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My Family

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Days Out! There's a New Penguin Ice Adventure In the Sea Life Centre Birmingham!

Days Out! There's a New Penguin Ice Adventure In the Sea Life Centre Birmingham!

So yesterday we all became VIP's for the day at our local Sea Life Centre Birmingham. We were so lucky and got to meet the amazing new Gentoo Penguins days before they open to the public on Monday 7th April. The new Ice Adventure features are truly wonderful and a great addition to the their already magical Sea Life Centre. 

When we arrived at around 11am it was still night time in the penguins home, the lights were dimmed very low and most of the penguins were still sleeping. It was so lovely to see them behaving naturally, like they would if they were still at home in New Zealand. 

Although it's nice and warm on our side of the glass it didn't look so cosy on their side, well not for us humans anyway. They looked very happy, there was a huge pool of water as well as an icy surface too. Inside the Ice Adventure there was an Ice Wall where you could put your hands on to feel the cold temperatures that the penguins feel. I did stick my hand on it and have to say it was freezing, so cold in fact that after a few seconds my hand began to stick!

The penguins were beautiful and so funny, their quirky characteristics sure shone through. Ryan was totally fascinated, he sat watching them for ages and didn't want to leave them. We enjoyed their cute company for around an hour before setting off to enjoy the rest of the Sea Life Centre. We'd never been before so it was so exciting for us all, a whole new family adventure. There was so much to see and do and lots of animals and creatures to explore. 

We got to see a fun Spongebob film in 4D where we got bumped around as our seat moved and spayed in the face by water jets. Bubbles floated around our heads and children laughed aloud, it really was a magical 10 minutes for all of us.

We got to stroke a Starfish and touch a real life Crab which was kinda scary but also really fun. We got to see Nemo and his friends and watch the Stingrays in their huge tank. Ryan loved the Rays tank as there was some really big fish in there which he decided to call 'Big Bad Barry' after the big fish in his favorite TV show 'Ben and Holly'.

We got to see the sharks as they swam above our heads in the underwater tunnel and check out the Jelly Fish in their ultraviolet tanks. The kids had an amazing day, there really was lots to see and do inside the centre. We took part in little challenges and answered questions about what we saw which earned us stamos in our books as we went along. Completing these fun tasks earned each of them a little reward from the gift shop, a gold medal! All 3 of them were delighted and so pleased they had taken part, it gave them a real sense of achievement and sent them home feeling very happy about their visit.

The new Penguin Ice Adventure was amazing and we really had a wonderful time. If you're a penguin lover then this is definitely one place to add on your 'Place To Go' list this Easter. This new and exciting exhibition opens to the public on Monday April 7th. I'm sure it's going to be a very popular attraction, I know I can't wait to go back and see them soon!

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