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My Family

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tamagotchi Friends #Review

Tamagotchi Friends

I can't tell you how much I've wanted my own Tamagotchi Friend! I had one of the original ones when I was little so I've been dying to get my hands on the new, updated version to see how they compare. Forget my girls, this one's for me. Ok, ok they can have a go after me.

 This fun, interactive virtual friend will grow and develop differently depending on how well you take care of it. Once your Tamagotchi egg has hatched, you feed it food when it is hungry, give it medicine when it is sick, potty train it, bathe it and play games to earn Gotchi points. 

One of the biggest updates to them is that now for the first time, you can “bump” with other Tamagotchis to send text messages or gifts and even go on playdates! The more you “bump” the more points and rewards you can earn and the higher your best friend meter will go. 
You can then use those points to buy meals, snacks and even jewellery in the shop or share items with your friends by giving and receiving gifts. This is very exciting as it makes owning a Tamagotchi friend more sociable, you no longer have to play alone.

There's 6 Tamagotchi Friends to choose from, each one has a different pattern so there's a design to suit everyone. There's patterns for both both and girls alike.

We received the Leopard Tamagotchi last week to play with which I love, the main base is white with little splatters of red, pink, yellow and blue. It's a real sweet design perfect for a boy or girl. My girls love this one, it's been a big hit here in our home.

I like the size of the new Tamagotchi's, they're a bit bigger than they use to be which is great for little hands to hold. I like the new features and the ease of use, with just 3 buttons to control everything it's nice and easy to use. The first button selects which item you want to choose, the second accepts your choice like an enter button and the third is a back button.

My only problem with it was the screen brightness, even after changing the screens contrast and brightness I still found it quite hard to see what's going on, on the screen. The pictures are quite clear and you can make out what you're looking at but for me I would have liked it to have been a bit brighter. A little backscreen light would have been a really nice idea so then we could see it easier and even play it in the dark too.

There's lots to do with the new Tamagotchi from Bandai, there's 5 games to play and lots of duties you need to do in order to care for it. I wasn't a fan of being beeped at constantly but my girls seemed to like it. I guess being a mummy of 3 children in real life is enough for my to worry about so I'll be leaving the Tamagotchi care to them from now on.

Tamagotchi Friends cost around £24.99 and are available to buy from most good toy stores. 

We gave our new  Tamagotchi Friend a fun 3/5 as my girls really enjoyed playing with it. 

Disclosure: We were sent our Tamagotchi Friend for free for the purpose of this review but that does not in any way influence my review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. I remember having one when I was a
    These new ones sound great x

    1. They're fab although my pet only lasted a day before he died. I don't think ignoring the beeps works lol x