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My Family

Monday, 5 May 2014

Days Out: Umberslade Farm Park

Umberslade Farm Park

Today we went to Umberslade Farm Park in Warwickshire for our Bank Holiday day out. We love visiting farms but try to find a new one to visit each time as visiting the same ones over again can get a little boring and dull. This morning we simply googled 'local farms' and chose this one from the list as it looked really good from what we could see.

After a 40 minute drive from our home in Birmingham we arrived at a beautiful piece of land, the entrance was very grand. We drove down a long driveway under a gorgeous arch made out of trees that lined both sides of the road. Car parking was easy although the actual car park wasn't that big itself but we found a spot on the grass and went inside to explore.

Entrance cost us £8.50 each which is about the average price we pay to enter a farm. Once inside the farm itself was quite small, everything was pretty close together meaning we didn't have to walk very far in between attractions. There was lots of land all around us but the barns and fields with the animals in were all very close to the main entrance.

We were given a list of what was on and when to help us decide what we wanted to do. We pretty much followed the list in that exact order up until lunch time as everything looked great. All the activities were times 30 minutes apart so nothing overlapped meaning everyone could get to do it all and not miss out on anything. All the activities were also repeated several times throughout the day so that you could be sure not to miss out.

Our favourite things about this farm was that it was still a fully working farm so we could go around and help feed all of the animals with the friendly staff that were there. 

We got to feed the lambs and the calves their bottles of milk and the kids their mix. We also got to feed the ducks and the chickens with some seed that we bought for 30 pence a bag.

We all got to hold some of the small animals which was lots of fun, we held baby guinea pigs and bunny rabbits and baby chicks too. My eldest daughter Chloe was very brave and held a rat which I was quite happy to pass on as I don't like their tails too much.

Although the farm wasn't very big they still had some nice things to do there. There was a tractor ride you could go on which sadly we missed as we were stuck in the queue for the Pony Rides. We did pay extra for the pony rides but for £3 it was worth it just to see the smiles on the kids faces. There was a indoor soft play area for smaller children and a nice big outdoor play area with swings, slides and climbing frames for the older ones. There was also a fab indoor sandpit which my little man loved and an outdoor toy tractor ride on area too.

Overall we had a lovely day out, I think we spend a total of 5 hours there so we definitely got our monies worth. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the animals were very cute. The only thing we didn't like was the onsite cafe prices which were very high. If you do go, it might be wise to take your own picnic unless you don't mind paying for food.

Umberslade Farm Park gets a nice 3/5 from Mummy Of 3 Diaries. 

Disclosure: We went to this farm because we wanted to. We were not paid or sponsored in any way. I wrote this review  simply because I wanted to.

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