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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Having Fun With Smiggle Stationery #Review

Having Fun With Smiggle Stationery

Up until last week I had never heard of Smiggle before but now that I have, I am so glad. I love their stationary so much. Everything is bright and colourful and made for having fun.

I was sent some of their lovely stationery items to have a look at and play with. I received a wonderful bundle of items including a short zipper combo pencil case, a stax on highlighter, a 30 pack of pens, a Snake Puzzle and some pencils and two cute animal erasers.

My eldest daughter Chloe will be heading off to Secondary school in September so cute stationery is something she's already got her eye on. She was ecstatic when she saw these arrive, they're so bright and funky just like her. She's really excited about using them.

I've given her all of the items except the Snake Puzzle which my little man Ryan has claimed, he's really been enjoying this puzzle. This playful plastic puzzle can be moulded into countless shapes by simply twisting the pieces into the positions you want. Ryan's been making animals, numbers and all sorts, the possibilities really are endless.

The 30 pack of pens is my personal favourite as they smell so good! The set includes a mix of 30 gel, glitter, neon and pastel Smiggle pens which come all neatly packed in a carry case. The choice of colours is lovely and the selection of different styles is amazing. I've been playing with these all week and have to say I'm quite tempted to keep them myself.

The stax on highlighter is a lovely item, you will never have to carry around a box of highlighters again. This Stax on highlighter has 6 scented colours that stack on top of each other to form 1 giant highlighter reaching 22cm tall! It smells so sweet, I could sit there and sniff them all day but I won't as that would probably make me look a bit weird. 

The short zipper combo pencil case is fantastic, it's really funky with all it's zippers and openings. It's really bright and colourful which we loved and it's a great size to hold everything you want it too. It's not too big or bulky, it's just right for taking your essentials to school.

Why have a normal, boring eraser when you can have a cute cat or dog one with Smiggle? These erasers are way too cute and look so lovely, I'm sure Chloe is going to be very popular with her friends with these in her pencil case. Smiggle has so many lovely items in their ranges, the colours and ideas are just amazing. We're all in love with their stuff now.

Disclosure: We received our bundle of Smiggle stationery for the purpose of this review but that does not influence my thoughts or opinions on them in any way. 
They Are always 100% honest and my own.

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