhere, running back and forwards, jumping up and down. The show was crazy but amazing! We both loved every minute of it.

Sunday (Today) We enjoyed a family BBQ from the comfort of our very own backyard. Delicious food, Family fun and wonderful Sunshine. What more could a family ask for!

So there you have it, my emotional rollercoaster of a weekend. There's been tears and laughter, Noise and peace, Sadness and Joy! Life has definitely thrown some curve balls at me this week but Life is always worth living and shows us a thing or two as we grow.

What did you get up to this weekend? 

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