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My Family

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cupcake Fun With Dr.Oetker (Review)

Cupcake Fun With Dr.Oetker

If there's one thing we love, it's baking cupcakes and making them look pretty. This week we've been getting creative with some lovely Dr.Oetker goodies. 

Inspired by the latest trends and colour combinations, the Dr. Oetker Edible Decorations range are the perfect way to add that special touch to all your home baking and desserts. The Edible Decorations can be quickly and easily added to your creations and taste delicious.

From the classic Hundreds and Thousands to pretty Wafer Daisies, their range of Edible Decorations will delight all of your family and friends. You can add a delicious chocolate touch with their Chocolate Chunks or use their beautiful Wafer Butterflies to create your own personal designs. You can even write messages using their range of Decorating Icings pens.

My three love baking cupcakes so when we got asked if we would like to try some of Dr.Oetker's goodies they were delighted and couldn't wait to get stuck in.

We all worked together as a team to make the cupcakes themselves but then shared them out equally giving us 6 each to decorate as we liked. It was lovely to watch them getting creative with their designs, Lily was loving the Wafer Daisies and Butterflies whilst Ryan was having lots of fun writing with the Neon Glitter Writing Gels. Chloe was more interested in melting the Milk Chocolate Chips to spread all over the top of her cakes. We had so much fun decorating our cakes and by the time we were finished they ALL looked wonderful.

Just look at how great they turned out, they almost look like they were shop bought but they tasted much better as we made them ourselves. My three were very proud of their creations and couldn't wait to show them off. Chloe and Lily took some to school this morning for their teachers who looked very happy to try them. Ryan didn't want to share his, he's saving them apparently. I shared my 6 with my Mum, Dad and Brother who enjoyed every bite.

If we can make our cupcakes look this good, just imagine what you could do! We're no pro bakers, we simply bake for fun. The Dr.Oetker Edible Decorations are fantastic. They're so easy to use and taste very, very nice. They make even the simplest of cupcakes amazing!

We can't wait to make some more cupcakes next week so that we can do this all over again!

Disclosure: We were sent our bundle of Dr.Oetker goodies for free for the purpose of this review but that does not influence my review. My opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. Ohh wow! Those cupcakes look gorgeous! Almost too good to eat....hehehe

    1. Aw thanks Kim, 'almost' is correct - we did manage to eat most of them tho x