My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Family Fun in the Forest Of Dean..

Family Fun in the Forest Of Dean..

Family time is always time well spent
It's time where memories are made and rules are bent.
A family that plays together stays together they say
So every week we save a day just for play.

With 3 children in tow we took a trip away
To the Forest Of Dean in a cottage to stay.
We played board games and went for walks
We drew pictures on the paths with chalks.

One day we hired bikes for a ride
We all saddled up and rode off with pride.
Heading off into woods, on an adventure for all
No other sounds except the song birds call.

We all had a bike except for little man
He had a seat on the back, what a plan.
Riding in style, comfy and cosy
Looking around at the world, being all nosey.

The air was chilly so we all wore hats and gloves
Ryan was happy all snug as a bug.
My girls were ecstatic, riding around free
It was nice to see everyone so happy.

We listened for birds way high up in the tree
We watched out for Deer who wondered free.
We tracked the Wild Boars from the messy tracks they made
But if we had seen one, we wouldn't have stayed!

We explored the woods and walked through the trees
We climbed into holes and peaked right through.
We hid in the shadows and played in the light
We slid down the slopes with all of our might.

We rode the path for hours, 5 in fact
We had an amazing time, all of us in tact.
Stopping off to take a look around
We rode over every kind of ground.

I'm not a bike rider but I gave it my all
We managed the ride with only one fall.
Poor little Lily fell off in the mud
She laughed but she did make an almighty thud!

Watching their faces light up as they walked
We played Eye Spy and laughed as we talked.
Family time is the best time ever
When memories are made they last forever!

Nature is beautiful and made to be explored
Turning off the TV doesn't mean being bored.
There's a whole world out there just waiting for you
Adventures to be had and dreams to come true.

The Nature on your doorstep tip inspired us to play
It sent us outside to enjoy our day.
We climbed trees as high as we could go
We searched for wildlife, high and low.

We laughed and played, sang and ran
We had so much fun as families can
We went on an adventure in the Forest Of Dean
We got all mucky, who needs to be clean.

We saw baby Deer as they strolled through the wood
We splashed in puddles and jumped in the mud
We Rode over bumps and zoomed down the hills
We had fun, enjoying the thrills.

Back at the cottage at the end of it all
A warm meal and a bath, as bedtime called.
Tired but content we all settled down
A house full of smile, no sign of a frown.

Our trip into the wild was a very special day
We took away stories for us all to say.
Our bike ride took us on an adventure you see
From the pictures I've shared you can see we were happy! 

 'This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots100 June challenge. If I'm chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest – Rufford, Nottinghamshire.' 

I was inspired most by Sam's tip: " Planning the journey is half the fun, so before you all leave the house gather the family together and decide where to go. Whether you’re going on a recreational ride or using cycling as a mode of transport to get to your favourite place, your time together really can be all about the journey, not just the destination."

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