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My Family

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Comfort, Style & So Much More! Our SKODA Superb #Review

Comfort, Style & So Much More!
Our SKODA Superb Review

Last week we gladly added a new member of our family, a rather beautiful SKODA Superb baby. Even in the pouring rain, just look at that car shine! The colour was amazing, the unique blend of blues and greens gave it a real special feel. It was great to be driving something different. When you drive down the road you see an array of reds, silvers and blues but nothing like this. The colour of this car was gorgeous even if I do say so myself.

Being a family of 5 means we often struggle to fit everyone in the car comfortably, having 3 children in the backseat can become a bit of a squeeze even at the best of times. The Superb was much bigger than I was expecting but not in a bad way. Being big didn't make it ugly. Over the weekend we only had two children with us as my eldest was off visiting family for the school half term. My two loved this car so much that they really didn't want to give it back. There's a fabulous armrest that folds down from the middle of the back seats. All the seats are leather along with this multipurpose armrest which they adored so much. The armrest had a huge hidden compartment and also two pull out cup holders. My two were playing with these constantly, they were impressed with the digital clock they could see in front of them too. 

This car is packed full of Superb technology, the built in Sat Nav was one of my favorite features but not for the reasons that you would probably expect. The lady giving us directions on the lovely clear screen was a little different. Some of her commands were very abrupt like her 'Turn right now!' 'Turn left now!' I wasn't quite sure whether to laugh or tell her off. Upon joining a motorway she did make us all laugh. Out of nowhere she says 'Join the motorway and keep on going for a very long time' oh dear she was a something special.

Being a big family means we buy lots of shopping but that was no problem for the SKODA Superb. The boot on this thing was enormous! I was really tempted to climb in and take a photo of me in there just to show you how big it was but I thought I better now incase I got into trouble. Instead we headed to Costco for our local top up and took a picture of our shopping in there instead. There was so much space, a whopping 1,865 litres in fact that we could lay everything out flat and still had room left. It's the biggest boot I've ever seen I think.

Daddy loved the Superb for it's ultra smooth driving experience, he couldn't believe how quiet everything was. The DAB radio was a big hit with him too, he loved the wide range of radio channels compared to his usual three or four local ones and the clarity was fab. 

The heated leather seats were one of my favourite features, the seats alone were very roomie but with a heated bottom I was in heaven. There were little buttons down the side that let you electrically control the position of your seat at the simple touch of a button. 

I'd never really thought of a SKODA as our family car before but after last weekend I'm now beginning to question, why not? It's gorgeous to look at, very spacious inside both front and back. Up to date with all the latest gadgets and technology and brimming with personality. It's a great family car, just perfect all our modern day needs.

The interior is faultless, with everything being leather it's really easy to keep clean which is a must have when there's 3 mucky children climbing all over it. I really liked the inside, everything was very modern and not plastic or cheap looking. There's a real touch of class with this car, I would quite happily swap our old car for this one anyday. I can dream!

I could talk to you all day about how much I love this car but I won't, I don't want to scare you all away but I will leave you with one last picture which to me shows just how comfy it really is. This picture was taken by me on the way home from our family day out on Monday. My children very rarely ever fall asleep in the car so to see this was, just lovely.

Last but not least we would like to thank the lovely people at SKODA who kindly let us borrow their amazing Superb for a few days last week. We had such fun with it and really enjoyed our time in it. Our only problem was that we wished we could have had it longer.


  1. Oh I wish that you couldve kept the car too. I loved my Skodas that Ive owned (with my now ex) from an older Felicia to a newer Octavia but after we split I unfortunately, had to sell that as it was way too big. Your children are so beautiful {{{hugs}}}
    Marg ;0 x

    1. Aww thank you, we never thought we'd enjoy the SKODA as much as we did but it's been a very welcomed eye opener x