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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Quit Smoking with a Vype Electronic Cigarette #Review

Quit Smoking with a Vype Electronic Cigarette 

If you are a smoker looking for a truly satisfying alternative to cigarettes then Vype could be for you. Vype electronic cigarettes offer adult smokers the sensations of smoking, but they're completely tobacco-free. Their Electronic Cigarettes offer a more realistic smoking experience, when you draw air through your Vype, an electronic heating element is activated, which vaporizes the e-liquid for inhalation. They use ECOpure which is one of the most reliable e-liquids available. Classic variant ECOpure contains only three ingredients: nicotine, glycerol and purified water. For our Menthol variant, we add ethanol and menthol.

Vype products are available in disposable or rechargeable (reload) format. Deciding which one to buy depends on how you like to Vype. The Vype Reload costs £14.99 for the starter kit. With up to 250 puffs per reload cartridge and a USB recharging system, Vype reload offers you a smooth and satisfying experience on the go. And it's one of the smallest rechargeable e-cigarettes on the market. It's also available in 3 flavours; Classic Bold or Regular or Menthol.

I'm not a smoker but Daddy is, so he's been giving this a try over the past few weeks. He liked the packaging and the contents and found everything really easy to put together and use. He didn't really like the taste of it too much but for me that's a good things as then he wouldn't want to use it too much meaning he could quit much quicker. He's given up smoking before but is now looking for an easier way to quit again. He's always wanted to try one of these as a lot of his friends use them whilst they are out so he was more than happy to test them for me.

He liked the actual Electron Cigarette itself, the shape and size were very comfortable to hold and very much like a real cigarette. He didn't however like the taste too much so I'm guessing this one just isn't for him. He's so glad he got to finally try them though as at least he can now say that he tried. What one person doesn't like though another person will love. 

What did you use to help you stop smoking?

Disclosure: We were sent the Vype started kit for the purpose of this review but the opinions expressed are 100% honest and always my own.


  1. I think your Daddy was convinced by his friends to try one of those e-cigarettes, right? It is indeed, a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. And you won’t have to be bothered by the smoke that can harm your whole family. Well, I think he should still try other flavors of e-cigar, once he's weaned himself off the nicotine. He might like some of them.

    Paul Iarter @ Vapetime UK Ltd

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