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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Postman Pat Showbiz Pat #Review

Postman Pat Showbiz Pat

To celebrate Postman Pat: The Movie which will be in cinemas nationwide on 23rd May  Character Options has released Showbiz Pat In it Pat is seduced by the bright lights of the big city and auditions for a X-Factor-style singing competition, but finds that in his absence the post does not run smoothly. 

Showbiz Pat grooves along to the music, you simply press Pat's hand and watch him dance as the music plays! He's aimed at children 3+ and requires 3AA batteries to work.

We've been playing with our very own Showbiz Pat all week and have to say he's a rather delightful little fellow. He plays 3 different songs when you press his hand, each is only short but when you're a mum listening to them over and over again, short is a good thing! 

His uniform is lovely, it's blue and glittery with a red postmans badge in the corner of the blazer. He has nice big feet which help him to balance making him stand up easily. In his hand he holds a grey microphone which I guess he uses to sing into. Showbiz Pat is a lovely toy, he's interactive and great to play with. My little man loves him and runs around singing too. 

If you have a Postman Pat fan in your house then they will love this. Showbiz Pat is lots of fun!

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