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My Family

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Comfort, Style & So Much More! Our SKODA Superb #Review

Comfort, Style & So Much More!
Our SKODA Superb Review

Last week we gladly added a new member of our family, a rather beautiful SKODA Superb baby. Even in the pouring rain, just look at that car shine! The colour was amazing, the unique blend of blues and greens gave it a real special feel. It was great to be driving something different. When you drive down the road you see an array of reds, silvers and blues but nothing like this. The colour of this car was gorgeous even if I do say so myself.

Being a family of 5 means we often struggle to fit everyone in the car comfortably, having 3 children in the backseat can become a bit of a squeeze even at the best of times. The Superb was much bigger than I was expecting but not in a bad way. Being big didn't make it ugly. Over the weekend we only had two children with us as my eldest was off visiting family for the school half term. My two loved this car so much that they really didn't want to give it back. There's a fabulous armrest that folds down from the middle of the back seats. All the seats are leather along with this multipurpose armrest which they adored so much. The armrest had a huge hidden compartment and also two pull out cup holders. My two were playing with these constantly, they were impressed with the digital clock they could see in front of them too. 

This car is packed full of Superb technology, the built in Sat Nav was one of my favorite features but not for the reasons that you would probably expect. The lady giving us directions on the lovely clear screen was a little different. Some of her commands were very abrupt like her 'Turn right now!' 'Turn left now!' I wasn't quite sure whether to laugh or tell her off. Upon joining a motorway she did make us all laugh. Out of nowhere she says 'Join the motorway and keep on going for a very long time' oh dear she was a something special.

Being a big family means we buy lots of shopping but that was no problem for the SKODA Superb. The boot on this thing was enormous! I was really tempted to climb in and take a photo of me in there just to show you how big it was but I thought I better now incase I got into trouble. Instead we headed to Costco for our local top up and took a picture of our shopping in there instead. There was so much space, a whopping 1,865 litres in fact that we could lay everything out flat and still had room left. It's the biggest boot I've ever seen I think.

Daddy loved the Superb for it's ultra smooth driving experience, he couldn't believe how quiet everything was. The DAB radio was a big hit with him too, he loved the wide range of radio channels compared to his usual three or four local ones and the clarity was fab. 

The heated leather seats were one of my favourite features, the seats alone were very roomie but with a heated bottom I was in heaven. There were little buttons down the side that let you electrically control the position of your seat at the simple touch of a button. 

I'd never really thought of a SKODA as our family car before but after last weekend I'm now beginning to question, why not? It's gorgeous to look at, very spacious inside both front and back. Up to date with all the latest gadgets and technology and brimming with personality. It's a great family car, just perfect all our modern day needs.

The interior is faultless, with everything being leather it's really easy to keep clean which is a must have when there's 3 mucky children climbing all over it. I really liked the inside, everything was very modern and not plastic or cheap looking. There's a real touch of class with this car, I would quite happily swap our old car for this one anyday. I can dream!

I could talk to you all day about how much I love this car but I won't, I don't want to scare you all away but I will leave you with one last picture which to me shows just how comfy it really is. This picture was taken by me on the way home from our family day out on Monday. My children very rarely ever fall asleep in the car so to see this was, just lovely.

Last but not least we would like to thank the lovely people at SKODA who kindly let us borrow their amazing Superb for a few days last week. We had such fun with it and really enjoyed our time in it. Our only problem was that we wished we could have had it longer.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

#WIN .. Everyone Loves Surprises!

#WIN .. Everyone Loves Surprises!

As you should already know, every month I run a little giveaway to win some chocolatey treats. This month I fancy doing things a little differently so I'm not going to show you what you can win. There's no pretty picture to drool over sadly but there is an empty box just waiting to be filled with whatever your heart chooses or desires. 

If you could fill this box with anything, what would you choose? If I could choose to fill it with just one thing, I'm thinking it would have to be pizza but that's because I love my food!

This month I'm giving you the chance to tell me what you would like to find in the box. I'm not made of money so I won't be filling it with expensive gadgets or iPads (before you ask). 

I love reading your comments so this month I am going to use your feedback for future ideas, so think carefully what you wish for. Who knows what might happen!

If you would like to win a SURPRISE prize simply enter using the RaffleCopter Form below. 

I will draw one winner at random on Sunday June 22nd - Good Luck.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Days Out: Exploring the great Outdoors at CONKERS.

Exploring the great Outdoors at CONKERS.

Bank Holidays equal Family Fun Days here in the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household. We like to use these days to enjoy a day of fun together doing something completely new. Yesterday we decided to head to CONKERS in Leicester to have an outdoor adventure.

With the promise of 120 acres of forest to explore and huge indoor & outdoor play areas to be utilised we were looking forward to a fantastic family day out. 

Our family ticket for two adults and two children cost us £29.95 for entry which is about the normal price we would pay for a place like this. This was our first time visiting so we were all very excited and eager to try out as much as we could in our day.

We rode the beautiful Conkerchoo train which linked the Discovery centre to the Waterside Centre. The two are not that far apart really, we could have walked but why walk when you can ride on a train! The train runs every 10 minutes continuously throughout the day, those 10 minutes were definitely worth the wait as the kids loved the train ride through the trees and the tunnels. We rode the train twice in total, it was lots of Choo-Tastic fun.

 I'd heard lots about their well known 450 metre Barefoot Walk before we went so I was very keen to give it a go. Lily was on my side and couldn't wait to try it out whereas Daddy and Ryan were being spoilt sports and just wanted to watch, silly boys. Lily and I took off our shoes and socks and rolled up our trouser legs ready to for trail. The water was freezing, the mud was all squishy and the rocks were slippery but the experience overall was amazing. We'd never done anything like this before so it felt great to try something new. Who needs a foot massage when you can do the CONKERS Barefoot Walk and feel the same benefits.

  One of the things I loved about CONKERS is the mixture of things there was available to do. We go to place similar to this often and tend to find everything is aimed at the children and us adults get forgotten about well not here we didn't! At CONKERS they have an amazing 18 stage assault course for the teenages and the adults in the groups. There was obstacles to climb over, planks to go under, nets to climb and nets to get through. Some of the obstacles were very high and some were very steep but all of them were so much fun!

One of the things to do was a zip wire which looked fantastic, Daddy, Ryan and Lily all had several goes on it and loved every minute! The course was very quiet when we were on it as it was raining slightly but a bit of rain wasn't going to stop us.

Although it rained on and off for most of our day we were determined to carry on and enjoy ourselves. There were free Pony rides which my two both loved and a huge outdoor play area that had everything a child could wish for. Towers with slides, swings and seesaws. Obstacle courses, climbing frames and so much more.

When the rain got a bit heavy we headed indoors to check out their Enchanted Forest where children can lose themselves in a tree top adventure up to 6 metres high. It was quite dark in there but wow was it awesome! There was tunnels and slides, nets and holes everywhere. At one point I lost sight of my two and headed in for myself to find them. Lets just say Mummy got a little stuck in some places and got lost herself. I'd never felt so silly in all my life but I did have to laugh when I eventually found my way out to be greeted by two laughing children. Although the area was big enough for adults to go in, I think next time I'll just leave them to it.

There was plenty of cafes to eat at CONKERS and they even had an outdoor BBQ which smelt amazing but we brought our own picnic which we sat at an outside picnic table to eat. It was actually really nice as the geese and their babies joined us too.

We stayed at CONKERS for around 5 hours in total before heading home for the night. You always know when your children have had a good day when you see this in the back seat.

CONKERS was an amazing day out and we loved every minute. It was great to spend the day enjoying the great outdoors and having a real family adventure. We would definately recomend to it all our friends and will be going back again this summer.

Disclosure: We went to CONKERS because we wanted to, not because someone asked us to. I wrote this post to simply share our experience with you because we enjoyed it so much.

Ravensburger Mandala-Designer Fashion #Review

Ravensburger Mandala-Designer Fashion

If you like designing classic Mandalas or Mandalas within Mandalas there are no limits to your creativity! Simply place a piece of paper between the frame and the template, and you are ready to start. Each time you want to repeat a pattern on your Mandala, just move the template on by one arrow. Then colour it in – and you have designed your own Mandala. 

If you have the Mandala-Drawing machine, you can use the templates with this too!

This set contains: 1 Frame, 1 Large Mandala Stencil, 1 Small Mandala Stencil, 10 Sheets of Paper, 1 Felt Tip Pen, 3 Colored Pencils.

We've been having a play with the Mandala-Designer Fashion this week and have to say it's been really easy to do and lots of fun. My girls love to draw so sets like these are always very welcome in our house. Nowadays children (including mine) spend far too much time playing computer games or sitting in front of the TV so anything new that can change this gets a huge thumbs up from me. My girls have loved playing with this set, Ravensburger have done a great job with these. This is only one set out of a much wider range of theirs, my girls are after the lovely Hello Kitty set next I think. We already have one of their amazing outdoor ones, be sure to check out our 'Garden Fun With Ravensburger's Outdoor Mandala Designer Sets review'. Ravensburger's Mandala sets are a huge hit here in our house!

This picture above is my creation which I'm actually very proud of. It's now stuck to my fridge alongside all my childrens pictures, Mummy can make artwork too!

Lily who's 6 loves this set, she's been having great fun with it. It's so easy to use and makes great pieces of art as a result. This is her first picture she made which I think is fantastic!

This Ravensburger Mandala-Designer Fashion set gets a fantastic 4/5 from all of us here at the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household, it's very easy to use and lots of fun.

Disclosure: We received our Ravensburger Mandala-Designer Fashion set for free for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our review. All the opinions expressed and thoughts given are 100% honest and my own.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Family Fun in the Forest Of Dean..

Family Fun in the Forest Of Dean..

Family time is always time well spent
It's time where memories are made and rules are bent.
A family that plays together stays together they say
So every week we save a day just for play.

With 3 children in tow we took a trip away
To the Forest Of Dean in a cottage to stay.
We played board games and went for walks
We drew pictures on the paths with chalks.

One day we hired bikes for a ride
We all saddled up and rode off with pride.
Heading off into woods, on an adventure for all
No other sounds except the song birds call.

We all had a bike except for little man
He had a seat on the back, what a plan.
Riding in style, comfy and cosy
Looking around at the world, being all nosey.

The air was chilly so we all wore hats and gloves
Ryan was happy all snug as a bug.
My girls were ecstatic, riding around free
It was nice to see everyone so happy.

We listened for birds way high up in the tree
We watched out for Deer who wondered free.
We tracked the Wild Boars from the messy tracks they made
But if we had seen one, we wouldn't have stayed!

We explored the woods and walked through the trees
We climbed into holes and peaked right through.
We hid in the shadows and played in the light
We slid down the slopes with all of our might.

We rode the path for hours, 5 in fact
We had an amazing time, all of us in tact.
Stopping off to take a look around
We rode over every kind of ground.

I'm not a bike rider but I gave it my all
We managed the ride with only one fall.
Poor little Lily fell off in the mud
She laughed but she did make an almighty thud!

Watching their faces light up as they walked
We played Eye Spy and laughed as we talked.
Family time is the best time ever
When memories are made they last forever!

Nature is beautiful and made to be explored
Turning off the TV doesn't mean being bored.
There's a whole world out there just waiting for you
Adventures to be had and dreams to come true.

The Nature on your doorstep tip inspired us to play
It sent us outside to enjoy our day.
We climbed trees as high as we could go
We searched for wildlife, high and low.

We laughed and played, sang and ran
We had so much fun as families can
We went on an adventure in the Forest Of Dean
We got all mucky, who needs to be clean.

We saw baby Deer as they strolled through the wood
We splashed in puddles and jumped in the mud
We Rode over bumps and zoomed down the hills
We had fun, enjoying the thrills.

Back at the cottage at the end of it all
A warm meal and a bath, as bedtime called.
Tired but content we all settled down
A house full of smile, no sign of a frown.

Our trip into the wild was a very special day
We took away stories for us all to say.
Our bike ride took us on an adventure you see
From the pictures I've shared you can see we were happy! 

 'This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots100 June challenge. If I'm chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest – Rufford, Nottinghamshire.' 

I was inspired most by Sam's tip: " Planning the journey is half the fun, so before you all leave the house gather the family together and decide where to go. Whether you’re going on a recreational ride or using cycling as a mode of transport to get to your favourite place, your time together really can be all about the journey, not just the destination."

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What A Weekend!

What A Weekend!

Oh boy what a weekend, it's definitely been a weekend filled with emotion and drama.

Friday evening saw me drinking champagne and eating very posh canapes at a special VIP Krispy Kreme event in the Birmingham Selfridges store which I won tickets to attend on their Twitter page. The staff were lovely and I got to chat with lots of other lovely people too.

We made our own doughnuts and even had ones made with our names on with was fun. We got to see the launch of their new 'Most Expensive Doughnut' which costs £39.99 to buy! It did look amazing although I was a little sad that I didn't get to taste one. It's edible 21 carat gold and Perignon Champagne jam sounded mouth wateringly delicious!

 Saturday morning wasn't so fun! My poor Bella (our dog) wasn't herself and we were getting really worried so we took her to the Vet for some help. They knew what was wrong straight away and rushed her in for a scan. They told us she had a womb infection called Pyometra which can be really serious if it's not treated in time. Bella was rushed down for an emergency operation which removed her womb and ovaries. We were so scared, sitting there in that waiting room for two hours waiting for news on how it went was terrifying. Luckily it all went well and Bella got to come home with us the same day. She's got a long way to recover but she's looking brighter and happier already. If only we had known about this condition we would have got her spayed a long time ago, it was so scary but I'm just so thankful that she's ok.

After taking home to rest, the kids and I then headed out to the park to play for a few hours. We eat ice creams and had a picnic on the grass. The kids paddled in the parks stream and I got to relax and watch for a short while. The weather was glorious and right then I couldn't have felt more thankful for the wonderful family I had been blessed with.

Saturday evening was a whirlwind of excitement as my eldest daughter Chloe (who's 11) and I went to the McBusted 2014 Tour concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham which isn't too far from where we live. A very kind lady had won the tickets but couldn't go so she gave them to me which I was truly grateful for as a night out for Chloe like that was very rare. 

We had amazing tickets, they were for their very special VIP OMFG Zone which was a little are right in front of the stage that also had a stage all the way around us so we were dead centre of all the action. The guys were everywhere, running back and forwards, jumping up and down. The show was crazy but amazing! We both loved every minute of it.

Sunday (Today) We enjoyed a family BBQ from the comfort of our very own backyard. Delicious food, Family fun and wonderful Sunshine. What more could a family ask for!

So there you have it, my emotional rollercoaster of a weekend. There's been tears and laughter, Noise and peace, Sadness and Joy! Life has definitely thrown some curve balls at me this week but Life is always worth living and shows us a thing or two as we grow.

What did you get up to this weekend? 

Get Personal This Fathers Day with GettingPersonal.Co.UK

Get Personal This Fathers Day with GettingPersonal.Co.UK

Finding the right Father's Day Gift can be a real challenge for even the best of us. If you Dad is anything like mine the  you get the usual list of 'Things NOT To Buy' like socks, pants or mugs! So this year I went for two completely different type of gifts.

GettingPersonal has a very large Father's Day Gift range with lots of choice for even the pickiest of Dads like mine. They've got chocolate and sweets, fun gifts and alcohol. There's so much to choose from and what's even better is, the gift you choose can be personalised!

For my Dad I went for this Retro Sweet Hamper as he has a real sweet tooth and sweeties are so much better for him than his usual bottle of whiskey or box of beers. I'm sure my Mum will be much happier with my choice of gift for him this year. This beautifully presented hamper comes in an authentic-looking wicker basket filled with Retro Sweeties. It costs £24.99 and includes the option to include a personalised gift card message.

Inside the Retro Sweet Hamper you'll find:

20 x Flying Saucers
100 x White Mice
100 x Black Jacks
100 x Fizzy Cola
100 x Foam Super Shrimps
100 x Mini Love hearts
100 x White Candy Sticks
100 x Gobstoppers
100 x Fruit Caramels
100 x Refresher Chews
2 x Dip Dabs
2 x Fizz Wiz 
2 x Necklace
2 x Refresher Bars

That's a lovely lots of sweets to be enjoyed, I just know my Dad is going to love it.

For my 3 wonderful children's Daddy I choose this gorgeous yet handy Personalised Bath Towel. He's a huge fan of having baths so a personalised bath towel seemed like the obvious choice for him. This wonderfully soft bath towel is made from 100% Egyptian loop and pile cotton. Featuring a luxurious thick pile with excellent absorbency, and a smooth and modern twill border, it's simply beautiful and is sure to be displayed with pride. It costs £24.99 which I think is enough to spend on a Father's Day present and looks fantastic!

GettingPersonal.Co.Uk have sorted my Father's Day for me this year. £25 is about the usual amount I like to spend on a single gift so both of these gifts have been perfect for my budget. With lots to choose from, I'm sure there's the perfect for gift for you on their site.

If I can find the perfect gifts for my fussy lot, I'm sure you will find something too.

Disclosure:  I was sent my Father's Day Gifts for free for the purpose of this review but that does not in any way influence me. My opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Join The Cool Create Club.

Join The Cool Create Club.

Join the Cool Create Club by 26th June 2014 and you will be included in a BIG prize draw!  To Register just simply answer the question about the video and enter the competition!

Once you have registered for the Cool Create Club every month you will receive a newsletter letting you know the latest news and updates on the Cool Create brands.

To help you get creative every month there will be a new craft idea posted onto the site. You can either follow the instructions or adapt it to make it your own!

There will be plenty of competitions for you to get involved in, they will keep you posted as to what is up for grabs next!

If you join up please say 'Mummy Of 3 Diaries' Blog told you about it in their comments box. 

#SilentSunday 18/05/2014

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Almondella - The Monthly Box Of Surprises For Your Baby & You (Review)

The Monthly Box Of Surprises For Your Baby & You.

Treat yourself and your baby with Almondella gift boxes! Now launched in the UK - Delivering you a monthly box of gorgeous gifts from the hottest European brands at up to 50% off.

Launched 2 years ago Almondella is already a huge success across most of Europe and has now arrived here is the UK!  This exciting gifting concept is set to change the way new parents go about discovering inspirational new brands for themselves and their baby.

Whether you are a new mum or looking for the perfect gift for an expectant loved one, trying to find that special something isn't always easy. With so much choice and new brands coming along all the time it can be very overwhelming to know which brands to trust and which products to choose from. That’s where Almodella comes in. Almodella have done all the hard work for you, scouring the whole of Europe to seek out the most stylish and practical products from all the best designers before carefully hand-picking the most thoughtful gifts tailored to your baby’s age and delivering them direct to your door each month in a beautifully box.

Almondella have 36 baby boxes with a beautiful selection of care products, toys & clothing. Each one has been thoughtfully put together to take you through all your baby's developmental milestones. Each box contains up to 5 products and has a retail saving of up to 50%.

Almondella boxes make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, especially if they are living abroad. The boxes can be delivered anywhere in Europe completely free of charge. 

You simply need to pick a subscription of 1, 3 or 6 months, tell Almondella the baby’s gender and age, or mother’s due date, and then sit back and wait for your Almondella box to be delivered. Subscriptions start from £37 a month. You can even do a trial box for just £12.

This is our very own sample Almondella gift box - Isn't it gorgeous! It arrived beautifully gift wrapped with pretty tissue paper and stunning stickers covering each product. It was a real pleasure unwrapping it all to see what was inside. We received 5 items in total and even found a few individually wrapped toffees at the bottom which was a lovely added touch.

Our gift box had been lovingly created for my son Ryan who is nearly 4 and I have to say that the items they picked were all spot on for his age and personal likes. Every item in the box is just perfect for him, I couldn't have chosen better myself even if I had tried. It's all so lovely.

Inside my box I found the following 5 items:

Wooden Magnetic Letters by Djeco :  Turn your fridge door into a colorful learning experience! The brightly coloured magnets are made from sustainable wood and no toxic lacquers for safe play. The letters come in a handy durable wooden storage box. The RRP is 19Euros.

Garment by Oh Baby London : The creator of Oh Baby London, is inspired by the wonder-filled curiosity of a child and the end result is a range of clothing full of life affirming anarchy. My gorgeous T Shirt in size 4-5 years is 100% organic cotton. RRP is 29Euros.

Colouring Book by Made with Love by Mrs. Booth : A dotted line helps the child complete the picture before adding colour. It's printed on thick white recycled A5 paper. RRP 9 Euros.

ABC Stickers : Lovely stickers by Djeco. RRP 4Euros.

Pencils by Djeco : Fun sculptured pencils, a bear, elephant and rhinoceros. RRP 10Euros.

I really love all the alphabet items as Ryan is currently learning all about them in nursery so they're great for helping him learn in a fun way right here at home. My personal favourite out of all the items has got to be the gorgeous braces style T shirt from Oh Baby London. This is just so cute and very soft too. Ryan is going to look so gorgeous in it. My items came to a total of 71 Euros which is quite a lot really. I'm not sure what that is in the UK pound but I'm sure there's still quite a big saving to be had. I think these Almondella boxes are a wonderful idea.

Not only are the products you receive perfect for your child and gorgeous but the box alone is very exciting and would definitely make for an exciting day once a month.

If I was having any more children (which I'm not) then this is something I would definitely be interesting in signing up too. It makes shopping easy and so much fun, it's fab!

Disclosure:  I received my Almondella box for free for the purpose of this review but that does not in anyway influence my review. My opinions expresses are 100% honest and my own.

Cupcake Fun With Dr.Oetker (Review)

Cupcake Fun With Dr.Oetker

If there's one thing we love, it's baking cupcakes and making them look pretty. This week we've been getting creative with some lovely Dr.Oetker goodies. 

Inspired by the latest trends and colour combinations, the Dr. Oetker Edible Decorations range are the perfect way to add that special touch to all your home baking and desserts. The Edible Decorations can be quickly and easily added to your creations and taste delicious.

From the classic Hundreds and Thousands to pretty Wafer Daisies, their range of Edible Decorations will delight all of your family and friends. You can add a delicious chocolate touch with their Chocolate Chunks or use their beautiful Wafer Butterflies to create your own personal designs. You can even write messages using their range of Decorating Icings pens.

My three love baking cupcakes so when we got asked if we would like to try some of Dr.Oetker's goodies they were delighted and couldn't wait to get stuck in.

We all worked together as a team to make the cupcakes themselves but then shared them out equally giving us 6 each to decorate as we liked. It was lovely to watch them getting creative with their designs, Lily was loving the Wafer Daisies and Butterflies whilst Ryan was having lots of fun writing with the Neon Glitter Writing Gels. Chloe was more interested in melting the Milk Chocolate Chips to spread all over the top of her cakes. We had so much fun decorating our cakes and by the time we were finished they ALL looked wonderful.

Just look at how great they turned out, they almost look like they were shop bought but they tasted much better as we made them ourselves. My three were very proud of their creations and couldn't wait to show them off. Chloe and Lily took some to school this morning for their teachers who looked very happy to try them. Ryan didn't want to share his, he's saving them apparently. I shared my 6 with my Mum, Dad and Brother who enjoyed every bite.

If we can make our cupcakes look this good, just imagine what you could do! We're no pro bakers, we simply bake for fun. The Dr.Oetker Edible Decorations are fantastic. They're so easy to use and taste very, very nice. They make even the simplest of cupcakes amazing!

We can't wait to make some more cupcakes next week so that we can do this all over again!

Disclosure: We were sent our bundle of Dr.Oetker goodies for free for the purpose of this review but that does not influence my review. My opinions are 100% honest and my own.